Divine masters of the Multiverse… Know that you are walking Goddesses and Gods, whether you believe or not? This is a massive statement containing a leap to awakening your mind by remembering your divine powers as human beings, to claim it or to become an awakened one is your dearest quest and divine right to find by accepting that you really have the omnipotent power to unconditionally love, to forgive, to create, to inspire and to give from your heart to change your now reality. A reality of your dreams based on your conscious connection with your superconsciousness, if you don't know how to connect with your superconsciousness or what is it? Thankfully it is not part of your mind's though

Forgive yourself

Forgiveness... It has an incredible healing power: It has the power to disable any thoughts and emotions of low vibrations. Isn’t that what every sane human being would like to happen? Why allow past unpleasant events still to dictate you how to feel and act in the present moment? Why allow them to spoil the clean air of your present moment with their stinky and polluted emanations? Why are you holding on it, dear heart to these destructive influences? Isn’t it the sign of a severe addiction? Forgiveness is what allows you to disengage your mental and emotional patterns from these detrimental habits. Forgiveness is what will enable you to create open spaces within your being so that they can


Divine ones, we are here always waiting to connect within your heart; we have not forgotten who you are. Instead, you are the divine ones that had forgotten all about your precious now existence in the now of your reality. When you listen to your heart and remember your multidimensional beingness. You will begin to acknowledge that it is never too late to remember that the power to create new realities is always within each one individual earthling being.Each one of you can change the reality within your quantum space vibrational frequency. And create a domino effect; remember that LOVE will conquer anything because love is real. When you take time to acknowledge that many of your precious b

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