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Be Divine now and Forever

Divine souls on earth,

I like to believe that we all know that life is eternal, unlimited without ending. Even when the physical body gives up regardless of the circumstances on how many divine souls depart.

For many souls will continue to aspire in the way of freedom and eternal love to regain and fill the soul with the frequency of Omnipotent love to become renewed. It doesn’t matter how many creative ways one is destined to take as an exit from the physical into the Non-Physical world.

We know the whole picture, grieve not longer for any beloved departed one. Let us released the bondage, obligation, pain, resentment or any other form of emotional suffering causing the short-sighted point of view in physical existence, going through a substantial self-induce mourns.

Instead, celebrate that each one of us that breathes Omnipotent love ; plants, flowers, vegetables, creatures of the animal kingdom and creatures of the earthling's world we are all came to experience a physical existence from the spiritual world into the physical world.

We are forever spiritual beings living a human or physical existence instead of humans trying to live a spiritual path, to be spiritual does not mean to become holy and poor.

Instead means to unlock the limits set in place or programs of the matrix. To become free in all aspects of the mental physical and spiritual realms of the now moment. The self-recognition of the pure essence and existence of Omnipotent and Multidimensional love.

To live in mental, physical, and material abundance.

Be, live, do what one most before leave, forgive, love, share and inspire to and for all that breathes.

To experience and feel thankful for suffering or not on any plane of existence, to be grateful for experience failure or success.

To be thankful for living at one’s maximum capacity of the unlimited and pure source of existence in the now moment.

No matter how short or long our visit of time is in the priceless physical body or priceless blue planet takes.

I dedicate this words to all living and those beloved beings that breathed and are gone.

Thank you my beloved Merlin for teaching us and reminding us the pure unconditional love of oneself expression, for share and live each day without limits, even before gone.

In the memory of our Beloved and Divine being Merlin.

“Ah Ta Ra Sa”

Be divine now and forever

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