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Lyrans are from the Lyra constellation; Lyrans ventured out into other Universal settlements in the Vega system, the Pleiades and Sirius. Original Lyran's colony worlds seeded that human life throughout the universe. Many humans are their descendants. Lyrans follow the Cosmic Law of the One. They believe that since all intelligent life has DNA RNA code, we all share a common ancestry. We all are intelligent particles of the cosmos in its infinitesimal and Grand estate. Lyrans are some of the oldest souls in our galaxy. Their knowledge is said to have contributed to Atlantis and Lemuria and the element on fire. They come from several planets that are 

Lyran Transmission Steve Nobel
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Enjoy this Divine activation from Steve Ahnael Nobel has created a Soul Matrix Healing for Starseeds. His library of free resources, meditations, and transmission are freely available on his website and YouTube channel.

linked with the Lyra star system. They now exist in several different galaxies and thousands of different planets and dimensions up to the 9th dimension. These ancient humanoids are very humanlike in appearance, although many of the Lyran races have cat-like features and air about them. Others have more bird-like features.


U R M A H 


U R M A H 


The Urmah people like to dress very ornately in large gold armor and capes. They like to visit other places; it is common for different Urmah races to visit each other and different planets inhabited by Urmah. They tend not to get along very well with the insectoid races or the reptilians. If there is something that defines them, they are very emotional and even dramatic. That is why humans would get along with them since humans are depicted as being emotional and dramatic.


The Urmah beings can be observed having all colors and designs of fur that we can imagine, like house cats. They are not homogeneous in that aspect. All cat fur designs are found by families type in the Urmah planet, lake many Feline races, it is difficult to know what colors the cubs will have or are very limited. On Earth,  some feline members of a race are related. Quite possibly, more of the same will come out: lions as lions, tigers as tigers. But since Urmah does not have that interaction as something they take as important, they intersect with any other and result in a very diverse Cats population in colors and designs. With all this, the Urmah is a perfect mix between the old the retro, with ancient customs reflected in their art and architecture, such as their love for torches, 

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And at the same time, progressive and very advanced in everything that is very modern technology. They combine the traditional and the old with the new and technological very well. Their multiple colonies throughout the Galaxy accumulated through time are magnificent. Their need to protect them militarily as being very prolific as a species, together with their inherent physical and mental strength of felines, has made them the most dominant race in this Galaxy, being present everywhere. Its cultural and military influence is present in all their civilizations, especially in this quadrant in which we live. They are magnificent species in every aspect.


S O L A R  B E I N G N S

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Solar Light beings exist in the eleven and twelve dimensions. Although all ascended solar Light beings have experienced every dimension, they are the caretakers of each one. Solar Light beings have attained their light status either through multiple ascension's. They have ascended multiple times and are part of every race; therefore, they exist in every constellation. Solar Light beings are pure Light formless bodies of energy, but if they peeled their garments of Illumination away, they would choose the most beautiful and handsome embodiments personifying perfection. Solar beings in the form of other Universal beings will be at the Pinnacle of their most pleasing phenotype. Their height can range from six feet to one hundred feet or more. When on a Universal Mission, they can attain any height depending on the expulsion of the Light from their forms required to see a galaxy, a world with the living light program.

S O   A R  B E I N G N S


Solar Light beings are Divine Consciousness teach that throughout every being's journey, their soul gathers Light, and being part of the one soul of creation, this Light increases the Light within the source ONE has always been.


When a mighty messenger has spiritually elevated to a new potential, the solar Light beings will indoctrinate and Infuse the messenger with divine fire. Solar Light beings have solar Consciousness. They transmute through beyond the spoken word and telepathy. They encoded Consciousness through bands of Light and delivered through sunlight to a global Consciousness or an individual. They share with us the nature of Consciousness at every dimensional level and tell us what we have to do to ascend to the next reality and what we have to look forward to in our coming elevations. Solar Light beings reminders of the simplest but most profound truths; Give Love, receive Love, treat every day, every moment as if it were sacred. You have been given the greatest gift of all life. Enjoy it with your family, friends, and fellow beings; remember that smiles transform the day.

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