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Mighty I AM Presence,

Consciousness is always subject to the use and direction of free will. Whatever one entertains, One's hologram manifest. It has been said that there is nothing outside of ONE and that all happens within. The consciousness of the Mighty I am Presence dwells in your mighty Hearts. Understand that no outer reality can manifest without Self-conscious action. Thou Mighty, Illumining Presence which "I AM"!

We will enter into the Fullness of Thy Divine Presence in gratitude and self-love. One is and forever receives Thy Limitless Blessings, Strength and Courage, and Joyous enthusiasm, all of which are self-sustained.

The One Presence or the "I AM Presence" of all Activity, Wisdom, and Power, in the Freedom of One's Divine Heart, stands serene among all outer things which seem to point to the contrary.

My beloved, I stand serene in Thy Great Forever; I claim Thy Great Dominion in my place! I stand in the Radiance of God Eternal, looking Thee whole essence of the ONE I am, Divine Heart within you all. I bring you, Greetings from the Great Host creator of all and blessings for the happy enthusiasm that entered into the new Earth reality. The endeavor to sustain one joyous enthusiasm as the hub of this ascension continues to take place. Feel and act with all your sovereignty and self-governance to begin the restoration of the Divine Planet Earth.

Know that far more has been accomplished than anticipated; your Galactic families are rejoicing as humanity enters and participates in the Divine plan of all. The loving blessing each entertains on Earth is most convenient; this simple act will open the door, oh so wide! to receive the fullness intended for humanity to become ONE.

Embrace the Great 'I AM Presence and acknowledge the Divine that you are, as the same blessing and actions for all that is will manifest. A sincere attitude and approach must be sustained and maintained within One's Divine Heart. Be kind and loving, especially when you don't understand what other brothers and sisters are going through. Any feelings of unkindness will shift away from this Great Radiance and Blessing.

Now let us enter into the keynote of what has transpired—the simple understanding of God's Will as free will within is the Opulence of Goodwill—the birthright of every one of God's creations. Very little is known about the five alien races that are part of the "Council of 5". These councils have been protecting Earth even before Humans existed for as long as millions of years!

The freedom of the Divine planet Earth is now a reality;

The phase entering the mighty blue Star known as Earth will continue to follow the light phase as the leader of the new Evolution. This process will position the Earth in a glorious flow of the divine light essence of source as consciousness continues shifting within one's precious Heart.

The choice, however, will happen on individual bases. One must daily do the work, keeping one's mighty vessel clean and aligned with the frequencies now available to all. We, your Galactic families, have done our part as promised upon agreements and entry of each one's mighty vessels.

The details of what this means we'll be given to you after the clearings of the Mighty Blue Star are finished. The ownership of dignity and sovereignty is One own task. We, your Galactic Family, know this has been a challenging cycle for all more than ever. Serving source yourself and the Light you desire is now part of the whole. YOU ARE FREE! Many changes are needed to help your requirements, especially from each Heart, and soon will all be passed.

However, the choice is yours, details of the new Evolution will be given later, but most importantly, the answers are downloaded within the depths of your Divine hearts to know how to assist all with the divine plan. One must do the work daily to live in the reality one desires.

One can only see and experience negative frequencies when one continues entertaining negative frequencies. The future of the human race is not in our hands at this point in time. We, your Galactic family, have assisted you in matters that One will not be able to solve nor understand due to the manipulations and distortions created upon the Divine Blue Star called Earth. Including the Divine closed Hearts and minds of humanity that manifest their free will wrongly.

What One's mind entertains, one's creates realities instead, understanding that the Liberation and the Freedom of the Planet depend upon your actions and thoughts that for a thousand million years, One's Divine free will was, under the subjugation of the controllers, not seen until now.

The time of restoring the Divine mother Earth blue Star begins now. Each has to participate just as the process of awakening each Heart is the key to a bright new tomorrow.

Thou Mighty Presence! As we find ourselves held within Thy Mighty awakening of the Divine Blue Star, new Earth, and all its citizens, One must carefully consider the consequences of one's actions, deeds, and thoughts is more than ever the solution.

When reaching to the Light using the "Mighty, I AM Presence" with sincerity. It is possible to listen within your Heart to the whispers of God, Creator of all beings. One must understand that one alone must decree what shall manifest in one's life.

Embrace, The love of One Heart imbued with Thy Radiant Intelligence, Thy Marvelous Strength, Thy Invincible Courage to hold constantly within Thy Mighty Light you all are.

I love you! ♥


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