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Why I am Here and Who am I?


Remember, the Key to Ascension is encoded in your DNA.

Why are you here?

Who are you?








Where are you going?  

The answers are simple you knew them all the time,

You just forgot! 


Star being healing
Ascension is the order path through which consciousness evolves and through a structured, multidimensional system. Moreover, the process of dimensional ascension, biological, and planetary evolution is the process of accretion, the drawing of frequency bands into the blueprint of who you are. "Your morphogenetic field in the now."​ Allow yourself to permanently experience your psychic and extraordinary  abilities to fulfill your noble desires in life:
Egypt pyramids

It is important to remember that you are here experiencing a human reality as the ambassador representative of your star family on Earth. That was you chose to come here to assist humanity in their ascension process through your Christ Consciousness. 


Open your mind, understand that without your DNA activation, you will continue rejecting the messages and codes sent to us at this very moment. The Auric field of planet Earth and humanity will continue shifting as more of you dear hearts practitioners take control and understand the importance of your mission to be able to move beyond the ascension cycle.


In order to undertake part of this accession process and avoid being trapped in the 3-D time cycle, the human DNA Activation upgrade will assist you to evolve through the frequencies of Accretion of more light from within the Auric field, transmitting your carbon base DNA into Crystalline DNA.


The transmutation of DNA distortions from the low third dimensional 3D vibrational frequencies is experienced as lack, limitation, power, and fear. Will allow your DNA to vibrate into higher levels of consciousness. Therefore your multidimensional vibrational frequency would accret the light frequency sent to us from Lyra Andromeda, Galactic Core, Metagalactic Core, Orion, Arcturus, Sirius, Alcyone Pleiades. The Solar spiral will assist you in moving into higher dimensions and, therefore, more light within your Auric Field.

Most of the issues that a person experiences are blockages, preventing them from moving forward, monetizing and creating financial abundance, and being trapped in a roller coaster of low flow of vibration. These blockages have to be transmuted and removed permanently. See the DNA activations list below that will assist anyone in experiencing a constant flow in all aspects of their lives and practices:


Arcturian Removal of Anchors/Grays/Dark Entities 

MedBed Session assisted by your E.T. Family

Cleansing of the 15 dimensional Aura (Closing portals and wormholes, entities, discarnate's

J-Seals Removal Implants

Karma Clearing Removal.

DNA Activation (Removing blocks from the chakras )

DNA Activation for INDIGOS

Kundalini Activation

Matrix Unplugged

The Activation below can be done after the above removal and activations

DNA Detox (Cleansing the blocks within the organs)

DNA Activation and Upgrades

Master DNA activation

Golden DNA Activation

Christ Consciousness Activation


You’ll be guided, on what you can do on your own, to SEAL in the new energies flowing your way and assist you in being in alignment with your higher self without the need to come back for more and more healing sessions. However, if you desire an attunement or some issue that requires working on, you are welcome to come back for new sessions.

Below are some of the blockages One would like to not have from the etheric field
To experience and manifest your abundance permanently!

Auric Attachments


Removal of entities, Discarnates, Ids Demons, Personalities from Others, Shadow Self. Which will reinforce and allow you to see clearly insights from yourself, your love life, and your future.


Unnatural Seals Removal


Shifting your consciousness out of the Matrix programs into your now future and experiencing permanent freedom in the Now. By removing the programs of manipulation and distortions from the seven Unnatural J- Seals from


Karma Clearings


Removing the karmic patterns will allow the primal life force currents from Source into your field. Allowing love, abundance, opportunities, and new life experiences to manifest effortlessly.


Chakras Activation


The awaken vortexes of your fifteen Morphogenetic field Chakras. Connect your multidimensional being to the main source of the Multiverse and the language of sound and light to connect with other Nationals from the cosmos. 


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