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Connect with Your Higher Self like Never Before!

DNA clearings are perennial (Lasting indefinitely long term) and continue through your entire life. Opportunities to improve the fiscal body, mind, and spirit, new neurons paths on the brain cells. Your awareness will notice the difference, the source of God within. It is optimum to continue gaining momentum to make permanent transformations and reverse low vibrational energies. The energies spinning out of your morphogenetic field can be subtle as we work on the physical and etheric bodies. Since this frequency is mental acuteness, it will begin to take place the moment of the clearing and go from a week until 2 to 3 months after the session, even a year (Understand that we are clearing blockages from past reincarnations and lifetimes) in a 2-hour session.

The time is right to schedule

your DNA Activation Sessions.

What type of changes can you expect?


Each chakra has a specific frequency, and depending on the unresolved emotions and thought forms that a karmic imprint and soul fragment may have, they will be connected to one or more of your chakras. The Auric clearing will transmute permanent any soul fragments arising from traumas and restriction, karmic imprints, auric attachments, thought-forms, and unresolved emotions related to:


Pain and suffering


Self-confidence and self-esteem

Power and control

Heartbreak, betrayal, resentment, hatred

Guilt, shame, unworthiness

Speaking and living your truth

How you perceive and interpret reality

Your relationship to Source


Physical body


Alien Devices

Artificial intelligence attacks


As the release of these discordant energies from your field, your frequency will change on all levels of your multidimensional anatomy, assisting you to experience higher frequency grids of people, places, times, things, and events. Remember, if you don't change your frequency, nothing will change.

You will also be aware of the fewer negative thoughts after removing discarnate from your field. This experience will, in turn, strengthen the connection and communication with your Higher Self. Q: Will this energy work interfere with other healing modalities? A: No. The energy clearings and activations from the Harmonic Universe Codes will increase the benefits and effectiveness of other healing modalities like Reiki, Theta healing, hands-on healing, Kriya Yoga, Shamanic Journeys, or any meditation. People, go from healer to healer, workshop to workshop, and still cannot fully transcend a particular issue or set of issues. Auric attachments are the highest priority energetic blockages. Therefore, clearing another type of issue without clearing the Auric attachments will slow down the person's healing and evolutionary process.


Are you worrying all the time?

Auric attachments are found on the seven embodied chakras. Depending on the frequency of the auric attachment, it will resonate with a specific chakra. Fear and worry issues are often linked to our root chakra at the base of our spine. If you have heavily energized thought-forms of fear, these auric attachments will get activated throughout the day, unleash their emotional charge, and cause you to get into a state of fight and flight, fear, and worry. Fear attracts discarnates. Discarnates keep people in a state of panic attacks. 

Discarnates are one of the lowest frequency auric attachments people have.

The problem is that discarnates don't have a body, so they must attach themselves to people who have a body to get their fix. This is how they get their energy, mainly through emotions. And because they want more of that energy, they will project their low-frequency thought-forms so that the person keeps having these discordant emotions or experiences discarnates had while living on earth. For example, some discarnates can't let go of deep-seated anger or guilt. Others might still be attached to experiences like alcohol, drugs, smoking, or even food through another person with a body making heréhim believe that the voices come from within the mind.


Your DNA is the blueprint of life inside each cell is the information that encodes your psychic abilities. Each DNA strand corresponds to a specific dimensional frequency band of consciousness. After Activating your DNA, the transformation occurs, accreting more light vibration through the angular rotation of particle spin within every particle and subatomic particles that assist your body to ascend into the 5th dimension as your multidimensional levels of consciousness takes place.

Embody your Multidimensional levels of consciousness.

AND  your DNA

Will merge with the One Source of all Consciousness

You will be amazed by your new innate abilities, Awakened after Your first DNA Activation.


Connect with your Higher Self

like Never Before!

All sessions can be done remotely or face-to-face with the same accurate results.

Please contact us for any personal queries

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