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Divinity and Sex

One of the most Divine self-expressions of humanity is Sex, unfortunately, has been disregarded in many cases to condemn. The power one acquires through the fascinating dance of two bodies is always vigorous. The sad part is that many cultures across Earth, due to the Christian and religious indoctrination programs, have created distortions and disempowered beings on Earth by creating more separation between two bodies rather than becoming one Divine self-expression and a celebration of the interconnection of two worlds of two beings between Sex.

Recognizing and appreciating one of the essential Divine self-expressions on one's physical body by honoring one's sexuality at all times regarding one's sexual preferences is essential. Just as the importance of educating childhood and of knowing one's sexuality. The world would have become less insane, with less child abuse and fewer sick minds regarding sexuality.

Many tragedies and issues regarding humanity's sexuality could off been avoided if children were educated by their parents. Did you know Sex is forbidden in countries like Ireland, only to allow them to have Sex starting at the age of 18-19 years old? And yet the sick controllers in charge of the IMS-controlled system ordered a small island nation in the Caribbean to send their orders to laws in different countries and nations to legalize and lower the age for consensual Sex in humans starting at 12 years of age?

When someone takes Sex very lightly, and when you have Sex with someone, a whole energetic process begins. Mainly the root chakras of both come together, and from this intimacy, the auras merge to create tremendous auric energy around the two.

Through separation, it leaves an energetic and karmic imprint. The more relationships you have with a person, the deeper the connection. That's why sometimes you remember so much about your ex or who you became intimate with, and you change your vibration and create energetic links that bring them together, where they then continue to transmit energy on a subtle level. In every relationship, some of the other person's energy is acquired. If you have relationships with people who are mainly dense, unconscious, devoid of light and Love, and unstable, you acquire the same thing. You change to a paradigm where nothing makes you happy even though you have many reasons to be. If the other person did something that marked their karma, you would acquire it, which can attract painful experiences.

On the contrary, if you are in a relationship with someone who is aware, full of light, full of Love, and who keeps their energy clean, a wonderful exchange of positive energy is generated for both individuals. Both grow in Love and awareness. The energy of Love and sexuality is so Divine and magical that it vibrates so high that you reach an expanded state of consciousness. That energy also remains in you and me as new light codes. If you sleep with a person who currently already has a partner, you consequently acquire the energy of that person and the partner (and the partner's partners).

There are no culprits, only unconscious people and consequences; you are always in control. You can change when you decide. Why do we attract people into our lives whose relationships with us are empty, painful, and dense?

  1. By vibration: we attract what we vibrate.

  2. Learning: the other person is a reflection of you; he will show you your shadows so you can recognize them and work on them.

  3. Due to internal conflicts: You did not learn to love, and you did not learn to Value.

Consequently, we relate to people of the same vibratory level. You can even become attached to "falling in love" with someone like this, with the inability to love and value yourself until you end up using yourself to vibrationally perceives your need for Love but only reflects your relationship with yourself. Love yourself, and you will love others, and others will love you.

This is not an invitation to not have Sex; on the contrary, you must make LOVE as often as you want! But before that, vibrate up to attract a person with whom you can be stable and help you grow and not tear down the evolutionary work. People who have VIBRATION know how to choose LOVE and LIGHT. Never sleep with someone you don't want to be with, don't do it out of revenge or because you have to. All human interactions are deeply impactful on the psyche. Although research hasn't delved into the idea of sexual energy exchange, the concept is quite common in a relationship and sexual work. In essence, just as we can be affected by a person's positive mood or toxic energy, we can indeed be affected in the same way during sexual encounters.

We may even be able to feel a person's energy once they've left the room — or at least believe that we do — and react accordingly. Known as "emotional residue," this idea has been observed in numerous cultures throughout history. Yet again, one of the best ways to regulate your own emotions is to start by selecting your environment. Emotions are highly transferable, and what goes on between the sheets is no exception. Your partner's mood or energy is bound to have you feeling some type of way or emotion.

The power of tapping into your sexual energy;

So, should we be more protective over who we sleep with? Not necessarily. Self-awareness and tapping into your sexual energy, however, are worth investing your time in. It's vital to consider your emotions when going into Sex. Just as getting in touch with your intentions beforehand is the best route.

Being in touch with our sexual energy involves a high level of self-awareness and authenticity that's accessed through mindfulness, acceptance, intentionality, and being attuned to our bodies, emotions, and partners. Is it time to psychoanalyze your last one-night stand? No, but paying attention to your body before and during Sex is where it is at and worth keeping in mind next time.

It involves nonjudgmentally paying attention to what our body is trying to tell us in the present moment about how we're feeling. That level of attunement allows us to tap into what's really happening within ourselves when engaging with a partner.

Self-awareness as a tool for sexual alignment;

Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, this level of self-awareness can lead to greater sexual alignment, putting you in touch with what drives your deepest desires. By being mindful of our body in the present moment, we may be able to notice that the pit in our stomach is trying to tell us we don't feel safe or comfortable with that partner.

By noticing those bodily cues, listening to them, and honoring them, we're more likely to sleep with people that align with our sexual energy. I'm not saying you'll never get bad vibes from less-than-mediocre Sex, but it'll certainly make it less likely. Sex can be a powerful force — one that can help us make meaning of ourselves and the world around us.

If our body is telling us we're feeling anxiety or shame or that something feels off, and we move forward anyway, we're likely to have a pretty disappointing sexual experience that will double down those feelings of anxiety and shame and amplify that negative energy.

Ask yourself: What do you want out of Sex?

Whether you're into weekend flings, group sex, or monogamy, the type of Sex doesn't matter. It all comes down to your understanding of what you want out of it and what's pleasurable for you. Some people need intimate Sex, while others want casual Sex. It all depends on what your sexual needs are.

If, for example, a person wants to have an emotional connection with a sexual partner, hooking up with someone they don't know may not be particularly fulfilling. There can be lopsided power dynamics that can leave them longing for more. To help prevent this is always a good idea to do some introspective work to discover your sexual wants and desires.

Nonetheless, when it comes to Sex, celebrate the encounter connection between two bodies that interact in the subtle dance of creation between two dimensions, exploring their sexual fantasies and desires of expression. In consequence, when the time is right, create a Divine connection and perhaps a Divine being of light when two become one loving and procreate a Baby. When the time comes, perhaps to continued enjoy the pleasures of free and safe Sex and the beautiful activations the body experience happening in every 37 trillion cells in each human body.

Respect and Love yourself, Love Sex, and Love all you are.



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