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Sonia Salinas
Certify DNA Practitioner
Parapsychologist  and more.

It is so much you can be an experience if you are open to receiving, do not resist your Divine plan, the fact that this subject is most difficult to understand in human language because of the very complex nature of the soul mechanics and the exponential variances in which universe you are can be solved. ♥

I  will honor the place in You, 

In which the entire

 Universe Dwells.

Be Divine Forever!

I am Certified by the owner and creator of this unique technique, with the support and assistance from the eternal Mahavatar Babaji, making these sessions the most life-changing experience of all times. Activating your DNA is the most powerful healing modality on the planet.


The removal of reptilians from your DNA,  Unnatural J-Seals, inherited at birth, past reincarnations Karma, your present blockages in your Etheric Field at a soul level. It will allow you to free yourself and create an amazing journey in the now-future quantum reality.


I am a certified DNA practitioner, Parapsychologist, Author, Coach, Artist, Designer, Certified kickboxing, yoga practitioner, and Astrologer. Furthermore, as part of my ascension process and incarnation from the Sirian Star Beings. My Divine Commission on Earth is to assist the collective awareness for the awakening consciousness of humanity like never before to take them into the Golden Age new reality shifting into the Fifth Dimensional consciousness of planet Earth and together, raise the Multiverse Frequency.

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