Divine hearts, you are the Multiverse

The Multiverse in which we find yourselves interconnected as ONE and from which we can not be separated. It is not by accident, nor chaos. It is organized and maintained by an Electro-dynamic field capable of determining the position and movement of all charged particles. The Multiverse has its orderly steps, such as the experiences we have to go through, to acknowledge that we all are ONE; we are part of the unlimited vastness of all. There are not coincidences instead, synchronicities since all is organized and supported by an Electro-dynamic field within the quantum space of oneself reality. Yet, oneself is capable of changing the fate of the human race within one's believe potential and

Activate the Warrior Essence,

Divine man and woman on planet earth, the time is now where you all will be tested, perhaps the most difficult of all times. The chaos going around the world, each one has to experience it, either physically or as the observer. Be kind, respectful, with your thoughts and actions among your human brothers and sisters, observe, stay away from media, news, and drama. Send love and compassion to all your human fellows, the animals, the Earth. The perilous time those in control are creating has to be acknowledged and experienced by all. There is no need to point fingers to blame others instead. Understand, we ALL have to see, feel, and experience the turmoil of the now reality. This reality is gu

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We are One,  free, Unconditional , we love you...

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