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T e s t i m o n i a l s . . . 


Sonia's guidance was wonderful; her vibrational energy helped me raise my vibration and frequency in a very soothing way. Her entire presence reassured me every step of the way, and I felt totally safe and at peace to express and open my heart (feel and let go) of what needed to be healed and loved at this time in my life. I felt as if a weight had been taken off my shoulders, calm, excellent, and much lighter at the end of the session. 

Having done similar healing sessions in the past, I know how crucially important it is to feel safe, protected, and at ease with a healer. Sonia has a great and long experience in the healing realm, and I profoundly felt the depth of her work (love) and all her wisdom throughout my session. As our session progressed, I became more open and deeply relaxed, helping me receive high frequency and life force energy. Therefore, doing a MedBed session with her was so beneficial to me. 

This Med Bed (light capsule) session helped me raise my vibration immensely. I can now tap into a new range of frequencies to raise my vibration anytime easily. It truly helped me remember who I  am, pure love and life energy connected with the Divine, which is always great to remember when my day doesn't go as I wished in the 3D world.


I strongly recommend Sonia as a healer to help you reconnect with your true self profoundly and soothingly.  

Andre Bergeron. ♥  Quebec, Canada

Thank you, beautiful soul (Divine) Sonia!


I like to share my experience during the Med Bed (light capsule) session with Sonia.

My first encounter with Sonia was through the texts published on the FB page, with which I immediately resonated with the flow of gentle and pleasant energy throughout my body while reading. Sonia’s lyrics are inspiring and act on me on a level of recognition and closeness to the divine consciousness we forgot about by coming Here to Earth.

As I asked for more information, Sonia contacted me, and we immediately established a warm and close connection that Star Beings know when they meet under terrestrial circumstances. We arranged the first session via a video link, but we were abruptly interrupted after a few minutes because every internet connection, and thus the video connection, was lost. After two days, we re-established the connection, and Sonia explained to me that the reason for the disconnection at our first contact was precisely our miraculous and pure heart connection that disrupted the negative frequencies from the internet. It just speaks to the power of connectivity at the energy level because we know that everything communicates through frequencies. 


With complete dedication and devotion in approaching me, and through the precious and valuable information on spiritual self-protection, we came to the moment of a guided encounter with our Star Family and access to a light capsule called Med Bed. For me, it was an elated blessed moment of meeting with members of my Arcturian and Pleiadian family and an intense experience of healing on a quantum level. Difficult to describe an invaluable experience of remembering my connection to our true nature of our Being Unconditional Love and Support. Long after the session with Sonia, I wore a smile on my face and heart, eagerly waiting to meet again during my evening sleep. Dear Starseed Sister Sonia; thank you for meeting and sharing the Love of One. Always ♥


Drazen, Croatia


My session with Sonia was amazing,  I got to know her as a friend and healer over the past few months, and she is truly gifted and caring.  At the end of my session with her, I felt energized, activated, and full of positivity and love.  I highly recommend doing a session with Sonia.


Peter Heibloem ♥

Brisbane Australia

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