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Be Divine Forever!

Episode 2

By the Love of God to all its creations, within your Heart, trust that the Light of the soul is now forever freer from the torments of manipulation. Be divine forever as you enter an altered state of omnipotent Love and peace of soul and spirit. Be Divine forever! Create the wildest of your dreams where all humans, plants, animals, and elementals of Air, Water, Fire, and Earth become ONE united Consciousness of Divine Love.

♥ Omnia Ab Uno E pluribus unum! ♥

♥ Many from the ONE, One from the many! ♥

Knowing the love resonance of the Heart converts the frequency of resonance within one's Heart, shifting one through the Heart's portal. The Heart has the codes to open the appropriate portals. Through compassion, one raises the frequency that pushes one into a higher vibration of Density because the Heart's Divine expression collects new frequencies and converts from there. Hence, the center of Consciousness is not the mind but the Heart.

What would you do now that Light has won the battle against the absence of Light? With sustainability, harmony, and stewardship principles, one's journey will undoubtedly offer Galactic contact with new resources, technologies, and opportunities. It is one's responsibility to ensure that these discoveries are used in ways that benefit all life and preserve the delicate balance of our planet to flourish like never before.

What does it mean to be galactic in ways one can harmonize with the Cosmos, ensuring the continued evolution and flourishing of all life and embracing our interconnectedness with the Multiverse and its inhabitants. Understand that every action has four-reaching consequences for humanity and the countless other beings who share this vast and wondrous Cosmos as we Forge New alliances with extraterrestrial civilizations and expand our knowledge of the universe.

Self-governance and sovereignty are the keys to preventing giving one's powers to others; instead, take action and do the work. Haven't you all learned from the past timelines? Where humanity didn't make it. Let us be humble and mighty to not mess with the Natural laws of the Divine Creator God. One must learn to forgive and to understand that the principle of unison is to get alone one to another before being in the presence of a Galactic being that doesn't look human. Together and United can all experience the new Era of the Golden liquid light like never before.

Many humans had come to this moment of awakening the evolution of Love's new revolution, of ascension a forcible overthrow of a government or social order, instead embodying self-governance and exuding sovereignty in favor of a new system for all. All the past incarnations have taught many lessons from the one to the many. The restoration of planet Earth begins; Freedom of the soul and spirit for the mind has to be healed within at individual bases since the only obstacles that exist are those one creates in mind.

Be mindful of our impact and strive to act in the best interests of all life principles that guide One's role as Galactic stewards rooted in a deep reverence for cosmic unison and a commitment to preserving harmony, balance, and Unity by adhering to these principles. Ensuring one's actions align with the greater good and the evolution that enrichment the Cosmos. One of the primary ways to harmonize with the cosmos is through cultivating inner peace and spiritual balance by engaging in practices such as meditation, mindfulness, and contemplation to attune oneself to the subtle energies of the Multiverse and develop a deeper understanding of the interconnected web of existence.

Ultimately contributing to the greater harmony through responsible and sustainable stewardship of our planetary home as One unlocks the secrets of unlimited energy and advanced technologies to be used responsibly and ethically to promote ecological balance, social equity, and the well-being of all life.

The potential for future cooperation with our Galactic families will soon be a new reality where Unity and the planet can emanate and communicate with their hearts of absolute Love, as this is how our Galactic families communicate with the Multiversal language of LOVE.

Humanity had more than ever the opportunity to become face to face with the undeniable truth of their Cosmic Origins and our intimate connection with the Multiverse; this Revelation has the potential to transform the Collective Consciousness shifting their Focus from division and strife to Unity and collaboration no longer limited by the confines of terrestrial perspective set on Earth once upon a time.

Divine humans, you are free to embark on a journey of discovery that transcends borders, cultures, and even Dimensions and densities. A new era of galactic collaboration offers unprecedented opportunities for exchanging knowledge, technology, and wisdom between worlds and our Galactic families.

The secrets of the Multiverse open new communication frontiers and foster mutual respect and new intelligence within each one. With a significant advancement of our scientific understanding and novel sources of energy, way of living, free of lack and the eradication of diseases. An infinite source of human life spans of sustainable new aspects that the Golden Age offers.

Humanity's new Spiritual Awakening and self-realization for growth and enlightenment will deepen their connections with our Galactic Brethren. Learning together as ONE their diverse experiences and perspectives and our understanding of the true nature of existence within the grand Cosmic tapestry of Consciousness to enhance the true Power of LOVE, intended for all to be part of it by the Creator of the Multiverse.

You are the Divine self-expression of the ONE, an abundant aspect of God's Divine Consciousness; today and tomorrow, your thoughts will continue taking you where your Heart dwells. The one who seeks finds by believing that one has received them, and you will continue to receive them because everyone creates and receives them. Thoughts manifest one's reality; anything one consent attracts, and everything continually grows, everything one allows to occupy the magnificent mind, whether the subject of thoughts is good or bad.

Consciousness is an essential factor characteristic resonance with the flow creates upward spiraling bling into ever higher levels of synthesis of life. The Air we breathe, the Water we drink, the blood that flows through your Heart stargate, all things that sustain life, the cycles of transformation in response to the Divine circulatory flow from which they have emerged. Many will emerge when this flow is reflected. Under the spiritual impulse, the current spread that flows, divine manifestation becomes a reality as the Divine soul that exists.

Matter = time multiplied by energy; over velocity. It is the true and hidden secret of manifestation. In actuality, this is how manifestation occurs within each divine Creator of their reality.

The Sun Divine Light Cleanses, Purifies, Heals, Harmonizes, and Positivizes All That It Touches. The Light within all beings spread the Light, bringing it from its subtler to the human level. Breathe in and out down the Light in the subtler level to the human level by intending strongly and spreading it around the entire world. Be divine forever and spread Love, Peace, and Harmony guided by the Light, an omnipotent love spreading the Healing Energies carried by the Light.

Light breathing technique

Imagine an Ocean of Light above you. Feel the Love and Imagine the Light descending and filling up your body. Sense the experience of Love and Peace of the Light entering and filling your Divine being. Then, imagine, feel, sense, or visualize the Light spreading around all that is gradual to your home, locality, country, and the world. Practice as often as possible this Light breathing technique, every day for 9 minutes in the morning after waking up and before sleep.

Mighty Seed of God's Eternal Manifestation, we give praise and thanks that Thou art sustained and governed by the God within. On the new independence times within thy Heart was established, thou didst become a Radiating Center of Light to all humanity. We praise and thank that out of all will come peace and prosperity to humanity and the Multiverse in thy embrace. Back of thee is the power that will sustain and maintain the Reign of God on Earth through the Multiverse. His Light shall illuminate and strengthen the hearts of thy within, and all places out of all shall come to Love.

It is with Great Joy to report to all that Divine protection and intervention have been given to the world only as one Inner Sight is open to seeing and knowing the True Reality in their precious hearts.

May your hearts fill with joy, and may you work earnestly for the health, success, and prosperity of the Messengers—who have been the channels through whom this Focus of Protection has been given. Beloved souls try with all sincerity to feel this planet's Reality and Infinite Blessings so that the new Earth may reap the great reward of the Golden liquid light for all that is.

♥ Be Divine Forever, Blessing.♥


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