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A letter from SAINT GERMAIN

Greetings of Divine Love, Mighty and Infinite, Active Presence of the Christ consciousness everywhere! My humble Love before Thy One and only Majesty and Divine Power to express of the Divine One Heart of all, Emanating and Activating every individual Heart throughout the lands, the ether, and the seas of Love causing Thy wondrous everywhere.

Beloved human beings, restoring the Divine Mother Earth is a reality starting at individual bases or perhaps gathering together to spread and elevate the efforts to dispense the Light from your Hearts with new ideas for expanding the collective consciousness.

O Love Divine! in Thy Magic Power of Transmutation, we assert Thy Power cleansing and purifying the world of human mistakes and creations. Thou art the Eternal Victory—the Golden Pathway of Attainment for every soul of the Light, and through Thy Transcendent Power, to unite their voices and Hearts to collectively awaken and shift into the now fifth-dimensional reality of ascension within one's Heart.

The strength of the Power of Love in all Hearts finds the many desirable changes taking place—greater health, happiness, and prosperity are newly restored, a deeper sense of Love, and a greater desire for Justice in the hearts of humanity and lack of consideration everywhere. In many cases, the Light of their emotions transcended through the feeling of Pure Love generated within their Hearts, enabling their most excellent gift of self-governance and sovereignty.

Heal with Divine Love one's precious Heart, inspire all human senses, and cause their DIVINE self to voluntarily desire the ability to open their Hearts and bless their minds to transcend any obstacle, to soar and fly with their spirit of Love.

From the Golden Rays City of Love, all across like the spokes of a wheel, rays uniting once again and for all with LOVE, Transcending the realms of time and space.

We Bring and share Love from the Divine Consciousness and Mastery from the Ascended Masters who have looked with favor upon all noble Hearts. Open your hearts to receive these Love waves dressing your Divine Hearts with our Mantle of Light upon Christmas Day soon. On each Heart, recall the Divine God's pure Heart essence, the 'Mighty I AM Presence,'

My humble heart desire for everyone to send Love, Peace, and Freedom forth this Truth in conscious and omnipotent Love to enlighten the process in which their energy is emitted as particles or love waves.

Beloved Children of the Light! Arise! in the Mighty Glory of your True Being, go forth! A Mighty Conquering Presence. Be! "The Light of God that never fails." Go forth!

Be Divine forever!


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