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Shri Mahavatar Babaji

This picture is one of the few authentic images of the Immortal Master Shri Mahavatar Babaji.


My nature is LOVE, for it is Love alone that can change the World.

Who is Mahavatar Babaji, the deathless Avatar?

Mahavatar means 'great incarnation or Avatar', and Babaji means 'Sacred Father.' Mahavatar Babaji is a respected and honored Ascended Master yogi. Mahavatar Sri Babaji Nagaraj, the deathless Avatar able to travel between Earth and other worlds. He was born: on November 30, 203 AD, in India. Make Babaji at least 2000 years old. Mahavatar Babaji is the name given to an Indian saint and yogi by Lahiri Mahasaya and several of his disciples who met Mahavatar Babaji between 1861 and 1935. It is being said that Babaji Incarnated as Lord Shiva.


Some of these meetings were described by Paramahansa Yogananda in his 1946 book Autobiography of a Yogi. According to Yogananda's autobiography, Babaji has resided for at least hundreds of years in the remote Himalayan regions of India, seen in person by only a small number of disciples and others. And very few people had the opportunity to meet and communicate with Babaji today.


The story of Lahiri Mahasaya, who received initiation into Kriya Yoga by the yogi Mahavatar Babaji in 1861, is recounted in Autobiography of a Yogi. The Kriya yoga system consists of a number of levels of pranayama, mantra, and mudra based on techniques intended to rapidly accelerate spiritual development and engender a profound state of tranquility and God-communion. The process of performing Kriya Yoga is claimed to lead to a certain purification of the blood, which frees up the life force to withdraw into the spine.


"Kriya Yoga is a simple, psychophysiological method by which the human blood is decarbonized and recharged with oxygen.

What is Ascension?

As the planetary body (Earth), or your body that evolves through this frequency Accretion, the energetic capsules within your Auric Field gradually undergo a transformation process. Ascension is not some lofty spiritual concept designed by the minds of man. It is a literal, tangible scientific process of the evolution of consciousness and biology within the laws of energy mechanics that apply to a multidimensional reality system.


One can go about One's human life with the consciousness confined to the limitations presently imposed by One's physical body, or One can learn the mechanics by which those limitations can be released and begin to experience the reality of freedom that is the comprehension yourself-as-soul. Whether or not One views ascension and multidimensional evolution as a reality while alive on  Earth. One will be directly faced with that reality once your consciousness has passed out of physical life and into the multidimensional framework.

What is Consciousness?

A popular misconception by the controlled sciences stated that consciousness is formed by the brain functions and thus ceases to exist at the death of the physical brain. This misconception illustrates that contemporary science remains oblivious about the knowledge of Morphogenetic Fields multidimensional reality, and the quantum structure each human can access.


This assumption creates a misinterpretation of available data through which manifest symptoms (the brain) are mistaken as the cause (consciousness). Humanity has lower vibrational energy, and blockages cannot draw and hold the frequencies from their Higher levels of consciousness. I.e., the Soul, Oversoul, Christos Avatar self, and Rishi levels. DNA activations were implemented and guided by; Mahavatar Sri Babaji, the Deathless Avatar.

Krishna and Babaji

The Divine realm extends to the earthy, but to the current time, illusory in nature, does not contain the essence of Reality.   

Mahavatar Babaji


Will set you free!

Mahavatar Babaji


There is no "One Way" set in stone for how the Creator works
!She is Infinitely Creative!

That is why they are very potent with immediate results on your quantum field reality compared to other DNA activations, why these activations are different from others because they are not wishful thinking or like Reiki practices.   Due to the distortions, one inherits at birth, humans never progress very much in their spiritual evolution and stay "phase-locked" into the 3-D physical reality, coming back again and again. And when you have distortions in your DNA template, you will also have distortions in your consciousness, cognition, understanding, and perception.

Until now, the ascension cycle offers humanity to wake up, but only one can choose how to ascend through the gates of consciousness. Once the open Star Gates on Earth for ascension close, they will reopen after 25 556 Earth years. DNA activations were taught and guided to become a new reality for humanity by  Mahavatar Sri Babaji Nagaraj. When Activating your DNA, I use Unified Field Physics from two Universes above our present Universe.

If one comes to doubt, I will give every reason to doubt. If one comes suspicious, I will give every reason to be suspicious, But if one comes seeking LOVE, I will show one more LOVE than one has ever known. 

Mahavatar Babaji

I have the honor and a pleasure to learn the Divine Cobra breathing from my beloved sister Solara An-Ra on our trip to Egypt. I love to share a video where she channels the Divine Essence of Babaji in her workshops.


If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will deplete you.

Jesus Christ

The soul had existed before one experienced a physical body. The soul is eternal and has been given to everyone; death is just a process of shifting consciousness; the soul will exist forever even when the body stops functioning. Get a free copy of The Awakening of The One Downloads from the 5th Dimensions.

The Awakening of the ONE Downloads from the Fifth Dimension..jpg

To learn more about Babaji, universal consciousness. Read Autobiography of a Yogi Yogananda's teaching is a beautifully written account of an exceptional life and a profound introduction to the ancient science of Yoga and its time-honored tradition of meditation.  This autobiography presents a  fascinating portrait of one of the great spiritual figures of our time. It inspires humanity to recognize the truth that one has a body but is a Soul'-ever free, indestructible,  deathless because One is birth-less. On March 7, 1952, the great guru entered mahasamadhi, a God‑illumined master's conscious exit from the body.  Understanding and implementing knowledge in this book will change your whole perspective and life. 

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