Beloved men and woman on planet earth,

You may be wondering like so many other souls on earth, particularly in this time where your consciousness seems to be aware that there are more of you to be expressed. Perhaps what is the answer to the great question; Why am I here? The answer is simple and it is in your heart just listen. Well dear hearts I like to enlighten the topic by sharing the following; There are many of you living and traveling in different stages of awakening consciousness, to enable the Multidimensional frequencies encoded within your precious DNA. Perhaps to remember what you already know and forgot. You all are precious earthlings within, know this as a fact, you possess many secrets within the depths of your b

People of the blue planet,

Do you know what time it is? It is time to wake up! Many souls around our planet are experiencing physical symptoms, labeled as “awakening signs” this awakening journey is a spiritual one; it belongs neither to any specific belief system, dogma or religion. It is time to begin a journey to live the truth, a journey that you are about to embark on is about LOVE. First of all love for yourself, then love radiant out to everyone and everything that breathes. It is when you decide to awake a leap of faith that someone or something greater than your limited awareness somehow reveals the meaning of life and all your existence to you. That revelation happens, and the moment that this happens, you w

Have a Blessing Solar eclipse!

Divine souls on earth, Let us reunite with all those who are bringing peace and harmony and freedom throughout the world. Follow the path of the heart this is the moment to make unconditional peace in the whole world. Each of you can contribute with just thinking that today is the day we unite as a human race to free ourselves from all that limits us, the desire to be oneself. Express your firm intentions of world peace and brotherhood until you can feel this harmony in your hearts. Every thought, word, and action are changing the reality in which we are all part, use this precious power that is in your heart, it is here that the light of the creator of the Multiverse lives within you, withi

Having a new perspective,

Many earthlings believe that those with psychic abilities allow them to tune into the other side therefore, they can be seeing or think by others of being different or special. Dear hearts on earth, everyone has these abilities because all of you are spiritual beings, but some are more aware of it than others. That is all to it! Many have chosen to shut down their psychic abilities out of fear, having been burned at stake for using them in some chapter of their past life. Personal, I been there like many others going on that type of reality. Others do not believe this is real. Therefore many choose to un- manifest their psychic abilities into absence, and we say this beloved hearts on earth.

Divine humans of planet earth,

When you are listening and allow synchronicities to bring you guidance, it proves that you are ready to move in the direction of your desires not by chance, rather by allowing your subconscious to bring that which is important to you. When you less expect, that which is important to you will be presented to you, by you. It is not coincidental, but somehow this process of manifestation it has been overlooked or over analyzed by many. Synchronize moments are magical, powerful and they do not often appear but for a brief moment in a person life, and sometimes when a person ignored it will disappear from the field. Many dear heart souls on earth will later remember this synchronicity or have aha

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