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Dear people on earth,

When you allow your heart and your mind to become one peaceful unit without the ego, the label of anything. Then you had made a clear conscious choice, for example; a rose always would be a rose you cannot say a rose is beautiful or a dandelion is ugly becauseeverything is made of the light shape and Christ consciousness.To allow unlimited knowingness you most, allow all your thoughts to enter your heart and into your brain consciousness unaltered by labels or expectations or ego and judgment. Every time you judge your thoughts, you are creating that vibration.

When you divide your thoughts to where they have a positive or negative, you have altered into a low vibration frequency value. Knowingness does not judge anything, and when you know, you know! Because you are using the neuron nets connection from source directly into your heart and from your heart into the expression of knowingness in Its pure potential because is without judgement.

When you know, you know, yet many of you dear earthlings always want to know more, to find why and to know more. This will take you to and endless sea of a confusing process of wanted to know more. All of your thoughts in the first place are true and correct. Knowing does not weight or value thought.

I am not talking about the Matrix programs; I am not talking about the 3D, this time and space you most know that has been set to controlling your mind into not knowing.

Allow your thought process to be pure without an interception or interrupted to be able to see another plane of existence, to listen the finer sound, to become lighter. All you are is what you know; you are multidimensional unlimited and pure consciousness just trust your heart!

So you can fully experience life in its pure essence, to understand that the component of a rose is a magnificent structure to the point of altering your brain waves and senses that are the true language of light. And only when observing that you can communicate with the rose colors, shapes scented and soul by just observing and allowing the rose make its statement you will know.

You can allow in the same way all the experiences that your body communicates to you. It is through that conscious mind that you will make a connection with you. It all starts first, with you entire essence of beingness before you do experience the Conscious mind of the whole.

Allow your thoughts to enter your heart to awaken your consciousness, unaltered by your ego or judgment so you can fully experience yourself multidimensional expression of yourself. When you chose love over the labels of your conscious programs you unlimited yourself because you allow new thoughts that match your heart vibration.

Learn to see all around you with the eyes of love the rose is doing what it stated will do, a conscious choice to grow in and die in a short period of life, yet the rose did express its most sublime expression of herself for those observing or listening ready to receive this magnificent expression.

If a rose can achieve what many are not able to comprehend why don’t you? Therefore you will see all things as equal and only different in degree of Christ consciousness expression, the idea is to allow yourself to experience unlimited consciousness beyond the everyday reality. By continue texting your cell phone you will continue to damage the neuron nets of your brain and having only a small retention or patience that is why no many are able to meditate for more than 10 minutes.

When you allow yourself to be and go beyond the everyday existence when you understand why is the reason for you to be here when you accept that you are YOU. And not by judging yourself or hate yourself or others, you will understand that we are all components of a greater UNIT going at different stages of perfection, the one self-expression of the ONE.

Love everything, love your family, love friends, love those earthlings that are not open for change or don’t understand ascension even if they say they do.

When you let go self-judgement, you allow yourself not to judge others; then you can accept that it is neither right nor wrong, possible nor impossible, perfection nor imperfection, positive or negative these are the programs you are operating from. When you accept yourself as you are, the illusion of time will fade you will be able to feel the beauty of being alive here, and now, your thoughts will cease to be in the past or the future preoccupied with remorse.

Be before you are!

Where ever you go, whatever you do, and feel and desire will come to you by being open to isness, so open your mind precious souls on earth. When you love and accept yourself as you are right now, only then the fear you host for thinking that those, who are about to come from afar planets are scary.

Understand that when you awake your heart consciousness; you will be able to accept, that your family from the stars traveling in great aero-ships have an incredible beauty, love and unity consciousness. They understand the importance of being ONE; they are here to teach us ONENESS instead of separation.

Allow yourself to understand your abilities, to befriend another time and space of the 5D (fifth dimension). Or beings from afar a galaxy, that is why you most open your mind to be able to change your way of thinking in striving to become greater than you already ARE each day, because you are here, right now and there is not tomorrow.

I am you, you are me, I am everything, and everything is me, we all are ONE.

Thank you for listening dear hearts,


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