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Be Divine Forever!

DNA activations remove the energetic blockages from your morphogenetic field, allowing One to be in alignment with One's Higher Self, Over-soul consciousness, Avatar self, and Rishi, the part of oneself closest to Source or God as the process of Solatium takes the place of recompensation given for inconvenience, of distortions in the DNA.


Higher levels of consciousness are some of the main benefits that will assist One in navigating into the fifth Dimension, "5D". After each session, One becomes aware of the subtle frequencies around as the reality One experiencing is created by One consciousness and no one else. After clearing One's blockages, Inherited believes, and removing Karma, One's DNA would create new realities to remember One's soul purpose as the reason to be here and now at this significant ascension cycle.


Becoming aware as the senses enhance seeing and hearing things that others cannot, and remembering that One's upon a time the multidimensional light language that connects us all with other beings from afar dimensions. More important, recognize and free oneself from the subliminal programs of the Matrix. It allows one to make clear choices in line with conscious decisions to assist others in the best way possible. 


One's dormant brain functions will become more active, especially the pineal gland. Support one's manifestations by tapping into the 7 Higher Senses daily. DNA activations clear the blockages within One's blueprint. Therefore the physical body will begin the process of regeneration, preventing your cells from decaying. 

The regeneration of the cells will promote growth and thicker hair, permanent weight loss, regular increments of energy,  rejuvenation of various muscles. One will start understanding how the body is the holographic design of the self-thought patterns. Therefore, becoming the best version of Oneself to look, feel, and experience oneself like never before.  
One won't have to exercise as much as before, emotionally,  moving on beyond the usual dramas. The most crucial part is that One will prevent the aggravations of daily life, controlling the mind. As the body undergoes detoxification every time and after sessions within One'smorphogenetic field, the old emotional issues that surface would be easily and permanently released. The removal of Alien distortions will no longer cause disease and toxicity of One's body. Allowing, One to experience a new sense of worth,  confidence, and security. In addition, more fruitful relationships and discernment to manifest One's noble desires in life.

Embody your Multidimensional levels of Consciousness.

AND your DNA

Will merge with the One Source of all Consciousness. 

Your DNA is the blueprint of life inside each cell is the information that encodes your psychic abilities. Each DNA strand corresponds to a specific dimensional frequency band of Consciousness. After Activating your DNA, the transformation occurs, accreting more light vibration through the angular rotation of particle spin within every particle. This subatomic particle assists your body to be able to ascend into the 5th dimension and your multidimensional Consciousness.

The Most Common Blockages Are

These are many of the most common distortions and blockages the human body and mind experience regularly; Self-worth, lack, limitations, lack of love, and relationships negative connections of people, times, places, things, times, and events. Inherited programs from ancestry and past generations at birth. Poverty consciousness, doubt, frustration, disbelief, fear in business and career, self-sabotaging, insecurity, procrastination, sense of abandonment, depression, and disconnection to others. Listen voices in the head prevents you from monetizing your desires blockages on the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th, chakras and morphogenetic field, beneath the Earth and above the head. Parasitical blockages and manipulation programs that prevent your Ascension. Inner growth, spiritual and psychic blockages development, Religious indoctrination, undeservedness, and much more.

All sessions can be done remotely or via the internet for more information.

Please Feel free to make contact. 

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