Sonia Salinas

Certify DNA Practitioner

and Parapsychologist 

Certified by the owner and creator of this unique technique, with the support and assistance from the eternal Mahavatar Babaji making of these sessions the most life-changing experience of all times. 


I will assist you by activating your DNA with the most powerful healing modality on the planet, which clears all unnatural J-Seals, your inherited and past reincarnations karma, your present blockages on your etheric field at a soul level. Allowing to free yourself to experience and create your amazing life future in the now.


I am certified DNA practitioner, Astrologer, and Parapsychologist. Furthermore, as part of my ascension process and incarnation from the Pleiadian Star beings. My mission on Earth is to assist Inner Peace, Wealthiness, Abundance, Love, and Healing.  For the collective awareness and the awakening consciousness of humanity like never before into the fifth dimension on the ascension of planet Earth.


I honour the place in You, 

In which the entire…

... Universe Dwells.