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Divine Hearts! ♥

Love to all of you as spiritual beings for your actions, who bring love into the world through our daily heartfelt actions, it is not something to be taken lightly. These extraordinary heartfelt actions that guide us are the best gift one has to offer. For example, taking care of our precious little family members, being kind and patient, cooking an excellent meal, baking a cake, holding the door for others, leaving a good tip after a meal, even donating, including old clothing. It is essential in life to notice the abundance all around you, for it is your awareness and gratefulness for the abundance you all are attracting more of the same.

When kindness is your motivation and expression, you build in certain habits. These habits are an excellent way to create and build a sense of happiness and joy within, for being and following the whispers of One's Precious heart. In a sense, the practical habits and spiritual connection to being in the world through your actions create a bridge that is a gateway to deepening your spiritual connection. Allow your faith to shine through what you do today.

To express your feelings of appreciation and kindness; through your gifts from your hearts and support others in whatever way you like creates a new Energy Philanthropy platform for those who want to gift others from the Heart. It is even more rewarding to give not because One has received a service or an energy exchange but to gift without expectations unconditionally.

Today is a beautiful reality that we are able to help each other through new platforms. All healers and practitioners who offer their services worldwide have not given up, and I like to remind you that they all have families to support, so help them. Many had to find labor jobs to sustain their families instead of following their passion and helping others through their unique gifts and tasks to fulfill and share with you all through their talents.

Many healers and practitioners already have on their websites links to receive your gratitude from your hearts to support their families. To create a sustainable new reality free of governmental rules, religions, etc. but a platform based on the omnipotent love frequency. Giving and receiving from One's Heart is always available all across the planet, sharing love with your thoughts, actions, and deeds.

To be thankful for our Divine Mother Earth and all her creations, flora and fauna, the air, water, earth, and even fire, beautiful elemental beings, you are. Honor and respect are the bases of a new world to live in harmony with the world around. Feel a deep interconnection with the plants, animals, and people in your life. These things give One life's purpose and meaning when One works in divine cooperation with the whole. There is nothing like this new reality to create the future; TOGETHER One Heart united by pure love frequency is the absolute freedom to be the new world of the fifth dimension within.

Here is a Message to all;

"Blessed are you who love. Love is the ultimate experience in this life. Love will provide you with the riches of the universe. Practice true and deep soul love. Soul love comes from the deepest level of your being. Love embraces all. Love is beyond the understanding of the human part of you.

To embrace and know it at its deepest level, one must first tap into the spirit, which is who you really are. Pray to understand and practice loving those whom you believe do not deserve it. All deserve love. All respond to love. Love is the most potent medicine in existence. We challenge you to use this power to change your world. Do not be skeptical until you try. To change your situation requires that you be love and nothing less."

- Saint Germain,

I love you!

Thank you, follow your Heart!

Always, ♥


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