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Star Beings


I am Mut, Divine Mother Goddess.

I speak the LOVE language!

Divine humans, you are the Multiverse.

The Multiverse in which  Oneself find interconnected as ONE and from which one can not be separated. It is not by accident, nor chaos. It is organized and maintained by an Electro-dynamic field capable of determining the position and movement of all charged particles. The Multiverse has its orderly steps, such as the experiences we have to go through, to acknowledge that we all are ONE; we are part of the unlimited vastness of all. There are no coincidences; instead, synchronicities since all are organized and supported by an Electro-dynamic field within the quantum space of oneself reality. Yet, one is capable of changing the fate of the human race within one's belief potential and the power of the LOVE.

Starseeds beings on Erath

Starseeds are spiritually aware humans, having a strong connection to the divine creator. Starseeds are said to be old souls sent back to Earth to transform the world into heaven predicted after the end of time. Such persons may display spiritual gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, or clairsentience. They are able to read minds and others' emotions or see future events.




Arcturians believe in the Cosmic law of the ONE. They serve all universal -kind as stewards of love and light, the right use of will, and merging dualistic natures to inner peace. They share with willing civilizations how to integrate their forward-thinking proven belief systems and emotional stability to resolve conflicts. Arcturus is one of the most advanced civilizations in the Galaxy. Arcturians serve the Supreme Creative force and protect Life's sacredness throughout creation. They are in unison with a Council of Elders.

Arcturians are part of the Galacterian alignment and participate in the Melchizedek star seed program. Arcturian starseed on Earth used holographic healing to assist in creating templates for fifth and higher Dimensional experience and Ascension. They assist in attuning the heart and mind back to the Natural resonance frequency of light which assists the Ascension symptoms.


P L E I A D I A N S 


Pleiadians are a highly advanced frequency from the 5th-dimensional consciousness who believe the value of unity consciousness at their core. Pleiadians dominant frequency knowledge is to win, and that humanity is heavily influenced by many negative frequencies that may not be for the highest good of humanity. Pleiadians are committed to serving higher consciousness and use their intention to help block lower dominating frequencies such as war, hate, corruption, greed, and racism to provide us the best opportunity to shift one's awakening process ahead. They are spiritual warriors within their frequency, not in the sense of physical harm but empowering awakening of humanity's divine blueprint potentials. They are Masters at manifesting " thought-forms quickly into form matter."  However, here on Earth, the complex systems of beliefs and limited thinking challenge their Pleiadians family members incarnated on Earth to manifest, requiring a more substantial emotional base transmutation. Humans who have Pleiadian star seed lineage are masters who can manifest their desires.

When attuned to their chakras within their field, their natural state is mastering creativity and love of the 5th-dimensional realm. Their frequency filters some of the harsh energies on the Earth to buy us time to align with our higher thought-forms of being, knowing that we are pushing through the last years of the dark ages to enter the golden ages.


S I R I A N S 


S I R I A N S 


S I R I A N S 


Sirius Celestial Star Beings come from the star constellation of Orion and two stars known as Sirius A, and Sirius B. Sirius star beings are strongly linked to many ancient cultures from around the world. It is said that it is considered one of the most important stars to focus on and our evolution here on Earth. One of the more well-known is the Egyptian culture with connections to Osiris, Isis, and Horus. Ancient Egyptian temples were aligned to the star.


Human Syrians follow the Cosmic Law of the One. They are conscious of the higher self of metaphysical reality, the Oneness of all creations. They are aware that our true state is love, peace, light, and harmony. Some star nations call them blissful spiritual warriors. They align them to the universal spirit for spiritual sustenance, mind expansion, energy, and inspiration.


Although it might be tempting to think that the only reason for its great popularity was that it was the brightest star in the sky, there is much more to Sirius. Thousands of years ago, in ancient Egypt, a culture that observed the sky, the heliacal rising of Sirius coincided with the summer solstice. A heliacal rising occurs when a star, after being hidden by daylight for a period of time, can once again be seen shortly before sunrise. There exist different Sirians beings; Blue Sirians, Human Sirians, Titan Sirians; Titan Syrians are multi-dimensional beings; they interact between the veils planting stars of consciousness, concepts of cosmic wisdom, and knowledge into the mind gardens of evolving races. They tend to them like their own child, racing them into adulthood and their rightful place as sovereign beings.


Karistus, arguably are loving high frequency of the sixth dimension and above beings, the most advanced race and culture of the whole solar system having wings; they look like angels. They appear with wings and like to be seen as angels; the concept of angels on Earth partially comes from them. They explain that the Earth belongs to them, and it was their residence until invaders came along. Karistus is one of the most active races fighting in favor of humankind. Through the process of astral travel, one can see their crystal buildings.  Karistus dresses like Andromedans, very much in long ornamented tunics. Karistus beings have very long necks, almond-shaped eyes, light in color- almost white; according to Karistus mythology, all Lyrian people, now all over the Galaxy, are Karistus hybrids. That means you and I as well. They refer to this from a soul level, not just biology, and it is perfectly valid from their point of view. Karistus claimed the Earth because it used to be theirs, before the arrival of the Lyrians about 200 000 years ago. Another point is that Karistus see the Lyrians as them, that is to say, that the Karistus, according to their history, legends, and beliefs, is the origin of the Lyrian race.


No content from this site may be reproduced in any form without permission: blatantly copying parts or whole sections from my website. You will attraclow entities in your subconscious mind that will take, without permission, parts of yourself.

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