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Light language,

We are all made of light and travel this way as the first stage to incarnation, within the process of light the sounds come, and can be experienced in many ways. No need to label it, since this is the language of the Multiverse light force within all.

The sound light frequency of nature happens, when the birds sing to the trees, the trees with their trillion cells share this light language with the grass, the flowers and it all goes in circles. From mother earth up, and from above, down below mother earth.

Gaia knows how to share this light language of Omni love, as a beautiful lake view, filled with all sorts of shades and colors. A sunset, a night full of stars, the warm or cold wind recognized, the fire of the sun caressing as a gentle heat. These all are light language to me.

Each one of the expressions of the four elements share their best expression in the form of earth, water, air, and fire etc. When quiet the mind, the air whispers that I am love, caressing each part of my soul.

Together the earth and the sun create a symphony of light, sound expressions, and colors of wonderful vibrations.

Wake up dear hearts, remember when you were in the womb, you learn with your heart, the most sublime and delicate light language. You were and are nurtured withing the process of each age and stage of your life rebirth. You are the expressions of light language and always eternal.

Remember dear hearts; you are part of the most magnificent creation of the Multiverse. Within you is the key. Remember why you are here, and where are you going.

Trust in your heart, and you will know; how to see, feel, taste, smell and speak the light language. To communicate with our galactic families as for they all speak the light language.

We are not different from one to another; we are just located in different versions of time and space within the multiverse of the now reality.

Because without skin, we all have the same flesh, without the flesh, we all have the same bones, and when we go deep within the bones. Light is the frequency force that holds the physical form of the body; the body that feels more comfortable in the reality of resonance in relation to sound and light vibration.

Light is free, so it is you, light is a Multidimensional, so it is you, the Universal language that connects us all with our star families. We all are beings made from the light of the creator of the multiverse.

My interpretation of light language is all that I can be, I am you, and you are me, there is no difference as we all are ONE.

See, taste, feel, sense, touch, listen to the frequency of light vibration from your heart. I thought you like to remember divine souls. Remember you are love. Therefore light is the most beautiful expression of you. From my heart to your hearts.

Thank you for listening.


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