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Greetings dear hearts on earth,

Vibrational frequencies are changing at a very rapid speed. What does this mean? These frequencies are available every second of your new reality, manifesting everything your mind entertains very rapidly because we are ascending as humanity very fast each day.

Manifestation is the dark reality game; fear creates, but Love creates more and faster, even though fear is just a program. Love is REAL. Still, many can't understand this simple fact between reality and a program. The more fearful one feels, one projects and takes form very quickly until a fraction of a second pop in your reality.

Divine hearts, keep in mind that when you entertain feelings of joy and Love, your heart will conquer any fearful programs surrounding you.

Love is real, everything is made from this frequency, and you are Love in every particle of your DNA, your cells, your holographic reverberation exists because you are Love and Loved. Just like what one experience in the now moment to moment is a manifestation, quicker, and easier to achieve, and so it is something and everything one doesn't want. The consciousness of duality can no longer coexist in a world of omnipotent Love, where we all together can be ONE united human race on earth.

Allow, listen to your heart, for as it will manifest a new reality in the name of all humanity, feel it in your heart, this magnificent expression will override any program that hinders because of the light of its opposite always overcomes darkness.

Gratitude is the key; let your heart express it that you are here and now, regardless of all the bad going on the planet, realize that you are powerful masters, creators. You have been manifesting your reality since the day you decided to incarnate on earth.

Be grateful, sovereign, as the observer honoring every moment of the now ascension. Understand those who had decided to play the role of darkness are mere reflections of one's dark side. Therefore when you hate or express your anger, oneself feeds the matrix more and more, shifting oneself in a low frequency of reality where all the bad manifests in oneself reality.

When you understand those doing wrong are the dark side of each of us, you will consciously understand why it is important to forgive them. Since consciousness is all over, and just as many are bringing the light out from within their hearts, in the end, we would succeed as a human race. Still, the storm has to take place so the rainbow can shine to all on earth.

Recognize that those suffering can be you, your family, and your friends; let us not forget that they show us that T O G E T H E we most stand and free ourselves from our dark side. Be united, be open in your mind so that your heart can vibrate, vibrate, and continued vibrating until we all become free.

Make a heartfelt petition, especially on this next thanksgiving; remember that it is in your heart the state of mind of the fifth dimension for ascension is happening from the frequencies of your heart. Allow your hearts to be grateful for all that is, and from your hearts send LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the Herts (Hz.) frequency of vibration to all that is.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the Herts Hz frequency of Love to everything that breathes and respires. To all sentient beings in the air, water, earth, and fire, because they are suffering especially LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the Herts (Hz.) frequency in the name of humanity on planet earth, those who are experiencing pain and suffering.

This love frequency will create a new fractal reality that will transcend the laws of time and space, allowing everything to receive and feel your unconditional Love. Do not take sides, do not be emotional; avoid listening to negativity from News, Radio, TV, etc.

The sooner you love yourself and be thankful, the sooner you will change the Hz, frequency of your timeline into a new reality filled with Love and gratitude, Divine hearts, stay humble, and honor your sovereignty. Love everything, no matter what.

In the name of humanity, I call upon the seven rays of the violet fire of Archangel Sadkiel to transmute the pain and suffering from the hearts of humanity on planet earth. The violet flame of Saint Germain to blaze, blaze, blaze on the hearts of planet earth, be receptive and receive all the Love one can hold for each other in their beingness to awaken to the now loving reality.

You are me, and I am you; I love you all.

Happy thanksgiving.


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