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Divine brothers and sisters on Planet Earth, The information of this post is not meant to upset you; instead, to inform you more at the level of your consciousness to acknowledge and transmute the forced fear imposed once and for all from you divine, human existence. The purpose of the planetary ascension is for all to be united as ONE human race, with the use of Divine Sovereignty as the core of your Divine-human existence. To be kind, respectful, compassionate, and above all, to love yourself, love your brothers, sisters, and all the living things on Earth. Divine souls do not be afraid; instead, in this revolution of your evolution, use the most potent frequency ever known in the Multiver

Divine souls on Earth,

This planetary longing shifting of consciousness is finally coming to fruition! Divine souls on Earth, we are here with you, because of promises made eons ago on your timeline. We have been with you always, the time to remember and awakening is now. Embrace these changes, love all around you because you can love much more. To participate in the now reality awakening of humanity is your most precious gift. The many past solar flares have generated downloads of dominant magnetic wavelengths descending on Earth called activations. These transmutations affect the emotional memory records of the human souls' DNA within the multidimensional levels of yourselves, turning on and now opening the Gold


Divine hearts, If you are reading this or other transmissions I had posted, it is because you are the mere ambassador's representatives of your galactic families on earth. Within your DNA, exists a laborious connection, a lineage with your galactic families; the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Antarians, Andromedans, Sirians, Hathors, Blue Avians, Venusians and other Galactic Beings that most of humanity has not met yet! That is why many of you have dreams about galactic beings; this only happens when your frequency vibrates at a higher level. Your DNA rewires to awaken your cells for you to remember who you are. The pure LOVE of your beingness within your cells will reorganize igniting your connec

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