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Travel safe!

The Merkabah is an electromagnetic version of you and your vehicle to travel. It is part of your spiritual energy, reflecting on your mental and physical version of yourself, incarnated as a human on our beloved mother, Gaia.

It is important to know that the more you love yourself and others the more you will remember. Beloved humans, you are very special, you are divine creation, your body have an ability to adjust within your conscious awareness into a higher state of awareness, for now in short periods of time.

Each day as you focus on who you really are and let go the drama of the 3D Third dimension and those controlling your mind through TV, cellphones News, etc. As you disconnect from, this social media, your perception of reality will expand to incorporate multidimensional awareness, of your divine being.

You all as humans possess a multidimensional consciousness to travel; you must use your Merkabah to protect your human earth body. Once you understand the importance, when your journey into the Merkabah energy you will determine where you go, what you see and how you get to communicate with, for now, you are capable of doing so through your dreams, remember your Merkabah energy is a reflection of you the Human.

Every thought, action, feeling, and experience of your human life combines to create an energy; this is your Merkabah vehicle. Be patient; love yourself and others much more, without judgment or prejudice and with all the unconditional love within your heart you will journey safe and well. You will learn to be true to your inner most version of yourself as the light frequency with respect, honor and Omni love. I wake up traveling on my Merkabah! I like to share this wonderful video I came across. It reminds me my travels around the planets of our galaxy. Enjoyed many blessings from my heart to your heart Namaste!

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