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Divine souls on Earth,

Author Sonia Salinas

This planetary longing shifting of consciousness is finally coming to fruition! Divine souls on Earth, we are here with you, because of promises made eons ago on your timeline. We have been with you always, the time to remember and awakening is now. Embrace these changes, love all around you because you can love much more.

To participate in the now reality awakening of humanity is your most precious gift. The many past solar flares have generated downloads of dominant magnetic wavelengths descending on Earth called activations. These transmutations affect the emotional memory records of the human souls' DNA within the multidimensional levels of yourselves, turning on and now opening the Golden liquid light connection of your multidimensional consciousness on every living being on Earth.

This process will generate the awakening of your innate abilities altering your DNA consciousness to awaken at this time of planetary ascension. The gamma light had ignited to transmute many of your precious DNA cells into its higher form. Your conscious recognition of your Divine existence will draw new codes and templates, reprogramming your soul essence from the quantum space of your new reality. All living beings on Erath has the divine right, and the opportunity to evolve into the highest version of yourselves!

If you open your minds to the possibility of the awakening of your DNA, the change will happen. Do not take for granted that humanity can evolve much furthered by the use of their minds. Therefore there are many abilities and superhuman powers you may have or start to awakening. Telepathic communication with animals. Enhanced empathy to influencing and receiving emotional energy. Interdimensional perception to see into other dimensions of reality. Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairvoyant. Telepathy, psychic communication. Higher IQ, "more brainpower." Precognitive dreams of future events. Psychometry to gain information by touching objects. Bi-location the ability to be two places at once. Your rate of healing will increase. Plant communication the ability to communicate telepathically with the elementals, and many more gifts.

The definition of predictable is; something that is easy to foresee or anticipate. Using ancient techniques of fear for global events, those in control have proven to succeed many times in the past.

Beloved ones, you are and always will be in CONTROL. Do not ignore your abilities to change; be predictable to those who think that it is easy to anticipate your actions. Feel the joy of a new era, the joy of having access to your own vault of riches in all aspects of your divine incarnation on Earth, fiscally, mental, and spiritual. Instead of feeling fearful by the unknown and all that entertains your attention in the now.

Take control of your awakening process; use this time for introspection in the following days, use the frequency vibration of your humble hearts as much as you can. Say, I love you! For those departing or arriving, someone, somewhere, will receive this most desired heartfelt vibrational message, Love! Will benefit collectively in many ways.

You are the ones that have to take the next step. Divine souls on Gaia, our humble desires, is that you be inspired to aspire to remember who you are, not only in the now but all of the timeline of your new reality. Remember how to manifest your dreams from your etheric field into your now moment to become your new reality. Its been imprinted on your DNA before your incarnation on Earth divine souls for the days to come, make a firm intent to meditate at least 20 minutes a day either before sleep or when you wake up, or even better practice meditation twice.

There are many benefits of meditation to reduce the stress to promote emotional health, generate kindness, and self-awareness meditate will assist you to be more sentient. With practice, you will be able to understand your own beliefs and prior energized thoughts or desires projected and affecting your holographic reality.

We, your Pleiadian family, desires for you to remember that your bodies are Divine, and real ether of our Multiverse, a biological holographic material an expression composed of light, colors, and sound called the etheric bodies.

You all are made out of divine material, and as such, you have access to the infinite wisdom and intelligence creation of the ONE and only. Nothing exists outside of you as for you are capable of deleting any preprogrammed belief systems that enslave you. It only takes a decision: YOURS there is not gain from rigid outside doctrines and theories. The ideas or believes you make yours always become part of you and define your reality.

Understand the pure love frequency within your multidimensional portal, or stargates are constructed in all of your chakras systems. These will assist you in shifting your consciousness into a more powerful level of reality and connection to all that "IS." A level of higher light frequency vibrations and creative magic within your time and space.

I like to share a beautiful meditation from a time before you incarnate on Earth, you can practice on the days to come, and this is a meditation from my beloved Pleiadian sister Solara An-Ra

Enjoy it!

We are with your beloved ones

The Pleiadians

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