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Divine consciousness of the ONE you all are,

Be grateful for a new day to create what One has to learn or change in the Oneness reality on all aspects of one being to face with dignity and sovereignty anything from one's heart and most importantly, whatever pops in, from the holograms of manipulation. Feeling of one being assisted at all time, only one has to request the divine intelligence of the Ethers consciousness of who are to be guided or shown the correct paths and ways to know in the ONE heart which or what direction take at this time. It is a reality where everyone seems to lose their ways to ascension. Divine souls, all you have to do is ask the One heart within to receive the answers.

What is it that One can do to assist the collective? Not by imposing oneself perceptions into others, remember that; not to know is to know of it within your hearts but to be and observe the next step for the One that is all to be and expressed more Oneness is the key.

Divine cosmic and galactic brothers and sisters on Earth, you all have a role to play in the game called the manipulation of the 3D to create the new 5D Golden age of light within your Crystalline DNA is available to all carbon-based DNA. Regain Oneness and freedom is now more than ever essential to awaken and balance the Divine energies of Divine feminine and Divine masculine. Within each the power entrusted by the Divine consciousness of the One Heart, One was born to be and become. To use both; divine feminine and divine masculine many forgot. Remember, this is not a different type of language or knowledge that is new to all but a reminder that these Divine frequencies are always within.

Learning is no longer available at this time, but to take control of this available frequency, One has within these two. It is crucial to remember how to tap into this magnificent power to be, express, create and connect by understanding this level of consciousness within the Divine masculine and the Divine feminine are.

Men, love your divine self feminine as much as the divine women of the world; love them, protect them, support them, help them UNCONDITIONALLY. They are not just what the controllers label them emotional, weak, dramatic, sexual objects. Remember that we all were born through a Divine woman, this Divine and Magnificent organic and perfect being that nurtures their babies with Love by taking care and providing all that One can be even before opening the eyes to the world.

The Divine radiant Divine feminine and Divine masculine consciousness are given to all that incarnate through the natural birth process. Remember the ether frequency you learn as being in the womb of all moms and the Divine Mother Earth. Perhaps begin by understanding the role of our Divine Mother Earth "Aria" only if one attunes to this Divine forces within the masculine and feminine, one can and will hear the Divine mother Earth speak her frequency into your hearts. Feel her love language; she offers to all through the Air, Water, Earth, and Fire regardless of being poisoned. The elements on Earth are always connected and communicating whatever is vibrating positive or negative, affecting all that is. The great Divine Mother offers to all her divine consciousness through the ethers', plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and elementals regardless of being poisoned. ONE knows very well how to transmute all these, using the ONE omnipotent heart, love frequency; one can always do, remember and take control.

Shift the manipulation programs and reframe from continued participating via control from your cellphones, media channels, and more. The slaughtering and consumption of her divine animal's creatures have to end. Do not ignore the consequences of your acts any longer Divine beings. All animals are as much of the Divine consciousness as all are. Pounder on the fact that whatever One puts out and is doing to others or anything will be done to the one in the same frequency One is putting out all of the time. You are creators; never forget that.

When you protect the Divine Women on Earth, you will find that within your DNA, the memories of who you are will awaken to balance these two magnificent expressions of the ONE. It is time to embody the warrior you said will become and protect life in all its expressions. Not by fighting with the fist, guns, and emotions but with the most potent LOVE frequency that overcomes all lower frequencies!

Divine men protect all newborns, protect life and forgive; perhaps your arrival to Earth created sad memories in you. Understand that for many is easy to blame without knowing the factual circumstances that went through too many divine mothers before you all experience physicality. The time to let go and forgive is due; the LOVE frequency is the most Divine power you all possess and can use at this very moment. Knowing how to use it will set ONE free from all that controls you at this time. The main reason for you to balance and express your Divine masculine and Divine feminine frequency in the now is essential all of the time.

Divine women of the planet, the divine feminine, beautiful souls you are, it is time to balance your Divine masculine and feminine frequencies. Remember, you all were born to be the warriors of the Light and Love.

When you understand the Divine power ever granted, divine women, mothers, lovers, partners, wives, sisters, and creators of the world. You will understand why the programs of the Matrix, churches, politics, cultures across the world, and more have held and trapped the Divine conscious and creative power of the Divine women.

Delusions are defined as fixed, false beliefs that conflict with the Divine female reality. One can break the spell of control from the subjugation of patriarchal societies, built by men that are not even real humans but had played their role as controllers "none human shapeshifters" disguise in male and female figures through history. Only to create more separation among men and distort unity of consciousness within humanity.

Wake up, Divine sisters; you are creators deep in your hearts; remember that God is a Woman; the Divine flame within the Divine masculine and feminine within the female consciousness is what nurtures the Divine and omnipotent love frequency of all that is. How beautiful you are all sentient beings on Earth that create life.

Remember, Divine sisters, you hold the powers to make things right, listen to your hearts, let go of all the misuse of your Divinity man used to demise, the beautiful consciousness you are. Some of these men weren't real humans, to begin with. Many were manipulated or possessed by something that is not natural to the frequency of LOVE. So forgive dear hearts, move on to create and rebirth Love, speak Love, give Love, breathe Love in all your actions, thoughts, and deeds, forgive among yourselves. The other woman the Divine Masculine chose instead or after you is never because she is better than you but as Divine as you are, with a different tone frequency that matches his. Instead Love your men and say;

I forgive myself for all that was, as I forgive yourself for all that was, I love you and the name of the person.

I love myself!i In the end, all One has is the Divine and beautiful woman I choose to be, incarnated at this time. Remember your Divinity; balance your masculine and feminine energies. Unite this divine power to the men on Earth to become ONE UNITY of Love, true warriors of the light to love no matter what. Fear, lack, limitations, unworthiness, and all of the labels of lower frequency can be banished when you remember your Divine essence of the Goddess you are. Be the creator, Gaddess; you know deep in your hearts are, when you speak, act, and express your Divinity, you will become the Divine Goddes of Love again. Let go of the Matrix programs that were infused in man's minds that says women are this or that.

Love, forgive all men; resentment and grouches only create more separation among your Divine frequencies. TOGETHER LOVE! It is time to be united, love the Divine Mother Earth, if you forgot how, intent with your heart, and send Love to all, including human beings. Send your Divine, Unconditional Love and project it into the heart of the Divine mother Earth.

It is time; the key is only to send pure unconditional Love without fear, send Love to all, avoid entertaining what is happening around the Earth is essential. These distractions prevent your ascension and deviate your attention from the love vibration entering the Earth available to all. Love all beings on Earth, unite your Divine forces of Love within your Divine feminine and masculine is the key to shifting the realities of time and space created by the controllers.

Love, the way I love you, unconditional Love is the key.

Love is all that is; in reality, the is only ONE Love, one heart in the collective human consciousness. When One understands that all is happening simultaneously in this programmed 3D reality and balance the divine frequencies masculine and feminine within each, one will awaken the omnipotent era of the Golden liquid light and omnipotent Love. I love you, Divine brothers and Divine sisters GODS and GODDESSES.

Wake up, be strong, be kind, be gentle, be the Divine you are among all that is; remember Divine men and women without the controllers many will continue to be asleep. Be grateful for all consciousness because even these shapeshifters dark humans are part of the whole playing their role. Love is magnificent; project and shift your consciousness through Love frequency constantly.

Use the divine power of your Alchemy to balance the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine within. There is no time to blame but to become united as LOVE WILL SET YOUR PLANET FREE. Love is the frequency those in control cannot hold. That is why they continue implementing fear in all manners of programs and frequencies for humans to give themselves to fear. Because when true love frequency is embodied within your Divine essence, those in control will never be able to resonate at the Divine Frequency that makes the Universe goes around and inside of you.

Love this magnificent time of planetary ascension; all are creating, participating, and receiving; remember who you are. One can be free and free others. In your hearts, the answers are always. Love is the frequency the controllers cannot hold or understand, so instead of vibrating fear, vibrate LOVE. See the magic and alchemy of LOVE to be, Divine men and women protect life regardless of their size more than ever with your shield of LOVE frequency and send Love to all that is, love all newborns and others regardless of how they did go to the afterlife, Love, all of the time.

I am the Divine Mother of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine;

Gods and Goddesses, I love you, Always,

I am Mut

Ah Ta Ra Sa

Be Divine Forever


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