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We got this; we are free,

What happens on Earth will free the other planets where humans and other interstellar beings were slave prisoners. So you see nothing going on on Earth compared to other planets outside Earth's experience. Fortunately, Source creator and all the interstellar beings of light are working together behind the scenes to merge us all with the new era of the Golden liquid light, including six neighbors planet now free. We all need to heal the wounds and scars of deception and psychological abuse by forgiving Ourselves in the first place before forgiving others.

One cannot introduce an object, person, or situation from a higher frequency to another without also creating a reason why that person, object, or situation exists in a lower frequency in the first place. In other words, nothing extraterrestrial from 5D can exist as such in 3D Consciousness. This is why One must work to raise their frequency in a permanent resonance such as 5D Consciousness. This explains why some humans can interact with star families; therefore, Star beings will not show or impose themselves without the Consciousness of the One as one of UNITY, a resonance of unconditional Love. Understand that 5D cannot exist in 3D must change its frequency. Since 5D includes 3D, the reason why something can be transported from 3D to 5D is already built into its mathematics and probable realities, but reversing 5D into 3D is not possible, like some governments pretend that spaceships appear in the sky; in a 3D consciousness to save us? Another narrative of manipulation. Because, as we have explained before, 3D does not include 5D, it lacks the energetic mathematical dynamics that form it.

It is time to wake up and take charge by becoming self-governed and sovereign. How can anyone ever expect to make contact with star beings when one has not made peace with the entire 3D world? Remember, the bad guys are doing their part and chose their dark side and will continue doing wrong till the end, just as many of us will continue doing good deeds till the bad guys are gone, which is very, very soon; trust in your heart. One most transitioned the beliefs implanted since infancy and trust in the language of light within each of your precious Hearts; yes, humanity sadly doesn't know how powerful they are.

The timeline we all knew existed when each One decided to incarnate at this precious time of the liberation and celebration of humanity's multidimensional true essence is NOW. Just as a source intended for us to be on, the restoration of Aria, the new Earth, is taking place at the same time as Terra and Midgard (these two are other versions of our beloved Earth), happening at the same timeline as ours. Many are awakening daily and have no clue about transitioning step by step into the light as part of ascension. Know that Mother Earth will not leave behind her children unless they choose to give up on themselves out of fear or willingly.

Be ready to let go of the 3D Matrix; you have to do the work before you can even perceive the 5D; This is to learn to listen and to awaken the green chakra flame of unconditional Love based on forgiveness and Love.

The fear program will continue creating lower density of the 3D only. Stopped believing in the narratives of desperation going on all social media as they fall apart. They are desperate to get the money invested in VAX… Dint' expect that many humans woke up to the truth of jabbing. This is why their Monkey Business mischievous and deceitful behavior is now to get many on the dark side of the 3D Matrix with the excuse of monkeypox going on, which is nothing else than more lies. They want to create new fear to get as many VAX; beware, this One is about to make anyone who allows it to become sterile and disconnect anyone from source creator. Everyone is being guided through the frequency illusion, which is why holding your frequency in a balanced frequency is so important right now. Take control of your essence of light and darkness, learn to live with both, and make peace with yourself.

Did you know why batteries have positive and negative charges? Electrons are negatively charged, so they will be attracted to the positive end of a battery and repelled by the negative end. When the battery is hooked up to a device that lets the electrons flow through it, they flow from the negative (anode) to the positive (cathode) terminal. The same principle of a battery with – and + happens to all when deciding to enter this incarnation. For example, How can it be that a person can have negative polarity only and will have never been able to decide or understand the positive polarity? In other words, free will to choose is based on the principles of Consciousness, which means that many humans have chosen dark instead of light.

The Yin and the Yang have the negative and positive polarity principle like two fishes constantly circulating going around each other on the alternation of life involved in a constant challenge. The white lives as light, and the black lives as the absence of light, one trying to win over the other, but what happens when we learn to love ourselves for who we indeed are? Instead, when each other Yin and Yang learn to live as one, it is then the awakening happens. Knowing that one cannot live without the other but together are enlightened by becoming ONENESS. The 5D Matrix is nothing like the 3D here on Earth; the forces of darkness and light exist in everyone inhabiting Earth. Do not deny the process of light and darkness is part of each, and all this process is referred to as Satori.

S a t o r i

Satori 悟 Chinese: 悟; pinyin: wù; Vietnamese: ngộ is a Japanese - Buddhist term for awakening, "comprehension; understanding." It is derived from the verb Satoru. In the Zen Buddhist tradition, Satori refers to the experience of kenshō,

" Seeing into one's true nature."

Ken means "seeing," shō means" nature" or "essence." Satori and kenshō are commonly translated as Enlightenment. Only the present can free you from the past; your future has not yet happened. How could you access the NOW? Perhaps it is the most powerful key moment you can create NOW. Observing and experiencing the present moment (The Now) will liberate your Consciousness from thought forms.The absence of Consciousness is when you let your thoughts control you, and by letting it happen, you become a huge human thought-creating machine. What One, do not want? Perhaps one moves by the thoughts created, the mind will manipulate YOU, and the Now will be pushed aside in your mind – therefore, the now will not exist in your mind.

One cannot help oneself consciously since each morning till, before sleep, the mind immediately starts thinking and creating thoughts, and by doing so, one thought starts running inside your head and perhaps out of control. This is a loss of one's ability to control the thought process. One can and creates things that have not happened yet, almost like in a movie, each time one lets the thoughts take control. Instead, STOP thinking and OBSERVE this process. Take control of your body and work together. It will help you to root yourself in the Now. This will be similar to a relaxed day when you have no expectations and take your time to do things or observe what is happening in front of you because you had neither preconceived expectations nor let your thoughts control you. This would be something that perhaps you may experience on the weekends.

One can glance at a beautiful moment, scenario, people, and action just by being in the observing mode of "NOW moment." One could experience the self-energy field or someone else's energy, a funny or tingling feeling inside the body, or any other physical sensation because one is experiencing the present moment of the NOW. And if one gradually continues to access the Now moment, ONE will become free from thoughts out of control; therefore, One can experience the different dimensions within. When Consciousness frees itself from its identification with physical and mental forms, it becomes what we call pure Enlightenment, Consciousness, or Presence.

Know this in your heart; beloved humans, you got this, you made it; it is over; you are free; what are you doing instead to help others? The light of 5D Earth is coming down more and more to assist the process of awakening, and with each day, the energy of the Divine Sun shares the light codes. Ascension is happening within your heart, not out of you. It is time to let go of all you think you know regarding cultures, science, politics, and religions. Everything one is in a 3D consciousness matrix is a lie based on fear and control.

When one chooses to let go of what is controlling your attention and believe that Love is your compass. One shifts frequency into the fifth-dimensional Consciousness of ascension happening right now (THE LOVE FREQUENCY). One will understand the importance of raising one frequency and not one's vibration. Raising one's vibration will keep one trapped in the drama of the 3D.

Raising one's frequency will propel oneself into the 5D within. The ripple effect of Love projecting from One's heart every hour, then again till the next hour, and experience the world miracles, so to speak, happening in front of you—NO more 3D manipulation. Choosing to take the red pill instead of the blu will continue to manipulate you to anchor oneself into the 3D matrix program. If you want to win the game, stop playing the 3D program narratives game, and stop waiting for others to save you. None of the nonhuman clones ruling the Earth will stop their none sense. Clones lack the Love for all that is. There is no life that can be free in their 3D program. Earth has already shifted to the 5D, understand the god particle you are made from is pure and unconditional Love, and Love is deep inside your DNA blueprint. That being said, do not consent to another round of chemicals to distort your DNA consciousness via inoculation. It is official that the freedom of Planet Earth and Other planets are taking their course for this last timeline. The time to restore and heal all that breathes and respires in the Air, Water, Fire, and Earth is now.

The principle of life, feeling, thought, and action in humans is regarded as a distinct entity separate from the body and commonly held to be separate from the body. The spiritual part of humans is distinct from the physical part, the light essence, animating principle, the spiritual principle embodied in humans, and spiritual beings, or the Multiverse. This is the real meaning of a soul.

Congratulation to all belove Humans

As per the appointed Earth Guardian informed seventy-two hours ago, all the archives completed their Global rounds of releasing all of the agreements and new registrations, such as you and no one else is in control of your soul. Humanity is free from the dark that controls their souls, including governments, religions, cults, and cultural movements. Free will is the most respected law in the Multiverse; free will is one decision that belongs to each, even if many ignore it. It means that no one has the RIGHT TO GOVERN any soul.

A most sincere expression of praise to all, on August the eight, Lions Gate will open its gate of Enlightenment attunement for oneself sovereignty. The vitality to claim one's Divine right to all sentient beings on and out of Earth, the light essence to override all darkness against all souls. Celebrate with dignity and respect as the restoration plan begins for the entire world to move forward in unison as the divine plan continues. The Megastructure of the Moon is no longer in control of the Earth; instead, it is part of the new light essence emanating to heal the souls.

Beloved human tribe, to be FREE is now an undeniable REALITY, now is the time to free oneself from the walls of fear and auto-destruction and separation, make peace with your light and dark side that had taken you to this very time of ascension. Be divine! Know that the dark essence was consuming your Auric field has gone to source; there were the dark energetic cords that perforate your Auric field (archons). The time for your own regeneration is now to eat healthily, listen to your body, especially your heart, and feel gratitude for being able to experience the most magnificent expression of ascension you are part of.

Feel this frequency of omnipotent Love expanding in and out of you, like Sun rays of golden light coming out of the pores of your skin throughout your body. The Cosmic Period has arrived when those who have attained a certain degree of understanding must create, apply, and use this Wondrous omnipotent Love in every creation that is Self-conscious action;

Thou Mighty, Majestic, Conquering "I AM," we give praise and thanks for our comprehension of Thee as God Acting in us; and with Thy Mighty Presence and Radiance, cause us to feel the Mighty Import of Thy Mighty Truth and Wondrous Presence. When we contemplate Thee, let Thy Mighty Radiance fill us with that comprehending Consciousness to know and apply Thy Assertions of Truth more and more perfectly. We give praise and thanks for Thy Mighty Perfection and Truth for all those who look unwaveringly to Thee God within.

There is only one mighty, invincible, evolving process, and that is through the power of consciously generating Divine Love. Love, being the Hub of all Life, the more we enter in and use It consciously, the more easily and quickly we release this Mighty Power of God, which is always standing as a dammed-up force, waiting to find an opening in our own Consciousness by which It can project Itself.

O Mighty Ones of the Golden Planet!

Glorified are we in Thy Wondrous Radiance. Privileged are we in the use of Thy Great Rays. Blessed are we in the conscious recognition of Thy Mighty Presence. Enfold us forever in Thy Transcendent Light.

Use this statement to sustain the power in everything within your hearts you do.

I AM the fulfilled activity and sustaining power of every constructive thing I desire.

I AM here and 'I AM' there" in whatever you want to accomplish is a splendid way to feel that you are using the One Activity and thus rise above the Consciousness of separation.

TheMultiversal Consciousness is bestowing and giving you this gift since the day you were born, so you remember your Multiiversal truth of infinite abundance and prosperity. So it will be that all this wealth will be used for the good of all living beings in a collective way full of abundance on Earth.

Feel this energy that has become your own energy of infinite wealth and thrives throughout the universe. Bring your hands to the center of your chest above your heart and lovingly exclaim your gratitude, saying; Thank you for being myself.

Thank you, Father-Mother of the entire Multiverse, for everything that exists. Thank you for the abundance that surrounds me, for all this spiritual and physical abundance that serves me to continue my spiritual learning of evolution through the kingdoms of existence. May love and light within be abundant and filled with blessings and prosperity for all sentient beings in the Multiverse.


Be Divine Forever!


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