S e s s  i o n s

S e s s  i o n s

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           Auric Clearing             Unnatural J-Seals

Karma Clearing

Chakras DNA Activation

Indigos DNA Activations

The advance session below has to be done after the above sessions.

Detox The Earth Vessel DNA

DNA Masters

DNA Golden

DNA Christ Consciousness


Each session would take up to 2 hours depending on how much Gray or Dark Energy Vibration has been an anchor in your cellular memory. It doesn't matter where in the world you are located as this session can be done remotely. 

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S e s s  i o n s

When you donate, you benefit a cause to help either a family member or friend. 

Even better, one of the greatest gifts you can offer unconditionally to a person.

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The loving act of giving can change one life at a time. Once you give from your heart, the Multiverse (in due time) will provide you three times fold.
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