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T e s t i m o n i a l s . . . 

            It is no exaggeration to say that EVERY area of my life has improved through working with Sonia. I dedicated myself to listening to her suggestions and implementing them every day in between sessions. You get out of it what you put into it, and the results are amazing and permanent.

My abilities as an Akashic Record Reader have remarkably deepened and intensified. My level of detail and accuracy have improved because I am a much clearer channel--it is noticeable to both myself and my clients. It is so beautiful to now be better able to assist others with my services, thanks to Sonia's fantastic work.

I highly recommend you honor yourself and your journey by working with Sonia. It benefitted me in ways I am still discovering!

Aurora S. USA

I recently had the opportunity to do a karmic clearing session with Sonia Salinas. I am a certified Shamanic       Coach, a facilitator of a number of personal development processes, and a Clinical Hypnotherapist. So I have underwent many, many different types of processes and healing as part of my training.


When Sonia approached me about having a session, I hesitated momentarily as I have done so much karmic work, past life regression, etc., that I wondered about value. And, because I have undergone some personal challenges recently connected to an individual person, I decided it couldn’t hurt.


Was I surprised? In fact, it hurt a lot. After our session, I felt ‘normal’ through the evening, and the next morning I still felt ‘normal,’ walked my dogs, handled my normal routine, and then went to my office. When I went to get out of my car to walk to my office door, I almost fell to the ground; I had a searing pain in both of my hips that had my hips virtually ‘locked’ up. 


I wasn’t sure if I was going to have to call out for someone to help me or crawl to the door. 

The pain lasted almost the entire day, and I was confused as I hadn’t done anything to ‘injure’ myself. The karmic clearing from the day before didn’t enter my mind. Later in the day, a psychic healer friend of mine dropped by, and I asked to touch my hips to see what she picked up. 


She said it’s karmic, something to do with a past life; your body is just remembering and purging. Later that night, I did a meditation to see if I could uncover what the karmic link was. It turns out it was tied to a lifetime where I was a prisoner and would often have to squat in a small box that was too small for me to sit or stand or turn around. I was left in a squatting position for hours, for days on end. 


So even if you are a bit skeptical about Sonia’s process, don’t be; your body doesn’t lie. I will be going back to clear a few more thousand years!



Rae-ann Edmonton, AB.


You are being given love; trust the mighty frequency of your heart.

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