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Love Is All!

The outer reflects the inner world. Did you know that 99% of experiences in one's reality are created at a subconscious level; if you are not getting what you want in Life, it is because all that is being projected from your subconscious mind is like the operating system of yourself manifested in every word, action, deeds, and thoughts one expresses.

All reality is a mirror projection of one's inner world; what you perceive as your external world reflects your inner world. If one separates, ignores, and attacks the outside world, it will do the exact same to you since the outside only acts as a mere reflection of self. A happy inner world makes for a happy outer world; a miserable inner world makes for a miserable outside world.

This is why you are divine perfection, a reflection of the one creator since you were made out of Divine material. Everything is Love, and when you understand the Divine meaning of LOVE. You will understand the big questions. Where do I come from? Why am I here?

Loving oneself takes away all harmful programs and regains Divine Sovereignty because one has understood the experiences and lessons from the past to create new ways of living by forgiving those who taught one to be the best version one can be. Gratitude and self-love can take many into the vortex of ascension without the negative experiences and programs. One wouldn't ever have become the Magnificent expression of God, creator of the Multiverse. Think of all the people, places, things, times, and events you might resent.

Whether you have an adopted or not family, unconditional  LOVE goes beyond genes. It is about sharing moments, overcoming challenges, and building lasting memories. Siblings are not determined by blood but by Love and the agreements they share with you. The bonds of Love that make a friend, a family member, and a beautiful side of Love are the best of all experiences in Life.

There is so much going on outside Earth that humans ignore so that you can live in a  free and abundant reality. Your Galactic families are fighting the battles against regressive ETs that went out of control. These divine beings have experience fighting the regressive dark ET and are defending organic souls and other planets where Life exists just as on Earth. 120,000 Angels and all Galactic beings of the Light are protecting their brothers and Sisters, saving as many organic souls as they choose, light or darkness.

Just as humans choose fear or Love simply as that, many of you choose to be here at this very time of ascension. Remember that out of pure Love, you choose to participate in the now reality as pure Divine soul consciousness being of Light you all are, regardless of the manipulated dream you are allowed to experience. These hypnotic programs manipulate your mind and make you forget that INDEED you are a pure Divine consciousness being of Light and ever will be.

Now,  many souls feel that they can't do anything to change the Matrix, which seems to be out of control. We understand your individual situations on Earth very well. This is why, behind the scenes, your Galactic families and Angels are engaged in preserving the precious lives of their families on Earth. YOU! Regardless of whether being brainwashed or not by believing in God or not. To love oneself no matter what is all One can do to assist Earth to shift into the Light.

Know that the mighty One God who created LOVE knows well what has been happening for millions of years on Earth. Until now, it is time for humans to take control of their lives and participate, not by waiting for a savior, to do what only each soul can. Be self-governing and Sovereign. We trust you can recognize fear is only a program to keep many small. Each individual mind can terminate it by remembering that you all decided to exist at this significant time in human history. Each soul decided to manifest and assist the Earth out of their omnipotent pure Love you all had when you decided to enter this planet. It was out of unconditional Love that you are here right now.

Remember Divine Souls, remember.!

We trust in your ability to no longer participate in the manipulations of the controllers and for each soul to strengthen and continue to be patient. And allow yourselves to feel and be in Love for any reason.

For example, feel grateful and loved that you may have a family, puppy, cat, or other beautiful creature waiting for you to return home daily. Feel how you love to shower or have a coffee after or before work. Love the feeling of having someone in your Life. Instead of offering a gift for Christmas to your friends and families, perhaps offer the gift of forgiveness and practice for two weeks daily and tell yourself;

Divine Spirit, higher self, or divine God source, I am,  forgive me for any hurt I had caused others, from the beginning of time until this moment, whether I realize I have hurt others or not.

Divine Spirit, higher self, or divine God source; I am, I forgive myself for any hurt I have caused myself, from the beginning of time until now, whether I realize I hurt myself or not.

I am now free to forgive and release myself and others of any negative obligation I have had with them.

Repeat at least once a day, either before sleep or after waking up for two weeks daily, and experience the miracles that follow with your being grateful. Express yourself out of Love for the simplest of things regardless of their size, for breathing, being alive, having a family, having food and a place to live, etc. Let go of the fear that troubles your mind and choose an existence based on the power of Love to remember that only the simplest act of kindness and Love will create waves of Light, raising the consciousness of all that is.

Love may also be expressed in compassionate and affectionate actions towards oneself, other humans, and all sentient beings. In its various forms of expression, Love acts as a primary facilitator of interpersonal relationships and, owing to its central psychological importance, is one of the most common themes in the creative arts since Love has been postulated to be a function that keeps human beings together against menaces and to facilitate the continuation of all species.

Understand that everything that can happen is happening simultaneously in what you would call other timelines. But they are not timelines anymore. The higher the understanding and perception of the densities a consciousness is, the more influence it will have on its thoughts and actions, on the whole, exponentially. It also implies that you acquire progressively more responsibility for what is happening relative to a person.

Everything else emanates from their mind as a single person or group. Everything is scalar but in a big way. So this means that the good also has an equal chance of coming out. But since what happens is the reflection of the human mind, each individual has the power to create the magnificent world one has dormant, waiting to become a new reality. One can't expect the evil that created the problem to run its course. But have the courage to take responsibility for one's own daily actions.

In other words, their limitation of seeing as "I am not that today, maybe tomorrow" sets the perspective of one's limitation. But remember that this is part of the illusion, if not the illusion itself because when the body ceases to exist, the soul continues its journey; remember, if one takes care of the vessel one chooses, it will only become the magnificent expanded love expression that creates realities, worlds, and  Universes in a probable new future as the now individual, existence of I am omnipotent Love.

Love encompasses a strong bond to all made of Love; the feeling of positive emotional and mental states is the most sublime virtue or a good habit to entertain in one's Heart and live by with the realization that One is proof that Love is real. Loving oneself is the deepest interpersonal affection one can offer for the most uncomplicated truth: I am Love!

Love's virtue represents human kindness, compassion, affection, respect, unselfishness, loyalty, and benevolent concern for the good of self to another. Understanding and making clear to yourself that the whole world outside of you is a carbon copy of expressions of your inner self, the world is the only way, though, it's you, the one who can constantly monitor Who You Are and who you have become what within so without if you like or dislike something within, it will appear as a holographic manifestation or situation outside of you.

Our most sincere Love and respect to you all, Divine beings of the Light; our trust is heartfelt intentions for you to remember Who you really are. It is not what you have become, taught by the programs of the Matrix, but rather what you are made of and why you decided to be here at this significant time in human history. We, your divine families, trust that you are the LOVE warrior and help the Earth be the best version of your Heart Love desires at all times; this is how each soul can assist the collective.

The media, news, and TV manipulation programs will continue pulsing fear; remember that only you are responsible for letting it go and clearing the fear within the mind since the fear program no longer exists as per God's source; it has been removed from the entire Multiverse. Choose the reality your Heart desires, as this is your free will to become part of the ascension or descension. No one else can choose it but you.

The good news is that the entire planet Earth and all its inhabitants are receiving a rare form of higher-energy neutrinos. Neutrino energy mostly passes through all matter; billions of neutrinos pass through your body every second. This energy is powerful enough to reactivate parts of your brain, allowing you to clear the toxins imposed to prevent optimum neuron activity by the regressive beings. This part of the brain enhances and facilitates access to psychic abilities like remote viewing, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairaudience, and a connection to God's Source.

At the Quantum level of ascension reality, all is experienced. Love is all there is; therefore, Earth is no longer cursed by the utterance intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm to humans by those evil departed, irreparable humans who devoted themselves to darkness. Moreover, Love will attract Love energy, and money is energy as well; there is no longer a curse of gold and money.

When one lets go of the outside manipulation of negative programming and focuses on having unlimited power, which Source God has been little by little sent to all Earth's inhabitants and named as the awakening of consciousness, one is able to do anything. In other words, when one focuses on omnipotent and benevolent self-love, the reality of shifting one's consciousness from 3D into 5D will depend on the amount of Love vibrational resonance one can express and feel daily.

The choice is one only: FEAR or LOVE. Fear will kill you, Love will set you free, and God can be felt as an omnipotent self-LOVE. Remember, when you love, the entire Multiverse will love you back. We know you are tired of all the suffering and destruction around Earth. 

Remember Love and Peace, as in so much you could wrap yourself with it as a warm blanket. Whatever one wants, or needs is instantly always manifested if one uses the right heart frequency to manifest one's desires. In a manner that you don't need anything because you are everything.

You are the planet, just as much a Divine material as stars; you are every little creature, big and small; one is part of the all simultaneously. Be all that simultaneously completes you. Every memory of time and space completes you, and you are aware of it all because it's all happening as there is no time. You just are. No words suffice to tell you that YOU ARE DIVINE BEING OF THE LIGHT.

Raising one's consciousness and understanding makes one's thinking produce progressively higher and higher scalar effects on the collective. Therefore, working and improving oneself strengthens the Sovereign self. Know how to maneuver when adversity or danger arises against you and your loved ones. In other words, lower density doesn't even come close to you when one's vibration is higher.  

Let the Majestic Christ's consciousness light within your Divine hearts to remember and grow to Full Stature, to make contact with your Galactic heritage, a new way of living among us, a higher density love consciousness! We salute Thee by the Sign of the Heart and Head, accepting the Fullness of Thy. Mighty Power made manifest in the hearts of the people of the world. We accept the Fullness of the Light and Its illuminating Presence within the Heart and mind of each one, surging forward with such intensity that It carries.

The courage and strength of the Warriors of Light for everyone to make the needed conscious effort will enable the "Mighty I AM Presence" to raise the atomic structure into its Full Divine Love and enlightenment.

Love, be Loved, forgive, we love you very much!

We are you, Higher Dimensional Beings!



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