Oracle Project Earth

The DNA clearing sessions are specially designed to offer you the tools to assist you to create rapid change and transformation. They will help you to connect with the power within and transmute through your own ascension process, your innate abilities that are encoded within your DNA.


The death of all patterns, to re-birth of the wholeness within your mind, this process will help you in a simple and effective way to access your mind, body, and spirit, and become in tune with the changes that you desire to experience in full your own capacity.


Moreover, become in alignment by using your own thoughts to create the conditions for change and transformation. Your mind is a powerful biological computer, and the message you give yourself or accept from others becomes the programs you operate from. Many of these messages are unhelpful or inaccurate negative messages; they create the imbalance within your mind and body. Powerful and effective DNA activation is the way you can help create new transformative messages to connect you harmoniously, with the body, mind, and spirit.

You will be tuning your mind,  to become more receptive to what you wish

to create, you will reprogram unhealthy messages,  which is the reason

why your mind and body are out of balance at this moment.


Learn how to recognize and run your own healthy programs, to create new positive frequencies and transformative changes in alignment with your higher self. To create what you desire can be a simple and effective process for you to be in control of your own destiny.

DNA activations for Ascension will allow you to perceive positive messages and suggestions in a more direct frequency within your subconscious. These messages can be very beneficial to the subconscious state accepting new programs without the analytical conscious mind limiting you.

Therefore, you’ll be more receptive to what you are creating in your conscious mind; you will create the optimum conditions for healthy and balanced thoughts. These sessions have a combination of six optimum activations to make it easy for you, even without being receptive to this process; the transmutation of the negative energy can be clear just by listening to it.

DNA activations transmute and remove the blockages that are preventing you to accrete more light into your field. Therefore your manifestation process is blocked.  Without the removal of energy blockages, the mind will continue to reject higher frequencies of vibration and keep you where you are now.


DNA activation will provide you with new, powerful and effective transformative results, allowing synchronicity to manifest. Once your frequency changes, your vibration will raise into a new realm of possibilities.

Even if you fall asleep, this will help you in a natural and permanent way. You will notice in a very short time how much better you will feel, by bringing new awareness into your mind’s intelligence, these healthy frequencies will transmute your emotional, mental and physical body. You will find clarity and expanded mental awareness in a calm and peaceful spirit, to help you to create and transform your reality.

I have extensive experience and qualifications in the following disciplines:

15 Dimensional Auric Clearing, Unnatural J-Seals Removal, Karma Clearing, DNA Activation, Coach, and Guidance.


The removal of the above mention will improve your mind , body and your quality of life permanently with immediate and permanent results. Love, Career, physical  and spiritual advice on all matters of life and answers all your personal questions.


Taking you the furthest into your new future. The activation of the remembrance of your light and sound language will assist you to communicate with other being from our Galaxy. You will not longer be part of the time Matrix, therefore you will experience your own creative Matrix withing the Matrix.

Chakra DNA Activation


The Awakening of your 15 Chakra system, Seven physical Chakras and Eight Morphogenetic Chakras where the energy centers in your body will allow your energy to flow by regenerating and clearing your physical and etheric body from any dark gray areas know as physical disease.

DNA Activation for INDIGOS

Activating the Pineal Gland

Connecting the heart chakra to the third eye

DNA Detox (Cleansing the blocks within the organs)

DNA Activation and Upgrades 

Master DNA Activation,

Golden DNA Activation, 

Christ Consciousness DNA Activation.


The above DNA activations will assist you permanently and literally to 

see, feel, and interact with your Avatar Self and your Higher Self levels of consciousness, assisting you to make contact with your Starseed family of origin and much more.

The Auric clearing will assist you to connected to your Higher Self permanently and after the removal of the Unnatural J.Seals, you will begin to experience and to awakening your own innate abilities, encoded within your DNA. Known as paranormal and psychic phenomena which in either case could be experienced as telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, psychokinesis, near-death experiences, reincarnation, and other paranormal claims will be some of the Psychic abilities you will awakening.

What are Dimensions? 


There exist numerous dimensions and 5D is what our bodies can be upgraded, and hold. Dimensions are not places or locations. These levels of consciousness vibrate at a certain rate the fourth and fifth dimensions are simple higher levels of consciousness vibration from the one we live in, which is the 3D.


This is why is so important to activate your DNA and to clear your blockages and low vibrations within your DNA, your frequency would rise into higher levels of consciousness assisting you in remembering what you already know from your past reincarnations. Therefore the connection with your innate abilities will awake, the above-mentioned abilities and much more…


This will assist you to experience freedom and greater opportunities to create your new reality; in order for higher dimensions available to us, we must vibrate in resonance with it. By shifting your consciousness into the next higher level of vibration, living from the vibration of Omni love, the true language of your heart Vibration.


These will assist you to move into the 5th Dimension with confidence, the higher vibration you will accrete, the closest you are from Source and its misteries available to those open to receive their divine right of ascension and to remember what you already know

Oracle Project Earth;  is been created to inspire and assist All Practitioners on their path of their evolution and self-actualization.  


What is DNA Activation?


DNA are the visible portions and chemical translations of a scalar waves programs that exist in the morphogenetic field. The Morphogenetic field is your form holding the blueprint of who you are. All DNA is base four chemical Composition “CGTA,” and 46 is the actual Chromosomes that a human body has. Due to the energetic blockages in the earth grids, this hasn't manifested the way it should. Each human has 12 DNA strands, and 15 dimensions of consciousness. The potential to embody this biological and enhance their multidimensional connection to source. When the DNA in a person is activated, the programs received since infancy, until now are deleted.


Activate your dormant DNA strands is the key!

To awaken your Christ Consciousness and the power of Omni Love.

Freedom is the Light within.

It is my intention and soul mission, to assist YOU to shift your consciousness for ascension into the 5D. To assist humanity and Gaia in its glorious evolution for ascension, by assisting all those to embrace higher levels of awareness and spiritual awakening.  Allow yourself to experience the divine connection with the Multiverse in ways you never thought will be possible.