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Subtleties of One's Higher Self,

I am your Higher self, a higher aspect of the soul within and eternal; alone, you will never be. I am and will be your forever, my beloved divine self, my companion, as we transcend time and space, the immensity of probable realities to free your mind from the minds of others together. We can be One when awake from the dream trance we live in.

Doubts are a part of your awakening process and a sign you are about to make a spiritual leap. The greater your doubt is, jump! as far as you can, and the more significant leap you will take in your spiritual journey. The most devoted faith stems from overcoming your doubts.

My Love for you has no terms or limits; I Love to be with you infinite and endlessly soul. I am Love and Creator dwelling in your soul. I am with you forever; I know everything about you: your thoughts, deepest secret, desires, programmed imperfections, and the perfection of the Divine plane you have been in since you existed and forgot.

I love you unconditionally, for I am your steadfast Love and higher self. Think of me most intimately, and pure Love will ever be. Just the way Love exists, be aware of my presence any time. Hear the divine whispers or my words, expressing within the depths of your heart, which only recognize the true meaning of your truth and divine Love.

I am not unattainable, for I am you, hearing all your deepest thoughts and coordinating your spiritual experiences to help you become one in your actions and connect with the God within. Therefore, I will patiently wait until you desire to speak to me. I will continue making all your experiences a valuable lesson to keep you safe in your growing soul.

Divine One, join me right now, my beloved; everything you've wanted is within you in the sublime light of your soul and voice of your heart; all exist within and not outside your heart; let us be one. I am your higher self because when we become ONE, time ceases to exist.

I am you; feel my Love!

Feel my Love in every cell of your body; longing speaks through your heart because I am the truest of Love. I am a divine and eternal being made by the Creator of all, expressing and being part of the Oneness of all within all as we are ONE.

My beloved, speak, think, and act with the love essence frequency of the One heart to all other's expressions of your human tribe. Let us be one to all sentient beings and be in communion with all your reflections of one another's. Only you can connect to me; to be guided and fulfill all your desires with your actions and decisions forever in our eternity.

I've waited patiently for this moment; I am your higher self; let us reunite my beloved self to greet and please your soul within my glorious everlasting Love and light. When your mind joins your heart, your ego will cease to detach from reality. Let us become one until there is no bridge to cross because we became the rainbow bridge that helps others remember how to cross it and be ONE united human tribe, ONENESS—expressing divine Love one to another everywhere.

Humbly desire to reverberate in unison, the love frequency, and become one free world, my beloved; I am your higher self; enlighten your divine heart; and become ONE in the immensity and sublime light of the Creator of all that is.

I Love you; I am your higher self. ♥


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