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Heart Intelligence

Ponder on this; when someone creates a thought that is projected, one now thinks. So, it's not possible to separate the thinker from the thought because the thinker thinks a thought, and then the thought thinks and becomes a thinker, and then the thought, that was a thought that is now a thinker, thinks another thought, which becomes a thinker, also.

Something to consider, the future is not less than the past; the future already exists somewhere "out there." Otherwise, it could not send waves into the past, which is the present, and the one future already exists right now in this very moment.

And so, there is a constant summoning of Life Force. Now, a thought that is thought longer becomes "Thought Form." A thought that is thought upon by many becomes "Thought Form." A thought that is thought upon by many, in an apparent undiluted fashion, as from a nonphysical perspective where there is no resistance, becomes physical matter.

Remember divine consciousness.

You are the subatomic particle in the quantum space of your multidimensional probabilities in the now.

Within you, the subatomic particle exists; your fantasies, desires, and reality like; Money, wellness, Love, happiness, and freedom. It exists since you decided to incarnate this reality. This subatomic particle also represents the things you DON'T want, scarcity, lack, limitation, feeling stress, or sick to depend on others for freedom.

Your attention is what turns that subatomic particle into everything you experience in your life right now. Did you know why your attention is creating everything you don't want right now?

Who is distracting your attention?

Who is directing your attention?

It is not about mastering to manifest, nor learning new manifestation techniques. You are already manifesting every day, moment to moment, even as you are reading right now. You create your own reality always by getting what you want, no matter what,

Just as when you rapidly go from limiting yourself or quickly become UNLIMITED.

That's why the physical universe of each person is a by-product of nonphysical attention or focus. The Nonphysical Energy that created this physical mass from the Energy of the one universe, the mass itself, now becomes a thought that is thinking and attracting the Energy.

Therefore one becomes what has been entreating via thoughts and emotions; moreover, everything one thinks, feels, and beliefs have drawn into one's life. In other words, one becomes what one thinks.

This is not about guiding anyone toward or away from anything.

Consider making all of your decisions about your desire to discover the way to achieve your desires from your Heart.

According to stoicism, people do not suffer because of the things that happen to them but because of their thoughts about it. Irrational thoughts cause negative emotions, such as irritation, fear, disappointment, jealousy, and guilt. These kinds of emotions do not have any positive function, cause a lot of unnecessary suffering, and can be rather destructive.

Seneca once said;

We suffer more in imagination than in reality.

Living in the 'now' is one of the most important prescriptions of Stoic practice, which teaches us not to flee in the past, not to turn to the future, and not to be carried away by sadness, fear, anger, and desire. Instead, to live in the moment in which everything can be tolerated and changed.

The idea behind stoicism is that your will has to merge in the necessity of destiny. It is not for us to choose the things that we have no influence on, but to accept the reality as it is and to change what we can: opinions, desires, and aversions. This includes making choices without unnecessary insecurity and worrying in advance without senseless regret and guilt feelings afterward.

The greatest obstacle to living is expectancy, which hangs upon tomorrow and loses today. You are arranging what lies in Fortune's control and abandoning what lies in yours.

What are you looking for?

To what goal are you straining?

The whole future lies in uncertainty: live immediately.

Divine master of your reality,

Let your universe bring you comfort, all the healing you have been seeking for; let your universe bring you alive and awaken to the world around you, and you will awaken to yourself.

Your perception creates your own consciousness. The universe within Heart wants you to open your portal to soothe you, to heal your fragility, and it is waiting patiently to let go waiting to help you when you let go of the mind. Knowing others is wisdom; knowing yourself is enlightenment.

Open your Heart and nurture your soul. Your Heart's intelligence wants to teach you a different way to communicate a multidimensional and Multiversal language of joy. One of unity consciousness, one of Love and kindness, your Heart wants to teach you a new frequency of vibration to travel through the vastness of the multiverse.

Your Heart desires to show you things you forgot, to help you become anew than you have ever been before. Open your senses, trust in your Heart to walk out of your mind the portal that keeps you concealed in a permanent timeline where only you are capable of shift as long as you decide it.

Your Heart will guide, show, and lead you to that which is unknown but pure unconditional and omnipotent Love. You are your own Heart, your own universe. You are the divine subatomic particle of your reality.

From my Heart to your Heart.

Love is all you have, and all you need is Love.



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