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Activate the Warrior Essence,

Divine man and woman on planet earth, the time is now where you all will be tested, perhaps the most difficult of all times. The chaos going around the world, each one has to experience it, either physically or as the observer.

Be kind, respectful, with your thoughts and actions among your human brothers and sisters, observe, stay away from media, news, and drama. Send love and compassion to all your human fellows, the animals, the Earth. The perilous time those in control are creating has to be acknowledged and experienced by all. There is no need to point fingers to blame others instead.

Understand, we ALL have to see, feel, and experience the turmoil of the now reality. This reality is guiding all to the collective awakening of humanity; the awakening can be subtle or painful in order to ascend and transcend TOGETHER as ONE human consciousness.

The Arcturians said;

When all beings on Earth understand the language of light within,

These processes will allow them to connect with the Creator of all sentience beings and other Cosmic Nationals of God Light Frequency.

It is then we all access new knowledge and technology to free ourselves in Peace, Harmony, and Love for all!

TOGETHER as one human consciousness, let us reactivate the essence of the warrior and reclaim our right for true freedom, to become a warrior is not because you can fight and kill. Nobody has the right to take another life. The pure essence of the warrior is one who takes action himself or herself for the good of others.

The essence of the warrior is to take care of the elderly, the defenseless, all creatures, and those who can not provide for themselves and above all the CHILDREN, the future of humanity and the world.

When you involve on what is going on, be mighty is your sovereignty that has to take place by sharing information, signing petitions, and find solutions to revoke those in high positions, instead of projecting negative frequencies and chaotic vibrations to whomever.

Understand that every person's men and woman, good or bad, are a mere reflection of each other. Do not hate anybody, no matter how difficult this will be, because when you do so, you are doing it to yourself.

Sticking together to win, signing demands using the intelligence of your hearts is the key to ascension. BEWARE that ascension is not a place where we would be moving the way we are conducting right now to each other. Remember someone somewhere is always watching us, and the time of being sovereign is now with your actions, with your thoughts, with your LOVE.

Ponder on this; ascension is not a physical relocation where few will move; ascension is a state of MIND from which WE ALL manifest our reality.

Every time a thought, a voice, a feeling expresses, it creates new probable realities. Understand that the magnifying glass of the now reality will MAGNIFY anything one's entertaining, either consciously or subconsciously. The more fear one hides within thy, the more one projects to all, and just so the more thy feels love's, the more one will transmute the wrong since love is REAL will project into the probable reality of the quantum space of the now reality of the world.

Do not take this lightly; the frequency of one individual can transmute and change the reality of the entire world. You are a divine essence and pure potential, you are everything, and everything is you!

Within one's heart, the power to create new realities for the betterment of humanity and to all that breathes, and respires in the Air, Water, Earth, and Fire, exists and it is REAL. You all are magnificent and powerful creators.

The key is to reemerge and emanate a consciousness base on love for yourself and others, to value yourselves. Beloved mighty starseeds and warriors, remember that you chose to come here to assist Gaia on this specific ascension time; remember your sovereignty.

You are always in control, assist and love mother Gaia, all the living, pray for those departed souls, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

When one individualizes within the Absolute, All-Pervading Life, one chooses one own free will to become and intensify individual, focus on self-conscious love intelligence.

Love is the magnificent living force of the Creator of all sentience beings in the Multiverse! Be thankful, honor the right now, man, woman, and children around the world, including you are changing the trajectory of the world into a new reality, of freedom, joy, peace, and true abundance for all.

We would never robe you the experience of the now, for that you will never understand and value of your sovereignty; therefore, this is your test. You all are love and support; you are not alone; it is within your hearts; you will find the answers.

TRUST the voices of your hearts, as one suppose to experience fear. How can one move into the light without knowing and appreciate that all one is going through has taken you to this moment, do not give up!

Divine souls on Earth, forget not, that the reality of the now and every moment can be overridden when one to another feels sufficiently love, your hearts are all, one has, to transmute the now reality.

LOVE is the only REAL frequency that can transcend time and space, and love can be used to transmute everything going on right now in the world. Please understand that it is with your compassion and loving frequencies, your intent, will triumph, send LOVE always to all experiencing difficulties around the world.

I love you, divine souls, I do!

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