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I am Souvering

Divine brothers and sisters on Planet Earth,

The information of this post is not meant to upset you; instead, to inform you more at the level of your consciousness to acknowledge and transmute the forced fear imposed once and for all from you divine, human existence.

The purpose of the planetary ascension is for all to be united as ONE human race, with the use of Divine Sovereignty as the core of your Divine-human existence. To be kind, respectful, compassionate, and above all, to love yourself, love your brothers, sisters, and all the living things on Earth.

Divine souls do not be afraid; instead, in this revolution of your evolution, use the most potent frequency ever known in the Multiverse, your HEART. The loving frequency vibration of your heart can transmute anything.

Sadly, not everyone wants to coexist in harmony to make the shift, since they are not in the same level of frequency vibration.

Divine souls, let us use the imposed lessons of authority to become our own authority, to stop giving our desition making process to governmental entities on Earth. Firstly one must acknowledge the magnitude of the abuse done that continues to infringe our lives by those in control.

To those in control and draconian whose intentions are our extermination;

To think that you can use bioweapons and nanotechnology for control is a crime against the human race, a violation of the free will and the laws of order. Including the transgressions made to mother Earth's natural resources using chemtrails, satellites, 5G, AI, and more to poison the Air, the Water, the Earth, and even the Fire.

The genocide you intend to commit is a total offense of the cosmic and the natural law of the ONE Divine consciousness of the Creator of all sentience beings. You do not have the right to continue keeping the stargates and portal gates close for our ascension, our bodies, nor our health. Your vaccines will not surveil, monitor, and control humanity; we would take a stand together for many across Gaia are now awaken Gods on Earth.

We will not consent to be part of your dark anti-life agendas, nor to be part of this reality for control, abuse, and manipulation. No one could ever have the power to separate us from our Divine will and our Divine rights. For we are the sons and the daughter of the Creator of all sentience beings in the Multiverse, our Divine right is to ascend together; we are the evolution of your revolution, we all came from the true source of the unified field of Christ consciousness.

After the fearful emotion or probable reality is acknowledged, the next step is to; Open your minds, Divine souls, most important your hearts. Perhaps this will be the most challenging test of your existence. There are some things you may want to consider first to let go of fear and resentment. To forgive, and clear all resentment from your life, then listen, feel, understand your Divine heart vibration, how does it feel?

Once you had acknowledged this probable future of manipulation and control, take several sessions of deep breathes and observe how the above has triggered your emotions. Your choices of action may be limit at this time, but your choices of thought will never be. Do not engage more than you already are to the negative for doing so; you will vibrate at the same level of a low frequency of those in control. "this has been since day one their main goal."

Please, avoid entertaining thoughts of fear and resentment against those in control. Yes, this is very difficult to do, but it has to be done, to transmute and change our probable reality for each one of you. Divine souls, you are ever more resourceful than them. Remember, feelings, discomforts to anything, hold frequencies of vibration. Where all the things you conjure will come to be part of your now new reality, you became what you think, therefore change your belive, will change your reality.

Open your heart to those with dark agendas say;

"I am sorry that you had chosen to be part of dark agendas to hurt your human, fellowships, and sentience beings on Earth, I do.

"Please forgive me for I could be you, forgive me for all I have done is to blindly trust you into believing that you will make a better world for every man, woman, and child, forgive me."

Thank you, even if you dwell in darkness and all you know is to be evil without it, I would not be able to wake up from this dream you create for me. Thank you for the disconnection you had taught us between humans since the day you create distortions on the grids of our beloved Gaia to feed yourselves with our frequencies. We, as humanity, thank you for without this, we would not be able to recognize the love we feel for each other.

Without it, we would not be able to connect heart to heart to become united for one cause; love and freedom. The freedom to stand united as ONE human race by our principles of respect, integrity, trust, freedom, and unconditional and Omnipotent love.

We send you love, for true love always conquers all, even in these difficult times, it is our heart's love frequencies that will transcend the darkness you are and living in.

Dear hearts, after you acknowledge your appreciation and demonstration of your heartfelt sovereignty and conscious manifest. The last step is to use your imagination on how we can create new ways to help each other, to meditate as much as you can, and ask yourselves; What is my life doing for the highest good of all?

Indeed avoid negative people, places, things, and event broadcasts. Exercise, practice yoga, take walks, drink lots of water, eat light, be thankful for the time you are able to give yourself to remember that you are an individuation of God creator of all.

Ask your guides for help and command;

For all that is good in the name of Divine Love and the alchemical powers, I state that no one ever can control, abuse, or manipulate me any longer. I am here; I am a child of the light to stand for my principles of eternal and omnipotent love and freedom.

I am love, I am light, I am sovereign, I am free I like to call upon those warriors of the light the other extensions of myself going on different time and space of parallel realities.

There are other parts of you going on in parallel realities that think, move, and make desitions. You can call upon the other extensions of yourself to become one unity consciousness on the Multiverse. You may look or have ten arms one leg or five eyes and four legs, either way, this is what you have consciously chosen to look like according to the vibrational planet within other universes you live in.

Your thoughts create continuous forms, breaking at the right angles of spherical geometry at the quantum level, like an orb born out of your mind infusing with life force given by your thoughts. Therefore, since your thoughts change every second, this causes your reality to always split, going on different timelines and creating all possible outcomes to every situation that can be equally real in a parallel Multiverse.

Meaning that your reality can be the one you desire if you understand how you are creating since other extensions of yourself are going on in parallel realities. Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don't want. Instead, use your imagination to create something you want.

The Multiverse is an infinite group of other vast universes comprising everything that exists; the entirety of space, time, matter, energy including the physical laws, the mathematical constants that describe them. Within layers and layers of multiverses in the vast sea of unlimited space beyond our observable Multiverse.

Other universes exist beyond our universe, having different laws of physics and consciousness. Therefore, life will be and looks accordingly to its own dimension.

Open your mind Divine souls on Earth, from many interconnected elements woven in space, time, and dimensions of the Multiverse, at a quantum level, you exist in parallel realities at the same time. Your reality is a probable future that branches in the woven Multiverse where other extensions of yourself can create variable outcomes by becoming separate realities, creating timelines and new worlds, new possibilities.

Although these seem to be a bit confusing, the point of departure is that you always are Divine and unlimited in the now reality of your choices. Your existence is different from anyone else since everyone can and does create a possible story based on a viable decision. Even if you think you live only one lifetime at the time by focusing on this reality.

So what does all of this mean?

It appears that we are living every possible life path, the unchosen decision ever made that is or could happen, meaning that every version of you exists out there. The concept of the infinite versions of yourself. That when you observe others instead of judging, labeling, criticize, or demise them.

Permit yourself in your heart and consider the possibility of you being that person. This process will change your perception, assisting you to become more compassionate to all that is different since probably you been that person that you try so hard to avoid; perhaps you will be in his/her shoes of that person you think you couldn't be.

When you call upon all your extensions of yourself or consider the possibility say, or state:

I humbly call to all the extensions of myself to reconnect, to become the one magnificent expression of the divine I am. I like you to merge with me from whenever I am existing or existing within the many parallel realities of myself of time and space. To transmute the agreements, spells, pacts, or anything preventing me from my success and divine will, to become abundant.

Please forgive me if my appearance could be frightening, as this is how I decided to portray myself at this time of my incarnation on Earth. As I will not be afraid of you, the other extensions of myself going on different worlds for that is how I embody myself in that reality and frequency of vibration where I exist.

I humbly call upon the life force that makes us one, to assist me in becoming once again the bountiful omnipotent love, to support our beloved Gaia with her ascension. This golden age is our most precious destiny as citizens of planet Earth for all that is good to become ONE UNITED human race.

Speak the following with the voice of your heart 12 times for 12 days, feel, imagine, or sense within all parts of your beingness says:

To all parts and extensions of myself, I am the integrated divine accreted consciousness of the ONE ascended in me at all times in safety, empowerment in love, consistency, and self-actualization I AM THIS I AM.

When someone says "I am that I am," one implies that God within, is outside of oneself, creating idolatry, unworthiness, all the lousy stuff religious indoctrination had taught you for their benefit.

Many blessings divine souls.

I love you, I do!

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