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Divine Beings, Divine Intelligence,


karma: [ˈkərmə] ( listen); Pali: kamma; Hindi: कर्म, translit. karm) means action, work or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect).

To hurt or devalue life is no one right regardless how big or small, human or not could be.

I like to share this beautiful spider doing what she knows better to do on her life cycle getting ready to feed her little ones, suddenly I feel honored to see this amazing moment, later on when I put the pictures on their file I notice this wonderful divine intelligence.

One most considers that we all are part of this beautiful planet earth, what seems to be ugly or disgusting to you it may it only part of your subconscious mind programmed to feel this way about life and situations.

Some people may see a spider and kill it, some like me celebrate this compassionate connection, how could I kill a small helpless being when we all are part and have the right to be here right now regardless of the circumstances, regardless of its appearance.

What you ignore is that there are parts of yourself going on at different realities of time and space and even on other foreign planets. You would be surprised to know and maybe scare of the appearance you have chosen to portray wherever you are. As for this, even for yourself cold be a frightening experience to see yourself the way you choose to look at whatever dimension you are going right now.

Now the point I like to make is that when a person label things and even person demise them this person create a low vibration in the field of a person. When allowing your heart, and your mind to become one peaceful unit without the ego, the label of anything disappears from your thoughts.

Then you had made a clear conscious choice, for example; a spider always would be a spider you cannot say that the spider is beautiful or is ugly because everything is made of the light of the Christ consciousness.

To allow unlimited knowingness, allow all your thoughts to enter your heart and into your brain consciousness unaltered by labels or expectations or ego and judgment. Every time you judge your thoughts, you are creating that vibration.

When you divide your thoughts to where they have a positive or negative reaction, you have altered into a low vibration frequency value. Therefore when you accept unconditional love regardless of the appearance of a thing or an individual, you have elevated your consciousness and honored yourself to ONE with all around you.

The idea is that when you experience other beings from other planets understand that you could be one of them going on at different time and space. As I enjoyed watching this amazing spider, I decided to take a picture and when I see a close up at the center of the spider. A divine being intelligence was there watching me.

On the picture I share, you can see the divine intelligent beings watching, yes! On the first picture is looking forward and you can see the iris of the eye on the second picture looking into the left.

And just when you are present to the present and observe the divine connection to all you would be able to experience a now different reality other than just texting on the cell phone without notice other realities around you.

I am you, you are me, I am everything, and everything is me, we all are ONE.

When trust and allowing yourself to be and go beyond the everyday existence, and experiences; when you understand why is the reason for you to be here; when you accept that you are YOU. And not by judging yourself or hate yourself or others, you will understand that we are all components of a greater UNIT going at different stages of perfection, the one self-expression of the ONE.

Understand your abilities, to befriend another time and space of the 5D (fifth dimension). Or beings from afar a galaxy, that is why you most open your mind to be able to change your way of thinking in striving to become greater than you already ARE each day.

You all are here, right now creating now realities for yourself and others because we are all ONE including our Multiverse and its planets and galaxies. We are one!

As I put away this message again, synchronicity brought into my space something perhaps would make more sense to share from the perspective of a wonderful Andromedian incarnated as a human being.

Listen carefully make your own conclusions, open your mind, and love yourself immensely always. Understand the importance of why as humans should be together, working for one-course UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS AND FREEDOM from those controlling earth.

Trust in your heart intelligence vibration, at all times when something doesn't feel right just don't do it.

Thank you for listening dear hearts,


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