DNA Activation will awaken you... 

Indigo Cells connection

Oracle Project Earth is the next step to your next planetary ascension!
If you have made it here so far, it is because at the subconscious level your awareness, your higher self, is guiding to what it could be the opportunity of your lifetime.

What you are looking for, is actually find you!


Therefore, the forces of the Multiverse has begun re-arrange to garner the synchronicity which brought you to this site.


What does this mean? It means that at a subconscious level you are ready to claim your DIVINE birthright to open your mind and to receive the Universal laws that will assist you by working together, rather than against it.  Just as the same way you create your own reality, instead you will be able to use your unlimited potential like a brand new, brain-computer, allowing you to be plugged into the main computer of the Universe, to experience real freedom by being unplugged from the Matrix.

The Connection with higher vibrational frequency beings from higher realms would be your new reality allowing you to communicate to your Starseed Family. 

Beloved heart, you have forgotten that you are Spiritual being traveling on different parallel realities and dimensions, living on earth as a human, experiencing the challenges of the third dimension at this time, rather than the other way.

One day you feel fully energized while the rest of the days you feel down physical, mental and spiritual is the last thing you want to hear.

It is a fact that without DNA Activation, Auric Attachments Clearing and removal, Unnatural J-Seals Removal, Karma Clearing, Chakras DNA Activation, The human body will continue to experience the roller-coaster of life. Open your mind to move towards your multidimensional frequency of the fifth dimension and experience your Ascension like never before!

My divine right is to assist as many souls on planet earth ready to take their part in their mission to move into the age of the Golden Light. I am a DNA practitioner and to activate the dormant parts of your DNA strands called junk DNA to reconnect into the neuron nets of your brain is my mission. Encoded in the DNA is a program of genetic mutations and phase transitions that take place as the human beings mind improves and energy potential grows. To re-activate and free your divine self-expression permanently, set as the original blueprint by the Mother and father founders of the human race so you can all live your glorious reality.

The benefits of having your DNA activated are; new powers, new abilities, and new DNA upgrades. You will continue to exist on the 3D, 4D, and 5D in the NOW time and space, only you will be able to be present and aware of each vibrational dimension. Your new abilities will free your mind to be in the reality that matches your frequency the best. Which by default is the 5D. Once your DNA is cleared and Activated, the light Gama frequency that continues to enter the earth will refill the empty space after the removal of blockages within your DNA and field.  Therefore, the light vibration from source goes into your DNA assisting you to become the best version of yourself, your mind, and body.
Improving your Health, Raise your Consciousness, Manifest your Abundance and Wellbeing, Find Your Soul Mate.
Experience new people, places, things, and events that match your higher vibrations frequencies.
Most important the awakening of your Master Cell for immortality, therefore, new innate abilities. You will be connected to the main source of Prime Creator and The Universe in the best way possible for your noble desires and everyone on planet Earth. 

I will honor the place in you in which the entire Univers dwells.

Here on earth where the amazing journey of yours begins. 

Ascension is your birthright!.

                                                  Sonia Salinas

You were born Spiritual within a human body, The time is here and now for you to see and experience ourselves as spiritual beings having human experiences, not as humans trying to be spiritual.

You are Spiritual beings! You just forgot. To be Spiritual is to be able to create a life of Abundance to experience your noble desires in life, in all the aspects of your trajectory. To be Spiritual is not to be poor nor Holy, it is to live in total Abundance.
To be Spiritual is to free yourself from the programs of the Matrix, to be able to shift your mind into higher consciousness easily to get rid of lack, limitation, poverty consciousness, religious indoctrination, inherited beliefs, Karma and much more...



The Earth is not waiting for you, what are you waiting for?  

Wake up dear hearts!

 Perhaps you ignore or don't understand that it has been  25,556 years since the last ascension cycle. {We call this Euagio cycle}. Many souls including yours have been reincarnating over and over.  Many choose to do nothing; many will perish not because they are being punished because that is what the actually become to experience at this time, perhaps they are new souls learning, and they are not ready for this ascension process.


The Earth mother Gaiais rich, powerful, kind, wise; she Knows who you are and what are you doing at all times. The Earth loves each one us Us. If some out there destroy it or harm it, the Earth knows how to regenerate. The Eart know better what to do,

The Earth doesn't depend on you, on the other hand, we do rely on the Earth. 


Ascension is not an action; Ascension is a state of mind and a frequency of heart. The state of mind of ascension is the flow of balancing polarities in your thinking to find your middle road. The frequency of heart is the constant focusing and refocusing of your emotions of unconditional love.

Ascension is the process of return to the unity you were before you begin your process of being in 3rd and 4th-dimensional human.

You higher dimensional expressions are constantly with you to assist you to remember your true self during your present incarnation on the greatly changing earth.


We all born spiritually and forever free!

This website is intended to call upon those practitioners that want to experience or further their process of ascension and psychic abilities to connect with their Starseed family. 
Kindly listen and follow your guidance ask your higher self, as for these DNA activations will assist you in ways you never thought would be possible you are not an Angelic Human, You are much more than that!
If you are not a practitioner and you desired to upgrade your DNA for your ascension,

please kindly follow the link below:
Best DNA ReGenesis.com

Open your mind and experience the Eart ascension, once I remove your blockages permanent experience your own magic begins like never before...

The sessions can be done remotely, the results are amazing it doesn't matter which part of the world you live.

Feel free to contact us at your earlier convenience.