Vibrational communication.

The Universe is responding to your words and thoughts life force energy, it is also sometimes called universal energy. Everything in the universe is made of vibrating energy. Some things have a higher vibration; some have a lower vibration. Life force energy is something that flows through all living things. It sustains and nourishes our bodies, and it can be used to support and increase the body's natural self-healing ability. Higher vibrations equate with greater potency. This is why ideas and language are ultimately what change the world, as opposed to machine guns and fighter jets. The world is made of language and as our communication skills improve so does our place in the world. The

The Occasion is now to wake up!

How and what you will teach others. The connection to the higher self is well known to be the closest part of God that we all are, a self-love connection recognition for one's abilities to experience life for what it is, a magnificent gift instead of letting the ego to exist. As you continue to move very quickly now toward that understanding, toward that level of oneness that is bringing you to your next highest evolution within yourself and within yourselves as a collective. Especially to those others now, those that are still slumbering; have still not come to an awakening state; even to them, changes are happening within them. Spiritual changes are happening. Their DNA is being shifted ju

Download Transmission

Hello beloved hearts, A download transmission is how I am wired to source the messages I receive comes in the form of downloads this process will be as being connected to the source of Prime Creator, which is different from those who receive the information as a channel. Since a person who channels allows their spirit to move aside for other entities to take over and use their thoughts to translate their messages, in the long term this process will deplete and damage the DNA of the channeled person. A system for transmitting messages from a distance, especially one creating signals by making and breaking an electrical connection. I receive my first telegraph, from the realms of heaven this m

Light language,

We are all made of light and travel this way as the first stage to incarnation, within the process of light the sounds come, and can be experienced in many ways. No need to label it, since this is the language of the Multiverse light force within all. The sound light frequency of nature happens, when the birds sing to the trees, the trees with their trillion cells share this light language with the grass, the flowers and it all goes in circles. From mother earth up, and from above, down below mother earth. Gaia knows how to share this light language of Omni love, as a beautiful lake view, filled with all sorts of shades and colors. A sunset, a night full of stars, the warm or cold wind recog

Be before you are,

Dear hearts! Be before you are, Find the best way of expressions to make contact with the whole expression of the Universal mind, feel your connection, allow the flow of energy to fulfill your soul so that you can accomplish your noble desires in life. Our beloved heart Suzanne receives the information channeling our beloved Arcurians, myself I receive downloads kind of a fax from source to transmit to those who are listening. What a marvelous nuance of the rainbow we all are. Like a subtle difference or distinction in expression, in response, on how is it that source want you to connect with it. Listen with the ears of your heart; the answers have been there always. Speak the voice of the u

Shift global consciousness,

Hello beautiful hearts, Today I woke up with tears in my eyes I had a dream that I can still feel, I am very aware of me dreams I journal my experiences and my visit to other dimensions. I can detect when the dark ones are harassing me and wake up before they imprint my consciousness with none sense. Even though my senses are very enhanced awake and while on RAM sleep I can see colors, smell, touch speak in different languages, not to mention the wonderful trips I had made to other worlds. Sometimes when the dreams banished before awaken is due to the higher vibrational frequency from higher realms. As I woke up, I feel more humble I wasn't able to recall my dream this time :(. Now since w

I am Light and Love!

Dear Hearts, Today I woke up feeling excited because I know that you are listening and therefore, consciously moving into one sublime light force to grow strong in the best way possible for Gaia, to being able to walk through the gate of the fifth dimension as one consciousness. As we move through this process of conscious choices leaving behind the perspective of separation. The yearning of this tender moment soon becomes a new reality for all. To remember when we use to be in the presence of all beings of light from the fifth and the high dimensions. Beings from other worlds some may have form and other just divine light. A day when we use to be one conscious and multidimensional family al

I am Pleiadian

Hello dear hearts, I am Sonia Salinas I am a Pleiadian incarnated on earth moving on my evolution, and vibrational consciousness to awaken as many souls on earth and lead them into the age of Light. I live in Alberta, Canada I am grateful to my higher self the closest part of God within me, for guiding me to be here in this group of multidimensional beings. I salute you all Dear Arcturians and the multidimensional earthlings from my Christos Avatar self to your Christos Avatar self. Namaste! I like to begin by share unconditional love to all beings and creatures that breathe. Especially those that had going on in life hurting others because they learned from the past and that is the only way

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