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Resolutions of Consciousness;

Divine souls, solving Earth's problems start at individual bases; your galactic families have done their part. The rest depends upon each citizen since Oneself consciousness has the power, then a chain of reaction will occur to change worlds. The process has to be done from within One's precious Heart, the tipping point in consciousness, and is achieved by letting go of the entire world's narratives since these are lies of fear, manipulation, and distractions to slow down the rate of the awakening of the masses to create solutions, never the less the controllers have done their part.

The controllers are another version of you, like in a mirror showing your dark sides. In reality, they did you all a favor by understanding that once you give your free will, now is the time to regain your Sovereignty. A Sovereign being of the Light to create a world free of their consciousness, where each divine and precious Heart is equally guided by their self-governance of the precious and Divine power of your hearts. The time is now for your precious hearts to begin the reaction chain. Know that you are already FREE, and remember how you did it and what it took for each Divine and precious Heart to see it.

Congratulation to all; by the true and only power from the creator of Light on Earth, God has granted all humans on Earth the reigning of their bloodline as beings of Light on Earth's kingdom is now a reality. The GOLD Age is imminent, and the Giver Of Light Declaration Age begins upon GOD'S command, now! The Golden Age is humanity's birthright; all darkness had its chance; they could have restored balance on this planet for the last sixteen thousand years, and they didn't. The elite's bloodlines are terminated, and they have lost their control on Earth.

God, prime source creator, has decided to bestow upon the Multiverse the right for the Light to reign by dismantling all darkness once and for all. There will be no more darkness as it dissipates everywhere; people, mainly on the dark side, will be like the walking dead because they lost their power source. (This was the life force energy "Loosh" taken unknowingly and unwillingly since birth from every human being on Earth.

God lives in all things, and within your Heart, the subatomic particle of creation exists. The wave energy motion creates an individual reality within the all, and all is One. One is a divine and powerful creator. The eternal flame of One's life is the infinite fire of God's source as the infinite Light. As precious and powerful from within, all One can express through the love frequencies of One Heart is now a reality.

Moment to moment, as one changes realities and listens to one's Heart, God's divine love in each cell, God's magnificent expression exists. What your subconscious and conscious mind entertains over and over vibrates. You always vibrate, attracting everything your mind thinks.

As per our commander of Earth Races and

Galactic Council Ambassador for Earth;

The Cities of Light are the main planetary areas receiving the Light from source God, entering Earth via Sunlight. Dedicated and designed to help heal the planet. The purpose of the cities of Light is to keep the energy sustainable to assist the collective consciousness in shifting their Ascension collectively into the fifth-dimensional thinking process. These are as follows: Brazil; Sao Pablo, Mexico; Mexico City, Argentina; Buenos Aires, Russia; Moscow, Peru; Lima, France; Paris, Egypt; Cairo, Spain; Madrid, Thailand; Bangkok, Malaysia; Kuala Lumpur, Singapore; Singapore, Turkey; Istambul, Korea; Seoul, Japan; Tokyo.

If the reality of every day seems to be worse, controlled with despair, manipulation, and fear is due to what the mind sees and entertains rings. Have anyone asked if an actual Alien invasion is going on? No NEWS will be broadcasting it. NEWS is part of the many controlled systems one entertains; therefore, if the News says so, it doesn't mean it is true.

Wake up, humans!

As with everything, it is frequencies that control reality. For thousands of years, the controllers of your attention knew that electromagnetic waves interfere with brain frequencies. Hence the radio and T.V. inventions, it was necessary to implant a whole idea or concept with synthetic telepathy (which they already have and use), especially with animals—altering all perceptions, including animals since they are more susceptible than humans to be affected, by following the current of the direction of the flow of the movement of the other animals hence going on circles videos. Clearly, it is a sensory-spatial disturbance, and it has always been used on Earth.

What happens when one creates the illusion of movement?

One can create a world that reflects One's wellness regarding where others desire to put their attention and intentions. Inner guidance on living aligned through actions. Moment to moment, one shifts over and over to endless probabilities of time and space within one's consciousness within the entire consciousness of Earth. One creates the illusion of movement (shifting) from a parallel to a different reality.

Constantly shifting over and over, one can't see the difference because each parallel reality is very similar to the one existing before shifting. For example, when one moves from the kitchen to the living room, even though everything seems the same to the observer creating one's own reality, everything mimics appearing to be the same scenario, and it happens very fast. It manifests as the same living room and kitchen at every glance, moment to moment. The entire shifting process will mimic the new reality within the observer's consciousness.

The idea of noticing the difference of shifting moment to moment is to create a bigger change; for example, being at home, doing chores, and driving seem to be all the same. But when one leaves home to travel and relax, lying on the beach can be considered a more significant shift between densities. Between the parallel realities, one shifts from the One before; this is when you notice or reveals that One is constantly changing.

Quantum physics seems challenging to grasp and consider, but ever since you open your eyes at birth becomes second nature to anyone. Learning quantum physics is like trying to understand why everything breathes. So it is not what one has to learn since One does it automatically as second nature all the time. This is the nature of how reality works and how change exists through one's thinking process called consciousness.

Now the question isn't how one shifts but what one shifts to and how One can trust, observe and understand, creating new realities over and over throughout shifting. Based on the belief and intentions one believes are possible.

One creates via the thoughts one entertains, and the vibration based on the attention manifests, good or bad. By changing the vibration of One's Heart, the understanding of shifting moment-to-moment multiple times into parallel realities becomes apparent based on the vibratory level one emanates. One is connecting with others via waveform through their body vessel.

Know that source and consciousness; you are the creators of everything in the perceived reality. You are shifting frequency from one reality to another and constantly shifting. You are shifting now, and it is a natural thing anyone does; no one has to wait to shift. In all life, one's shifts; this is how motion is created and what happens when one creates the illusion of movement. Therefore the only way to create the illusion of movement is by shifting from a parallel to a parallel reality. That is always slightly different from the One before as per your own convictions and beliefs, you shifting now, you shifting now, over and over to infinity within the entire consciousness itself.

Through constant, unlimited parallel and probable realities, you are shifting now because moment to moment is slightly different from the One before; this is why it doesn't seem to happen, but when you observe how you do it is to create a more significant change of difference rather than, slightly different between the parallel reality you shift and the One you were in before. Observe and learn how this subtle and fast process is apparent and how one can start participating in oneself desires and consciousness. Rather than the participation and manipulation of the collective consciousness, many are constantly experiencing.

No one can learn how to shift since it happens automatically; this is how reality works by One's nature of existence. Instead, ask your Heart what reality you want to shift to and how different One can be. Based on one's heart beliefs, the frequency and state of being one's emanates. Therefore, One will consciously change to that which is One's reality's best outcome. Since One already exists on the new parallel Earth reality, One is already FREE and exists from the vibratory resonance that One creates within One's Heart.

Start by freeing oneself mind from lessening ideas of haplessness and victimhood. And that is it, simple and invaluable! There is no distance; there is no time; there is no matter; there is no energy.

It's all mind!

Beyond the philosophical applications, it is essential to transcend, as it empowers people to know that they become their own barrier, holding humans back from doing more. It is a belief system that prevents one from seeing the procedure as real or deluding from doing nothing; that in itself is a delusion of the Matrix programs set for.

Re-think One's concept of the mental blocks and setting intentions to become all one imagines, which means you already are. Avoid to locked into the mental idea that one is a body. Instead, see yourself with an armor of Light around you, golden Light, and divine power emanating from your body as an impenetrable shield. Remember that density equals reality; the world densities and dimensions are not to be the same. Densities are based on and directly linked to the perception and understanding of the observer.

Therefore the higher the density is, the more dimensions can be perceived and understood as one's mental evolution, not because One is not somewhere higher or lower, there is no time, and there is no space, so everything is now, and everything is here. Understand the principle of nonlocality found in higher dimensional understanding.

Remember that to attain a pure state of heart-mind. One must not have fear within all aspects of One's being, as no fear can exist in the Light, just like our Galactic families act with pure and loving clear intentions. Remember that you are a Light being, an intergalactic family member wearing a human suit. One has to transcend to become transparent in their soul to act from the intelligence of One's Heart, with love at all times.

Do not give up, beloved ones; continue to anchor the Light in your hearts. We promise you will be on the other side of the Light, moving through the adversity of the light-dark matter that affected all.

With the fullness of Thy Mighty Power, we salute Thee by the omnipotent frequency and love to all Hearts. Thy love is made manifest in the hearts of people of the world. We send you the fullness of the Light and Its illuminating Presence within your Hearts, mind, and spirit. Honoring and carrying forward with such intensity the love and Light that carries the courage and strength for everyone to make the needed conscious effort which will enable the "Mighty I AM Presence" to raise the atomic structure to its Full Ascension.

♥ We love you! ♥


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