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Self-governing awakes your heart's intelligence,

Spirituality connects us all, and it happens in the daily moments of life. Embrace the world you want to be in more fully, not the one others continue telling you to live. Allow your spiritual mission to bring you deeper into the world. Most importantly, stop giving your power away to negative agendas of control; stop waiting for something to happen as the wrong continues while One is waiting for good things to come.

No one will rescue or save anyone; One must do the work by visioning the Earth already shifting into the 5D New Earth, free of trauma, restriction, mandates, and without all the 3D programs. Most essential to do the work and take action to make it happen. The frequencies one is emanating daily, moment to moment, will manifest with the same, no matter what the mind is entertaining. This is a fact when your desires for an abundant Earth, free, sovereign have the inner harmony to fully immerse yourself in the process of freeing yourself from the codependency of the Matrix;

Remember, ONE must do the work; this reality guides all to the collective awakening of humanity; the awakening can be subtle or painful to ascend and transcend TOGETHER as ONE human consciousness. Create your new whole world; take time to look inside yourself at what truly needs to be done right now and what does freedom mean to you?

Fighting the system is like fighting the whole world; they create the entire world system of corruption by fighting the courts that have owned the system? We all know they're not going to change it for anyone but their benefit.

These shapeshifters pretending to look like humans will not give up till One belongs to them; they are now using your minds with spaceships appearing all across the planet. Wake up, humans! They are the only ones creating the reality for all to believe. Because their WI-FI is covering the Earth, preventing consciousness from activating your minds with all their frequencies, and there is nothing that can enter the planet's atmosphere of the planet. The reason has been the chemtrails polluting the atmosphere, sending you more of their bioweapons to control your minds via cellphones.

The reality is that you are the only one who can bring forth and create in your heart's desires, wake up from the dream others continue creating, denying you the right to choose and be free. Rumors have it that in 2024 they will arrive spaceships on Earth. If the controllers welcome this show, it is because they are showing themselves as they indeed are shapeshifters.

But if a spaceship show and governments (aliens shapeshifters) fight or destroy the spaceships and broadcast it, by pretend using the excuse of defending us? It is because these are the GOOD ONE's Star beings, and with their excuse of protecting us, they will get rid of the GOOD ONES. The last thing your start family wants is to frighten anyone.

Now, for any real human on Earth that wants to communicate with other people from the stars (these are people like you and me), The real aliens' controllers of the Earth call them E.T. For any real human on Earth that wants to communicate with a different frequency band of your star family;

1. One must first be at peace with all that is, especially with family members, people, places, things, times, and events. NO dramas or negative feelings within will help you to make contact.

2. Resonate at a higher level of consciousness (NO FEAR), but real omnipotent love.

3. Hold the frequencies of your heart (loving energy) for at least three months daily minimum.

4. After all of your chakras are aligned, practice meditations for at least 10 minutes daily.

After these three months of intense self-discovery, the most important question is, do I really want to meet with my star family? Understand that this may not be for all real humans to make contact with since many have different agreements here on Earth. Including to be here right now at this precious time of ascension and that many will go another lifetime without seeing these Divine beings from other worlds.

One must have a higher level of frequency vibrations to emanate at least a fifth-dimensional energy resonance daily. One must do the work first and ask for guidance. Higher-dimensional Divine beings from other planets will not communicate with anyone that doesn't match their vibrational frequency. They will never show to anyone without one's contentment that is not in the same wavelength of consciousness; please understand this process.

No real Star beings race would ask you to do things you don't want. Wake up! Humans are already doing what they don't want since the day one was born. And if one experiences other beings is because one attracts likes. Did you know that 72% of the population has reptilians in their DNA, and 92% carry demons( voices on their heads)? These are Auric Attachments The first symptom is that you are frequently irritated, agitated, angry, or have rage: to read more about it. This is a real and sad truth that many humans deny having DNA reptilian, Grays, etc. Unless it is not removed from your DNA, another lifetime will go with their DNA controlling many.

How Can one leave the 3D Matrix and change to the 5D timeline?

Self-governing and identifying the codependency patterns that arise via trauma and fear. This is the most significant example that makes anyone codependent on any system, including family and government. One must learn to break out of them. These actions are what end the systems of the Matrix, healing yourself issues first, just as on airplanes said; before it crashes, put on your breathing mask before helping others. Learning to meditate is easy and takes as little as ten minutes. Then once comfortable with the process, one can go for three hours or less. Letting go of the toxicity in one's life, whether from family, friends, people, jobs, food, or habits. Follow the natural path of fruits and plants medicines and avoid doctors that follow other agendas.

Divine hearts, your timeline is here. Wake up from the nightmare of the 3D and live in the 5D within your hearts to live in love; the Golden Age is here and now, and it is your Divine right to see it and live it, to see it manifested. ONE has to believe in oneself first to see it and not to see it to believe it, no matter what. Love the controllers because they are doing their part.

Do you really want to be in the timeline when everyone was sleeping but them?

Do you want to live in the past, ignoring that this is the time to be free from all the mental, physical abuse of children man and women, and evolve no matter what to the most incredible reality ever known? Many will prefer to die to awaken than sleep into a new timeline of fear, and there is no other chance real humans can take but wake up in the now ascension, even though many will fall asleep and experience a different 3D Earth. Love them no matter what. LOVE IS THE KEY.

Do your part and take action; start forgiving all the wrongs in life and love like never before. Be positive, smile, let go of the drama, remember that One was born with the most sophisticated and Divine LOVE consciousness that not even the aliens shift shifters that control the Earth have. LOVE is the Divine proportions of creating realities from the voice of ONE's heart since what one sees and hears will control you.

God and Source you are, activate the warrior essence, be kind, respectful with your thoughts and actions among your human brothers and sisters, observe, and stay away from media, news, and drama. Send love and compassion to all your human fellows, the animals, the Earth. How else one can learn this reality is guiding the collective, and the awakening can be subtle or painful. You have free will to choose how to ascend and transcend TOGETHER as ONE human consciousness.

Including all, every organics thing in the Multiverse is connected. You have prepared for this moment; go into your heart, remember love is the immensity within the depths of your heart, and love everything you have remembered. Everything is part of source creation. Having prepared for this moment, go into your hearts of your threefold flame, Flame of Wisdom, Flame of Powers, and Flame of Love, and remember that the time is now to free yourself. One is always in charge of making this reality the must-married incarnation.

Message from the Arcturians, By Suzanne Lie;

Divine humans; If ever you need us, touch your higher heart with both hands, and remember LOVE. Blessings, we are very proud of all; know that your heart's intelligence and love are the keys when you want to make contact.



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