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Forgive all the Wrong,

Humanity is already in crystalline time, permanently ascending into the Divine Light of the Creator of the Multiverse. Still, we also have an alignment going on right now that, in their minds, is attempting their

version of the great dark reset for the lost ones, which will not be able to continue due to the amount of Light entering Earth and going out from each human generated through love. It is up to each Divine soul to create more spiritual abundance within.

The controllers on Earth already knew that the quantum leap would take place, and they knew that it could not be avoided. It is not in their best interest that Humanity be free. Every day, the awakening of Humanity makes a powerful spark of Light, and the elite no longer underestimates Humans, which is why they are in a hurry to launch what only exists in their minds. Many Governments continue their damaging programs desperately. Waste no more time of your precious existence in fear, serving as vulgar food to sustain and strengthen their 3D Matrix.

The importance of awakening your mind is now essential. The future is a probable and a potential reality; it is never fully set until the collective consciousness believes what will happen. The manipulation of media controls Humanity's emotions, directing their minds into what will like to happen, according to their chip tricks, and this will also happen individually. Some people believed in the doomsayer scenario; the probability of it happening is 50%. Entertaining their agendas takes anyone's energy to be puppets, drained, or food for evil. The quantum leap has already occurred, and the dark entities are very concerned. They knew that a large percentage of the human collective consciousness continued accelerating their awakening to a high spiritual level. Therefore, They are afraid and starving for power; their attacks are no longer hidden but direct and upfront to terminate Humanity.

The manipulation of underlying subliminal frequencies is everywhere, hidden in music, entertainment platforms, commercials, and all news. Manipulating the emotional and mental triggers, the more one entertains what is wrong, the more it perpetuates the wrong, anchoring the mind into a 3D Matrix. For example, on a TV show, perhaps even in real life, if someone watches an older person being beaten, suddenly, the emotional response goes to hate the perpetrator. Think before taking sides, entertaining your emotional responses, and ask yourself who is holding the camera or recording such tragedy for anyone to feel sad or angry and emotionally or mentally invest one's energy triggering revenge upon the oppressor.

Responsibility and individual commitment are essential to not promoting, facilitating, or giving your energy to the machinery of the 3D. Humanity cannot continue to be the predators' food and sustenance. They are trying by all means that the authentic Light Beings of the human race do not wake up, that awakened ones cannot communicate so as not to wake up others, and that the advanced awakened ones are discredited, banned, and their information is contaminated and attacked.

However they do it, it doesn't matter; the quantum leap has already occurred and is unstoppable. Conscious humans already contemplate and communicate with all sentient beings, such as animals, plants, trees, and Galactic beings, and accept them as equals. These beautiful beings respond lovingly and amazingly to those who care for them through their hearts.

There is concern about mistreatment and a lack of awareness and respect for Mother Earth, and it is understood that One must achieve unity instead of separation. Planet Earth had permanently exited the dark ages; for the next two weeks, the inhabitants of Earth will receive the blessing effects of the Light. There is no going back; the quantum leap has already taken place. The way the universe creates matter has forever changed as per God's Source Creator; the transition of the entire Multiverse of Light forever more started.

All the beautiful babies, incarnating now, arrive as masters; they do not come to experience and embody the change. Humanity will witness the transformation of Earth, the total change; the transition will gradually manifest in your minds when you accept that you are this reality's Creator. In a short time, the unstoppable reality will occur during the transition. Know that each had volunteered to be here in this unique and unprecedented time, and now you must do what is right in your hearts to be the drivers of change no matter what happens, regardless of the adverse appearances.

Understand that human beings do not see reality because the eyes are black holes that absorb Light, and then the brain processes the information and produces the image of what one considers to be their real world. The images within each brain develop and represent the world you create, which is why everyone knows that each head is a world concept. The universe is simply a mental projection; the human being is a being of Light manifested in physical form; a low vibration of Light becomes matter, and a high vibration of matter becomes light. That is why your emotions are magnetic and your thoughts are electric; the brain and mind are very different. Your mind sets your intentions on a thought, and this thought has a vibrational frequency.

Your brain receives these thoughts based on the vibrational frequency in which one sets the mind and then produces the emotions. The emotions represent the force given to all sentient beings to create their own reality based on the emission and vibration caused, depending on the state in which one observes and transfers the information received through the eyes.

Humanity's frequency controls its future and is determined by the collective frequency. Energy goes wherever attention goes. With intention and analysis of yourself, you must be attentive and aware of each emotion that is very different from the noble feelings of love, understanding, generosity, and respect; the moment you are attacked with discordant emotions, you must immediately shield your field with protective Light to nullify and reject negative thoughts and emotions.

Suppose someone perceives and avoids negative manipulation. The awareness causes a fracture on the negative frequency to split, allowing the potential future of a higher timeline to manifest; this is how it all works in reality. Conscious or subconscious attention is the energy that feeds whatever one focuses on. Practice by taking the power of awareness every 30 minutes, asking yourself;

What is it that my mind entertaining?

What is it that I am vibrating?

Where is my energy (attention) going right now?

Now more than ever, it is effortless to change and increase your frequency with music, preferably without lyrics, breathe deep frequently, light a purifying incense, hug your cats, and look at the loving eyes of your dog or pets. Walk in nature, do stretching exercises, and do what is necessary. Whatever you experience wrong, immediately change to positive energy.

The awakening of Humanity is already a reality; the collective balance is already leaning towards the Light of truth and compassion for the suffering of sentient living beings. Thank you, each precious Heart, for not letting yourself be manipulated. The lack of low emotions is declining. Use your discernment, including this message, whatever resonates in your Heart, and listen to the Divine intelligence of your body at all times. Feel the connection in your Heart, understand your essence inner voice, and observe and listen to the love whisperings of God's unconditional love.

Eliminate the low passions of your life: hate, resentment, envy, fear, and vices; do not feed on the suffering and pain of other beings. Take care of each thought and emotion, avoid making promises you cannot keep, no more lies, no more service to self, sadness, and distrust.

Love is power in its purer sense, prevails, and awakes all hearts. It is time for you to connect with your superconsciousness. What is this superconsciousness? How do you find it? What is it? Is it not mind?

Your superconsciousness can be accessed through intuition, which is the part of oneself that connects to the quantum field. The quantum field is not a place; there is no time; it is out of time; it is everything. When one connects to self-superconsciousness and learns from the quantum field, one starts to know things that haven't learned the old way. One starts accessing skills and abilities one receives from the wisdom of one's past. And start to know what is about to occur in the immediate future because one can read the potential; amazing things can occur. Being in the drama prevents anyone from being their natural, connected self. Shiel, shield, and protect your Divine Field from electromagnetic frequencies at all times.

Being aware is the most essential and beneficial task you can contribute to yourself; seek all the good, positive, beautiful, and pleasant things without using money to help you escape the slave self. Live in kindness, selflessness, love, respect for yourself, and everything else, forgive. Your authenticity and reality will change, and your life force will be strengthened without effort, turning you into a true warrior of Light, Unstoppable, Sovereign, Self-governing, Divine, and Powerful.

Humanity can break the dominance and programming of the Matrix by focusing on goodness and their power, the force and the bearer of Divine Light manifesting in this creation. You have come to win, and you are already winners. The quantum leap of 12 universes continues to move at a rapid speed. We have 12 separate universe realities that we can live in, and between each universe, there are immeasurable timelines that each mind chooses to experience.

Each projection of reality that each being chooses varies, which means that in reality, the planet's outcome changes, and the results will be different. There is a plan for each of the 12 universes; each one has original DNA blueprints, where some were ruled by the Light; these are their ascended timelines. Timelines are nothing but alternatives; reality has always manifested, and timelines were an illusion. The reality of the now ascended timeline cannot continue in the dark. Remember, the way the Multiverse now creates matter has forever changed as per God's Source Creator; the transition of the entire Multiverse of Light forever more started.

Divine souls on Earth, We, the Arcturians, ask your hearts to consider that it is essential that all resentment or pain be cleared in each Heart to avoid being anchored into the 3D. In preparation for activation and healing, each can receive this unconditional healing gift, a wave of love to heal your Divine vessels' mental, physical, and spiritual realms for all sentient beings on Earth to activate the divine Light frequency of your hearts even more. Our most sincere gift for the collective consciousness of the love of all that is.

We, your Arcturian family, ask you to make an effort, and in your divine time, when each soul is ready to receive this immeasurable gift we are offering you from our Hearts, you can receive it through the Light in your hearts. When each is ready, your soul will receive the necessary healing to sustain the Light of the spirit for eternity. Our omnipotent Light gift will grant unlimited Light to assist all sentient beings on the planet, thus collectively experiencing the Light that the Creator of the Multiverse has been granted throughout the Multiverse.

We wish you joy, Light, and physical, spiritual, and mental healing throughout the Earth. With our infinite love, everything will be restored to the Divine power of Humanity to flourish in the golden age of Light.

Whenever you are ready to receive this Light gift, you must center in one's Divine space of the love frequency by gently placing your hands in the center of your chest between your throat and your Heart. Take a deep breath, quiet the mind, breathe again, close your eyes, and think, imagine, visualize, or feel the frequency of love. Feel the love emanating from your Heart towards your whole being in all directions; feel love again, open your Heart, and here we, the Arcturians, will be delivered our gift of Light to heal your whole being.

Blessings and gratitude for allowing us to communicate with your divine hearts.

The Arcturians, ♥


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