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T e s t i m o n i a l s 


My MedBed Session experience, 

            Thank you, Divine Sonia, for this extraordinary journey you took with me into the 5th dimension and beyond. It was a great healing session, full of light, love, ease, and joy. My body's 15th chakras were released from low-density frequencies, and my sacral chakra was deeply re-connected with the divine feminine.

Sonia is a very psychic and intuitive healer, just as much as the galactic friends on the spaceship and the various scans she performed through the MedBed sessions have been very supportive, activating, even more, my Divine feminine consciousness. I can't wait to do it again!

Sabine, ♥  Berlin, Germany

Not that long ago I journeyed with plant medicine and realized that the beings I met on that journey were there to do some healing work on and in my physical being....after a couple of months, I began to really notice the shifts.  Then, as Divine Intervention works my friend and healer dear Sonia suggested I experience a MEDBED session with her. 

In that session, I believe the next level of much needed upgrades were occurring.  I have noticed a movement and shift in the density of what I have been holding in my frequency with what has been going on in the external environment.  My mind feels clearer and sharper, and my heart feels lighter and more loving. 

As always, thank you Sonia for your gift to the world!​ 

Rae-ann Wood-Schatz ♥

Edmonton, Camada


Amazing! Sonia's MedBed session was incredibly accurate throughout the session. Her involvement, guidance, and extrasensory perception were impressive. She was connecting with very high-dimensional star beings. I was happy; I was able to see them, too, as we changed different realities and timelines within the 7th dimension, a magical experience! The most important point was the level of love, care, and attention received. I feel like a new person; my telepathic abilities are enhanced three times a fold. It was an invaluable and incredible connection to be in the presence of star beings.

Sonia, I identified a lot with your frequency of love and wisdom. Above all, I felt safe and genuine with you. I thank our Higher Selves for participating in this session. I highly recommend the MedBed sessions with star beings and Sonia; most importantly, always listen to your heart's intelligence and trust its assistance.​

Thank you, Divine Sonia, Star Sister.
Many blessings,

Morgana ♥

Northern Ireland (UK) 

This MedBed session was the best thing that ever happened to me! The healing is amazing, and it’s real.​

Thank you, Divine Sonia, many blessings!

Sherman Perez ♥

Mexico City  

I found Sonia's DNA activation healings and the J-Seal removal very powerful. I had more energy and felt 'freer' as if something had lifted off me, and many other healings were completed as Sonia also included additional extra healings not listed. Sonia is a heart-centered person, always genuinely concerned about the person, following up to see the progress and including other non-healing related information such as thought control/projections, manifestation goals, and more. Moreover, anything else she regards will improve a person's life. I thank Sonia for all of her excellent help and contribution to the planet to assist with bringing in positive frequencies at this time.

♥ Thank you, Sonia!

Daniel, Dublin Ireland

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