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The Spirit of Freedom

The Nebula Spirit desires each divine heart to remember that one participated in the cosmic dance of all life cycles before incarnation. It reveals one's Nature and the connection between all and the Nebula from deep within our hearts to the far-away Nebula that is the birth of the new Star systems and the beginning of Light. To all starseeds on Earth, The Nebula represents a window to the cosmos.

The divine consciousness of the Nebula allows one to realize that a cosmic and immense cloud of gas and dust, as the matter of one soul, was once a matter of the Luminous Nebula. Once again, all, like the Nebula, everything will be reborn like new stars in the cosmos from a nebula. We are born from the same dust as the stars, and we dance the same cosmic dance.

The Earth, Moon, Sun, and all its heavenly Bodies were first born from a Nebula, just as all are part of the mysteries of God's Source creations. The electric and Solar energies within the platonic codes DNA activate awareness of the interconnected relationship with the Source. The magnetic Energies of alchemical codes emanate into the crystalline Matrix of the human Earth hologram blueprint.

Let us celebrate a new freedom as the Earth is now cleared from the Omega and Kronos systems terminating all thousands and thousands of agreements placed upon humanity and Earth's consciousness. All remnants of dark matters are gone as God's Source, the Sunlight, enters with full potency neutralizing all disruptions and continues assisting the Divine awakening of Earth and its inhabitants.

One must practice metacognition, and what is metacognition?

One's ability to have higher self-awareness and control, analyze and choose an appropriate strategy for the task at hand. More precisely, it refers to the processes used to plan, monitor, and assess One's understanding and performance. Metacognition includes a critical awareness of oneself as a thinker and learner. It is essential to have a higher self-awareness to neutral observation to be aware of oneself skills to understand the difference between the idea of something being possible and the idea of something not being possible is what limits the mind.

Suppose metacognition is not an approach to one's present reality. One can't succeed and suffers a significant setback; knowing One's capabilities, it's always beneficial when looking to improve the mind, body, and Spirit. Metacognitive skills allow one to organize and evaluate thought processes related to learning and problem-solving; another way to define metacognitive skills is self-awareness regarding the information one knows or ignores. One's sovereignty and self-governance participation to self is a primordial action one must take to restore the Earth.

What will you do if the entire government system goes down?

How can we teach others through self-governance to unite and help others?

How to begin a new, based on real needs and solutions to a better living for all?

How to go about without governments and others telling one what to do, pushing their fear agendas and programs of extermination of humanity? Everyone who lives from a job will continue to be paid according to the exchange of energy for physical work.

One must put a business plan together that makes sense, prepare for success and exit the system created to stop human creativity and knowledge at all costs, BE the ambassadors of Light you were born to become.

For now, Taxes and the regular services we contribute are essential to sustain the masses. Supposedly one receives 1000 dollar extra a week, many will stop working, the controllers will continue to increase prices to get that extra money out of many, and nothing will change for humanity. But more abuse of the planet and control over humans.

We, your galactic families, offer compliments as, for the last 48 hours, Earth time, all transaction recorders and written for the enslavement of consciousness in the Hall of records had expired, and the battle against darkness has officially ended. Divine Humans, you WON!!!

Retain your life force, energy, and power, Divine souls. No one can take it without you knowing any longer. As of now, it is entirely yours; only One can choose to give it away, expecting salvation from those who continue holding narratives and promises of one becoming rich with their agendas in exchange for your votes to choose them and take control of your sovereignty. This process perpetuates and supports the negative Matrix programs.

The restoration of Earth, just as the ascension and the awakening of each precious consciousness, beings on Earth, are imminent. Wake up divine souls, create a world different based on autonomy, self empower individuals; sovereignty and self-governance is the goal for all.

All realities of time and space happen simultaneously, and it only seems parallel because one's point of attention is fixed in the here and now, ignoring that all happen simultaneously. The illusion of the ego's psychological solitude creates separation allowing for the abuse, deterioration of One's body, the violation of our environment, and the separation of one Spirit from all God's expressions and creation which initiates the decay of the physical body, mind, and Spirit today.

As the Divine God's Source, ether sunlight enters via prana, One's consciousness; the chakra system activates the coordinates in the body of creation. The stargate of consciousness of time and space as the Electric and solar energies within the platonic DNA light codes transmit the divine accretion form of individualized sovereignty anchoring within the magnetic Divine Mother Earth. The alchemical potency energies integrate into the primal field of God's eternal life force and conceptual source existence.

The perception of time is not linear, but the mind of the not so expanded. One creates an event fixed in time due to always being in mind, creating a mental timeline. The past incarnation of One's existence has now entered a new Earth as a starseed; from a past incarnation, One is becoming a self-probable future. As all events in all timelines converge and concentrate, creating and influencing what is called the now.

From other planes of existence, the ether, the afterlife, and Source, where there is no time, where all is accessible to everything and everywhere, each line is a timeline, and they all converge and create oneself in the now. A reality where some go forwards, others in reverse, sideways, and some sideways in reverse on a sphere with everything going into it from every conceivable direction.

As all other extensions of oneself are happening simultaneously, one must become the best version of all in the now. Converging the other extensions of the self to become ONE. As the many probable potentials to shift the past or future One creates. Therefore the embodiment of the best future version of One's higher self will determine others' selves and end up following the higher expression within the past version of One's future self.

One may be looking at an event caused by something that has not happened yet. Or One is creating the future based on past experiences. One is not looking at it since all happen at the same time. Knowing how to see those things shape one's life on Earth every day. One cannot see time as only linear, not even on Earth. One sees or experiences a consequence of something that will happen in the future.

Remember that whatever One entertains creates, instead, project how to perceive the desired reality. One becomes what's focused on and attracts the following timeline, influencing how one feels, thinks, and interprets things. Facing One's problems and fears head-on is a must as one becomes more confident, and the unconscious becomes transparent as one gain control. It's essential to take control of the now and claim to be here right now as the best higher self version one can be by avoiding limitations of the mind-body and Spirit.

In other words, exciting things happen when one starts seeing and experiencing One's reality as an illusion, like altering the rules of reality, walking through walls altering the speed of time, and teleporting within the infinite possibilities of the expressions of consciousness when one can see that "there is no spoon," as the Matrix movie explains. There is always a constant flow of information, inspiration, and influence from other lesser or higher planes or parallel selves experiences.

Beloved Ones, open your heart to the immense possibilities of the great future waiting ahead to rediscover the abundance within to cocreate a new Multiversal and galactic reality. To welcome and participate in the collective consciousness of other nationals from other planets. Open your wings and fly up high to create a new frontier of development to restore the Earth for all; free energy and free resources.

Only One can tap into the consciousness to be guided Heart to Heart with God's Source and Aria, Divine Mother Earth. Collective participation of consciousness has the answers, and all will be a new way of living. The Earth is abundant; if one pulls off a blade of grass, three more grow back.

Find the qualities that make one stand out, what makes ONE BE. These are the qualities. One brings into the Earth as a soul to imbue humanity with love. Whether it's honesty, creativity, endurance, or compassion, characteristics that makeup One's essence, BE.

Feel Divine for having the most sophisticated wireless connection to the One Divine Heart intelligence. Be proud, and forgive the self for everything else that makes one feels imperfect. Did you know that Not many souls dare to venture into having an Earth experience? And you all are one of those who did it!

What an attainment, what an adventure, you all are real brave warriors of Light! Honor your attributes, give yourself love, and love others and all sentient beings. It is time to wear your Galactic human Bio suit; you all win the Earth battle, not a war but regain the sovereignty to learn from past mistakes. You all are Divine and magnificent parts of the puzzle.

Your Divine consciousness will expand even more as one learns to live attuned to God's Source Love intelligence within the One Omnipotent Heart guidance of all.

I am the Spirit of the Black Jaguar,

Blessings, ♥


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