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People of the blue planet,

Do you know what time it is?

It is time to wake up! Many souls around our planet are experiencing physical symptoms, labeled as “awakening signs” this awakening journey is a spiritual one; it belongs neither to any specific belief system, dogma or religion.

It is time to begin a journey to live the truth, a journey that you are about to embark on is about LOVE. First of all love for yourself, then love radiant out to everyone and everything that breathes.

It is when you decide to awake a leap of faith that someone or something greater than your limited awareness somehow reveals the meaning of life and all your existence to you. That revelation happens, and the moment that this happens, you will KNOW dear hearts.

Be determent like never before to find the answers that whisper in the deeps of your precious heart, the mysteries of human life, to open your mind, to unlock the knowledge for full awakening and alignment.

DNA Activations re-calibrate a person DNA to become aware of how the body moves through space and activating grace and fluidity of movement through the awakening of the divine consciousness. For more feel free to visit:

Without commitment, the soul will eventually fall asleep again. Divine souls on earth understand that when you are truly ready, the wisdom you seek will find you. Trust use your intuition is free, and it is inside each one, the word intuition means teaching from within.

The vibration of love and the desire for peace that has been projected into the field of consciousness that connects all of the humanity has ignited the signs of awakening with you.

However, what you choose to do about these feelings has been left completely up to you. The basic rule in our creation is absolute freedom of choice, so you tell yourself, what you will CHOOSE?

It is important to understand what vibration is. Everything LIVING or inanimate VIBRATES everything has its own vibration rate.

Albert Einstein’s equation, E= MC2 states that mass and energy are different forms of the same thing.

Esoteric thought teaches that we are light whose speed of vibration has been slowed to create physical human bodies or mass.

Our higher selves are that portion of the light from which our physical selves originated and remains connected. This light that we all know, we called the SOUL.

With persistence and dedication, you will begin to see the full light, speed, and power of your being.

Moreover, as your knowledge increase, so will your feelings of harmony love and peace.

Attention must be pay: we know that what you think you become and therefore, love is the key!

Thank you for listening

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