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Angels are everywhere,

As I was meditating on the whole of humanity divine plane, this is what I have for you to consider this is not about guiding anyone toward or away from anything.

You all are capable and willing to make your own decisions about your desire. You should be able to do that and much more, I only desire is that you discover the way to achieve your desires.

The question now is:

What great things would you attempt, if you knew you could not fail?

This is where you can see yourselves beloveds people on earth, creating and filled with love and abundance our planet earth, dream freedom from the concealed programs; you can do it if you are conscious enough divine souls.Just trust and let go of the Idea that this is simply an imaginary concept and know deep in your heart that all this is REAL!

Free yourselves, once and for all, from this eternal cycle of destruction and stifling devolution. You all are capable in ways you cannot even comprehend to enter for yourselves and your children a new era and a more advanced Matrix of much higher Vibratory light vibrating and emanating to all an intense and eternal feeling of inner peace, harmony, and permanent joy.

Through the stimulation of your imagination is the awakening of your 3rd eye, the ability to effect change and healing.

The standard of success in life isn't the things. It isn't the money or the stuff -- it is absolutely the amount of joy you feel.

And then I look up! There were all my loving companions on earth! Enjoyed this moment I share with you all.


Thanks for listening!

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