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Divine Inspiration and Heart Connection

God is infinite, and the creation of the unlimited ongoing process is what many call the Source of pure and ultimate connection. Moreover, peace is the state of one's freedom from all disturbances inflicted upon the whole. Yet the infinite soul awareness can create out of nothing; if one wants peace, one can make it, create it, and have it.

If you desire to experience a different reality, become different in this reality, open your mind, let go of all that you were programmed to since you learned to speak, become aware of expanding your mind from what you don't know, observe the language of God in all around you, recognize its nature in all beingness.

Freeing your mind from the limited belief and indoctrination programs of dogma will deactivate all negative patterns and programs. The truth has always been within your Heart. Moving forward for one's own good, transmuting any experience, moment to moment, one's own reality, One shift into a new version of self for good or bad, depending on one's point of attraction and emotional compass.

Everyone has specific traits based on the energetic field; every human has a precise vibration that they were born with because you are part of God's Source; in other words, God you are. Regardless of what the masses follow, listen to your Heart, the love frequency of the entire Multiverse you are.

For example, when self-governance is practiced regularly, there is no need to be governed by one's countries, religions, or states of the many masked actors who claim to be humans or the governments of Earth. Ignore the controllers' narratives at all times, and using sovereignty, Divine Love, and self-governance without ego is now easier than ever.

In every expression of self, recognize infinite parallel realities that coexist simultaneously. This means infinite parallel versions of Earth coexist simultaneously at individual bases, so actually, one never changes the World one is on.

One shifts and changes the self incrementally to different versions of Earth that already exist that are more reflective of the change one makes within. Friends and family that exist in different wave resonances will eventually match the higher vibration frequency when they are ready to shift their consciousness and awaken to the new resonances of the 5D new Earth.

Since they are on another vibrational level of Earth that exists simultaneously from oneself that has shifted to recognize the divine intelligence of One's Heart and the true nature of self-governance sovereign, eternal, and infinite Love, you all are.

All people's DNA on the planet is already being activated, which will help awaken those who have not yet discovered their mission. Many ask what the mission of a soul that volunteers is in the now is. We say that you only need to exist in the now; the energy that your Heart emits is so strong and powerful that it helps change the World. No matter how different one feels, because you came to create new ways to exist.

This incarnation is for all to create a wonderful planet where peace and goodness reign in Love because each one of you possesses the subatomic particle of God, Creator of the Multiverse; in you is the secret that will change the World. Love is a Divine frequency from God living in your hearts, and it is real. Fear is a program of the mind created by electromagnetic devices.

Regardless of what is happening around the Earth, it is a game of fear, distracting the minds from their potential to create the World that already exists. Send Love and light to those who are perishing from the demonic minds of the controllers; trust in your hearts that all the evil will be nothing pretty soon.

Trust in the Love God bestowed upon your hearts; each one exists in this reality to learn from mistakes and transform life, many want to be here no longer, but you are here for a purpose. When you understand this, you will know the importance of your existence in everything just for being you and in the now.

Do not get discouraged thinking you are not doing anything to help the collective because you are doing it. Everyone has a role to play. A part of the puzzle is subtle but very important because of the energy it accumulates, creating a positive transformation for the World. Avoid news, all negative media, and TV. Fearful movies. Know that in the middle of September, all governments will be penniless, which is great for us and the World. NO MORE Dictators and manipulation, as they have no more funds to continue their destruction and genocide plans.

Learn to connect with other hearts and their love frequency only, rather than entertain fear in your mind. This is the reason for your existence on the planet: honor your visit to Earth and be sovereign and self-governed. After all, being different is part of your cosmic origin, so enjoy it and forward the magic the Creator of the Multiverse bestowed in your Hearts.

As many others have attempted to describe a soul, the following will help you understand that we all are ONE♥ . Supposedly, think of the SOUL as a holographic fragment of Source. Holographic as in a smaller piece of something that continues to conserve all the characteristics and all that defines the original Soul.

As an example, imagine a crystal vase, whole and perfect, and this will be compared to God's Source you are. Then suddenly, the crystal vase shatters into hundreds of pieces, big and small. Each piece would be only a fragment of the original crystal vase, and each fragment holds a different shape that completes the original crystal vase. They are all different, although the larger fragments can determine where they were placed when the crystal vase was complete.

Now imagine the crystal vase that broke in a holographic manner, shattering into hundreds of pieces, big and small. Again, we have a fragment of the entire crystal vase in each piece, which is perfect since those hundreds of fragments are an exact copy of the original vase that completes it. Each fragment carries all its attributes and the potential to become ONE from the many or many from the ONE.

So, we now have hundreds of little perfect vases, big and small. Each would be a holographic fragment of the original crystal vase. Just so, a soul would be a holographic fragment of Source. This example will assist you in unifying the power of the Heart's omnipotent Love to all sentient beings through the following guided meditation;

Find a place to spend quiet time each day in reflection away from all negative media, observing all synchronicities and blessings for being alive and witnessing this marvelous time of planetary ascension. Feel and acknowledge your Heart, quiet your mind, and feel your well-being connected with your spirit to increase the awareness that we all are ONE, a fragment of a crystal, in this case, the same SOUL, One from the many.

Find a quiet place to read this and slow your breath rhythm; inhale, hold, and exhale. Feeling certain you are free and are not depending on external conditions, breathe in and out, open to your Heart's Divine presence. This simple process of your Heart guidance will help to create a Heart-centered connection to all HEARTS.

In this instant, feel, sense, or imagine the symbol of infinite Love within your Heart toward all that is. Visualize the Divine light Creator of your being, your Divine Heart Love connected with all the Hearts of all sentient beings, and feel how you are accompanied by this supreme intelligence at every moment.

Feel gratitude for all you are and have, realizing that everything you need is already given, open yourself to receive the Love the Creator of the Multiverse bestowed within your Heart, open your Heart to Love, the luscious and richly satisfying LOVE in all your senses, in your life, and accept it. Feel these beautiful frequencies that arise from the center of your Heart and spread throughout all your cells, atoms, and subatomic particles. Feel how this energy fills all your being; from your feet, this energy rises to your head.

This energy dances with the rhythm of every atom of your body, each cell, connected this moment to the cosmic Source and all that is. Understand the multidimensional gift hidden deep in your Heart, the stargate portal that connects the Multiverse to higher kingdoms of light, Love, and goodness.

Feel in this moment how the energy vibration of your Divine Heart expands from your center towards the entire Cosmos, like a giant sphere that continues to fill the entire Multiverse with Love, touching all visible and invisible beings and filling them with Love and light. Feel how you cover the whole Earth and all the Hearts of all Universes.

Feel the Love from your Divine Heart expanding even more, feel your love frequency already harmonize with all your reality, all this Universe, and with the absolute certainty that this frequency is everything in your reality. Feel how this frequency remains engraved in your atoms, molecules, organs, and body systems, and feel how all your being is aligned with the Divine Multiversal Intelligence of Love.

The most Divine and powerful energy in the entire Multiverse, and how you are connected, breathe in and out, smile from your Heart, draw that smile on your lips and smile, bring your hands to the center of your chest, feeling this deep gratitude, feel and say; thank you, thank you, thank you.

Very gently, feel your loving Heart energy expanding to all directions of the Multiverse, and smile without worrying if you did it right or not. Trust the Divine Intelligence of your Heartbeat, and enjoy this experience. Take a deep inhalation and, exhale slowly, and continue breathing in and out.

Feeling the following affirmations from your Divine Heart say out loud;

I am one with the loving cosmic force of creation.

I trust and accept to feel the cosmic Love of Source towards me and all sentient beings.

I open my Heart to all blessings and the deep connection with the infinite Source of the Multiverse.

I am one with the cosmic bridge of the Heart.

I am One from the many and many from the One.

Feel the beating of your Heart connecting to the Heart of all creations and the whole Multiverse. Feel the joy of your Heart and say;

I connect with the beating and loving energy of my Heart connected in perfect harmony with the entire Multiverse, infinite worlds, the macrocosm, the stars and galaxies, nebulas, and at the same time, it is connected with all Earth Hearts, the plants, the animals, the insects, and with all the hearts that inhabit this Multiverse.

Realize how your Divine Heart is connected to all the hearts that sustain life; the spirit and life force are expressed and dance through your sacred drum heartbeat, this powerful little drum full of harmony within your Divine Heart. Feel how this little drum is connected to the frequencies of other radiant Hearts and, at this moment, visualize the frequency of your thoughts with a clear intention. Imagine the smiles of little children, the playful dance of the dolphins, the play of all the little creatures on this planet, the cubs and playful creatures, plants, and trees connect with this energy of compassion and all Divine Love. Visualize a clear image of the Earth that exists in your Heart, with blessings to all, abundance, sovereignty, and freedom. A world of unison filled with LOVE, Peace, and respect for all sentient beings.

While feeling the vibrant beats of your Heart in perfect harmony with everything alive, feel like your thoughts and Heart are torrents of compassionate, loving energy and frequencies full of harmony. Rivers of energy flow from your Heart in all directions; feel how these Love rays expand their vibration and connect to the Love of the cosmic father and mother consciousness to the Love of the entire Multiverse. Be brave! Express with Heartfelt,

I am loyal, brave, and true to myself, the warrior's Soul.

I am one with the cosmic loving force of creations,

I allow myself and accept to feel the cosmic Love towards me and all sentient beings.

I open my Heart to all the blessings and the deep connection with the infinite Source of God.

I am one with the cosmic bridge of the Heart.

I am One from the many and many from the One.

Expand your Love even more until it touches all the Hearts on Earth and the Multiverse; feel the love frequency harmonizing with your reality with the absolute certainty that this frequency and this energy is in everything. Take as long as you can to have a clear vision from your omnipotent Heart connected in unison to all God's expressions of being. I love you, Divine souls. Hold this energy frequency and treasure it deep within you. And realize that this is the natural state of your Soul, the natural state of your own energy, so you are absolutely ONE with everything around you, and everything is surrounded with your Love. This Love and this abundance were gifted and bestowed on you the moment you were born.

Very gently, wiggle your toes, breathe in and exhale, stretch out your arms, take another deep breath in and exhale, breathe in again and exhale, and open your eyes.

Together, as one human consciousness, let us reactivate the LOVE essence, the warrior, and reclaim one's right and true freedom. To become a warrior, not because you can fight and kill. Nobody has the right to take another life. The pure essence of the warrior takes action for the greatest good of all.

Understand the most powerful tool you have owned forever, your Divine HEART. Imagination is more powerful than knowledge; Imagination will take you to places you thought you couldn't, and Imagination will shift your own reality.

I love you, dear Hearts,

Blessings! ♥


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