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Having a new perspective,

Many earthlings believe that those with psychic abilities allow them to tune into the other side therefore, they can be seeing or think by others of being different or special. Dear hearts on earth, everyone has these abilities because all of you are spiritual beings, but some are more aware of it than others. That is all to it!

Many have chosen to shut down their psychic abilities out of fear, having been burned at stake for using them in some chapter of their past life. Personal, I been there like many others going on that type of reality. Others do not believe this is real. Therefore many choose to un- manifest their psychic abilities into absence, and we say this beloved hearts on earth.

We love you very much, all of you for being brave and be here on planet earth at this magnificent time in human history.

Some other dear hearts have chosen to block their psychic abilities in order to fully concentrate on certain life lessons chosen for completion in this lifetime. While others are simply not evolved enough, to handle these gifts responsibly, therefore, their Higher Self has temporarily blocked to protect them. Those who we are ready to assist these divine souls on a safe journey are here right now, in a way we are the way-makers for all those who are awakening from a very similar history of density.

No one is obliged to participate in something that is not within their vibrational frequency; however is to let the heart vibration and recollection of past lives push so that each of us can fulfill our mission which ever this may be. For many could be a mission in which a day before entering and be part of the earth cognition, one chose to help the beautiful human race in their ascension like never before.

There are not many awaken spiritual beings in comparison of how many inhabitants the earth. These souls have remembered their spiritual journey in the now reality. When one does something within the power of the heart, is not to seek for retribution, nor fame instead by allowing oneself to ignite the mighty essence that the creator of the Multiverse bestows in each and all of us as an individual expression of the one heart of all.

Open your minds beloved people of the earth! In order for our Spaceship call blue planet or Earth to prosper to the uppermost magnificent reality, those who understand why are here can assist Gaia reality since everything is connected with everything else.

The pure heartfelt vibration of one soul can change and entire planet.

Together we can function as one unity consciousness, and become increasingly ONE so that no one can tell us apart because we will have become as ONE.

Do what is in your hearts beloved earthlings, for a new earth reality.

Thank you for listening from my heart to your heart.

Always, Sonia

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