Dear heart manifest from within,

A perfect world is when you are in tune with your higher self-power. Therefore all that you think feel and do comes to you in a manner of a more higher vibration, allowing you to see things manifestation just because you let go! If money Makes you happy be in alignment with that vibration, be happy to have even if is little, many out in the world are happier with less than what you may have. Many people comment that one should not want money at all because the desire for money is materialistic and not spiritual. There is no blame, realize that you are here and now on earth a very physical world for many where Spirit has materialized. One cannot separate from the aspect of being Spiritual. In

Flidais Destah "Where the Fairies Live"

I like to share from my upcoming book where I am persuading the reader's mind into a self-discovery and delightful involvement. The Awakening of consciousness through science, Magical Lore, and Fantasy. You become what you think, the more you do, the more you experience that reality. Everyone is infinite consciousness within the cycle of death and rebirth. We had become puppets in the eternal cycle traveling within our multidimensional light frequency. Once you understand the meaning and true purpose of your life you will remember the greater power of your existence in this now moment to inspire many to become their best expression of themselves. The more you love yourself, the more the inte

Beloved hearts,

Life can be difficult at times and this is meant for us to learn to let go or to pay attention to whLife can be difficult at times and this is meant for us to learn to let go or to pay attention to whatever one is experienced in the now moment.Especially when one holds the stress in the body, but then when One trust and let go! All begin to be in harmony around you, balance and peace. Then you feel in harmony just because you trust in your heart to let go!This is a simple reminder, that the simplest things in each one of us cannot be bought, to be experienced with one’s heart ability to discern each day. Our most precious gifts, since we came into this world are the most overlook as simple o

To those who are listening,

Creator of the Multiverse, I offer myself to you, come to me, and use my voice to bring comfort, multiversal peace, and unconditional love. Use my eyes to see and be compassionate with all your creations of light frequency and love vibration." Where ever I find myself there will be no difference because I know you are me and I am you therefore all around me. Use my heart to share myself your unconditional love with everything and everyone. I am your divine consciousness of unity, love, I am your wisdom and love, from the one heart of all within my heart. Thank you for everything that I have created today, for the freedom of my soul and expression, freedom to grow and share, freedom to love

Travel safe!

The Merkabah is an electromagnetic version of you and your vehicle to travel. It is part of your spiritual energy, reflecting on your mental and physical version of yourself, incarnated as a human on our beloved mother, Gaia. It is important to know that the more you love yourself and others the more you will remember. Beloved humans, you are very special, you are divine creation, your body have an ability to adjust within your conscious awareness into a higher state of awareness, for now in short periods of time. Each day as you focus on who you really are and let go the drama of the 3D Third dimension and those controlling your mind through TV, cellphones News, etc. As you disconnect from

Divine Humans on Planet Earth,

The real difference between humans and animals is that the animals don’t participate in the Matrix program on earth, it is only your imagination to think they are different instead they have an innate ability to heal us. It has been keep secret by many; this is why the brutal mass slaughter of cows and chickens and any other farm animals continue been part of a brutal, heartless mutilation to all. Many ignore that their meat has been altering with their own fear before die, the endorphins of an emphatic animal keeps holding that vibration until it goes into the supermarket and into your table and into your being. Just like Dolphins, Dolphins are here to heal the planet not to entertain human

Dear beloveds listen with the ears of your heart…

Let the light of your heart shine; it’s the only light that will dispell the darkness. There will be times of trouble, times of loneliness, times of sadness, insecurity, depression and a lack of peace. That darkness can only be lightened up by the light of the Truth, the light from within, the light that comes from the creator. Let his light shine on you and deliver it to all who need it to shine again. It is urgent and necessary that more and more people open their heart to the creator. This task is so important and why it is so important to always stay connected all creation of the creator, so your brightness can become stronger, more intense and more constant. Do not let worldly weaknesse

Dear people on earth,

When you allow your heart and your mind to become one peaceful unit without the ego, the label of anything. Then you had made a clear conscious choice, for example; a rose always would be a rose you cannot say a rose is beautiful or a dandelion is ugly becauseeverything is made of the light shape and Christ consciousness.To allow unlimited knowingness you most, allow all your thoughts to enter your heart and into your brain consciousness unaltered by labels or expectations or ego and judgment. Every time you judge your thoughts, you are creating that vibration. When you divide your thoughts to where they have a positive or negative, you have altered into a low vibration frequency value. Know

They are here...

Open your mind, soul, and body, to become ready and let go the concepts of the 3D; you had accepted from the movies in regards how spaceship looks like. Many on earth feel afraid already as it is or scared due to this movement of the Hollywood movies, where they depict beings from other planets destroying us making them look like the bad guys. You all are capable of believing and become Gods or Goddesses in your own universe.Understand or remember you cannot be God in Gods Universe. This is a very powerful and clear perspective to understand. Be open mind and not be afraid of your own powers of creation. Avoid to think that you cannot be a God or Goddess when you say, "I am God or Goddess" I

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