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We are America,we are the World.

In the part of the planet called America, the frequency of the pure heart resonance contains higher frequencies to transmute the bad or wrong agendas. Men and Women warriors of America, use the intelligence of your hearts, and consciously and peacefully, it is time to stop those in control; Selfgovernance is your Divine right to freedom. Do not delay any longer.

The Ascension of planet Earth is supposed to start in the USA; there is a reason WHY the controllers are focusing on heavily pushing negative agendas to trigger lower vibrations down from Argentina and up to Nunavut. Wake up, divine souls; this is the moment of the revolution of humanity's evolution to become the center of the new Galactic era, where our beloved mother earth, Aria, will ascend and take all beings into the Golden Age new era of freedom, Love, and abundance.

How can this be possible?

When you let go of the negative and forgive, respect each other, and TOGETHER, participate in a peaceful collective awakening movement to continue using the Plasma Light frequency that is activating the heart's coherence of humanity as per God's gift to all the letting go of the fear programs at individual bases.

When people fight with each other or continue to feel disconnected only creates more delays to moving forward as One human race. Instead, be thankful, for we all are witnessing and changing the history of humanity over the last 2500000 years to become forever free.

NOTHING will be the same after now. Forget the past and welcome the new era of the awakening of humanity. Many of you are awakening your innate abilities within your DNA; trust the intelligence of your hearts; there is nothing more potent than self-governance and sovereignty, sending loving thoughts, acting, and speaking with heart-loving frequency to all that is, the time of humanity subjugation had ended.

Love is real, powerful, and a conundrum that will help you win or lose your freedom when letting others dictate and choose for the collective.

We can transmute together with loving frequencies no matter how difficult this may be in the now and send LOVE to all that breathes and respire in the world. Stop the discordant energies and use your frequencies to send Love and compassion for those in peril at this time, for they teach how to free the planet with dignity, respect, unison, and LOVE.

A year ago, many wherein a sleeping mode ignoring that within the hearts of the population of North, Central, and South America exist innates frequency capable of transmuting the negative ones. Their heart's resonances are more potent and optimistic in their structures versus the areas of the structure of Eastern Europe or the Middle East. Where people seem to be blocked within this resonance of the HEART frequency, conducting themselves more cautiously about taking action against anyone they don't know or ignore out of fear.

Do not blame others as these are a mere reflection of yourselves; these divine hearts, brothers and sisters, with the same right of abundance and freedom, must overcome the imprints of inquisition and dark agendas of manipulation, wars, and mind control for thousands of years.

People in the Americas ignore that they have been heavily intoxicated through the Air, Water, and Earth, controlling their minds to act like silent lambs, even though these beloved hearts are sleeping lions and lionesses. Capable of raising the frequencies of vibration for all humanity on planet Earth, have you ever wondered how it is that many Earthlings in America have superhuman powers?

Wake up, divine beings; the time to use the cognition of your Divine Hearts is now; within each heart exists God's subatomic particle to create new worlds. Together humanity has already won their right to create a new reality based on omnipotent Love for everything that breathes and respires in the Water, Air, Fire, Earth, and the Ether's "spirit" like never before! Humanity is transcending and ascending into a new era of timeless space. The time is right to raise your Hertz love frequencies; divine hearts for the rest of the world will follow. The now moment, as with all things, is right; timing is the key to world success; this momentum of changes will also change the nature of all things.

The moment is now to open the rainbow bridge that connects our hearts as heaven and Earth, placing the opposite forces in a state of interconnection and counterbalancing with Love. In perfect balance and Harmony with the frequencies of your heart's omnipotent Love, such balance becomes the foundation for the right action to all that is.

Know that you all have higher aspects of yourselves, waiting to be asked to assist you in activating and raising your heart frequencies hertz of Love to all. Of course, you can ask as well the Ascended Masters, Angels, and Archangels, or your star families, the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Bluevians, Andromedans, Hathors, Sirians, Orions, and many more for HELP.

Either way, for yourself or all across the Earth, in the name of humanity, they won't answer or do anything unless you ask them. Love yourselves and know that when you ask, you will receive, use your hearts, and experience your miracles.

Take the time to daily practicing by imagining a new version of the world you want to see—a new world where we all are happy, joyful, free of sickness and wrong deeds.

A world full of opportunities, united as one consciousness to free our human race.

See, visualize, or imagine this picture in your hearts, divine masters; to do so will change the probable realities existing in the now.

You all are the subatomic particle; you are the quantum frequencies where the creator of all lives. Within your hearts are the answers to this nonsense reality.

Wake up, sacred hearts; it is the potency of your Love that will set you free. Let us learn a new way of leaving for each other TOGETHER; let us lead our brothers and sisters on planet Earth to live on a new reality, a frequency of the fifth dimension.

Love, Love, Love, I love you, I do!

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