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Cognition of the Heart and Mind,

Divine earthlings, most humans confuse the brain with thoughts; the brain is a magnificent part of the human body, a radio that transmits and receives frequencies. The mental body emits its frequencies; real thought is theoretically made up of particles and subatomic cells that travel faster than the speed of light.

Since these particles are called tachyons, the tachyonic force is nothing more than the mental force. These small quantum particles constitute the force of thought, but like a radio station, consciousness emits these particles' waves through the quantum vacuum. In reality, the brain also acts as a kind of interface between the quantum worlds and the world that we perceive, which is why reality exists, and at the same time, does not exist inside and outside the brain. The brain is a hypercomplex biological computer using consciousness and thought.

Thoughts are not inside the brain; the brain is just a transmitter, an extraordinary marvelous organ. Due to this confusion, human beings believe their brain is only a part of their body since consciousness is identified with the vehicle. Instead, think of your powerful organ within the body as a biological computer called the brain.

Your entire reality has been a perceptual holographic illusion since you were born; if one does not have enough information and exact knowledge to know all that I am talking about, it is inevitable that through the process of expansion and growth, identify the self with the body and reality.

In reality, the essence of being is above any biological suit, "body," and any material form. Consciousness thought-feeling is above all material vibration; it is the origin of what we perceive as matter. Matter is not tangible; in reality, what one perceives are electromagnetic fields, undulating electrical frequencies that dance around one the moment we acknowledge thought as an idea.

The brain organ receives information, and it is your thought, the configuration and psychological imprint you possess, that gives the forms to this information you receive by speaking literally; your material reality is just a holographic perception.

It is the result of a thought process; all the reality you can perceive was previously conceived in the imagination as the mental plane or ether having a vibrational frequency that is higher elevated than any material distraction is in this mental plane where everything is created.

Every time you observe an object, remember that this result of an emotional thought is the result of imagination. If humans understood their imagination's importance, the world would drastically change reality. Humans believe that imagination is just the product of the mind.

Imagination is the base and the model on which all reality is built. For an object to exist, it must first have been designed in the imagination of the architect who builds it or the engineer who does it. Still, before it had to have been developed on the mental plane by applying the hermetic action, Therefore, anything you perceive, from a flower to an entire planet, a starry sky in the firmament, or the cosmos, is the result of imagination. Still, in the imagination of cosmic consciousness, the most important thing is to remember that material manifestation is the psycho-emotional mental plane.

Suppose one desires to change one's reality. In that case, all that is needed is to transform one's mental plane. The frequency of emotional vibration of thought, as long as one keeps giving power to the imaginary reality one desire and the identification with matter avoiding giving power to material, one will realize that all is a changeable product of reality.

Therefore One will continue to believe that the events that happen in the external world have some power over the self without realizing that everything that exists was first designed in the imagination. So, from now on, the proposal is that you take your power very seriously.

The mind's experience, feelings, and psycho-emotional configuration create the reality one perceives.

If you realize this, you will automatically begin to have another class of thoughts and imaginations because everything you think and imagine is making vibratory undulations in the field of the mind. Sooner or later, it will precipitate into the plane of matter.

Consider that every positive thought is millions of times more potent by the joyful nature of its vibration in frequency than any negative thought emanating. Just observe the relationship that exists between music, physics, and consciousness; elongated sounds and slow waves, such as those emitted by a violin, deliberately produce melancholy or sadness in your consciousness, and fast waves of high vibrational frequency that are full of harmonic chords produce joy in your consciousness since everything is a fractal and already there.

Observe and see the evidence around you; from this moment, you must remember that your thoughts and feelings shape your reality and also understand that from one moment to another, one can manifest a new reality produced in the psycho-emotional body in the plane of the mind, most important, it is necessary to counteract the effects generated by previous moments before creating a new one from your heart cognition to send the signals to ones' brain that matches a joyous, and harmonious frequency of vibration, moment to moment for a new holographic tachyonic force reality.

Divine creators of your reality, it is never too late; you can start from this moment and understand that everything that happens is part of the transformation and vibrational frequency you are entertaining within the mind organ that connects with the emotions and intelligence of the body.

The challenge is to allow yourself to maintain that positive vibrational frequency within to have the patience and understanding that it is part of a process and that transformation of joy and well-being are inevitable. To see the magnificent creations of one's heart is one's only duty of the power of the Divine portal within your heart to create new realities for all that is.

♥ Blessings ♥


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