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Beloved Starseeds,

It is time to celebrate your Souverengty and freedom to acknowledge and offer your heartfelt gratitude to the creator of all living in the Universe. Thank you for all the wrongs that happened since the day we were born, and gratitude for being part of the collective consciousness assisting the Divine Earth's ascension. Because without all the wrong, one would not be able to awaken to take a stand and say NO to the programs of manipulation and become once again self-governed human by shifting oneself consciousness to a new one that raises from the ONE heart. We love you bad ones because you were created with love and are part of consciousness.

The great enemy of the negative path is love and light since they are part of your birthright of ascension. The higher dimensions of your heart will set you free; those in control of the masses have no access to it because they chose to close the omnipotent center of the heart chakra, so together as ONE consciousness, let us express every moment of one's life from the heart. The loving and powerful frequency one will ever have to overcome every obstacle.

Remember; that the idea that something is possible and the idea of something impossible is what limits your mind.

It is time to celebrate your holographic reverberation as a human and remember as a STARseed came to be part of this very moment in time. Be LOVE, be kind, forgive, and avoid negative thoughts and gossip no matter how difficult things get.

3,000,000.00 years ago, when the implementation of slavery in humanity started. Those in control took the rights of humanity away unknowingly. Since then, every person born on Earth has been given a number at birth appearing on the birth certificate. This will be a file number meaning that people in Latino countries belong to the state of the Pope, people in Canada and Europe to the reptilian queen, and so forth and on, to different governates that are supposed to be taking care of us.

Keeping your attention under fearful circumstances, no one can understand the entire process of what is going on with the awakening of your consciousness and the ascension of the Planet. The order of the black Sun, the demons securing the temple, and the wealth of Solomon, unfortunately, by right of birth certificate, each human born on Earth became an asset. Those in control of your birthdate number had the right until recently to be your guardians during your life span as the asset, so they had to make sure that you were taken care of by them, meaning your military governments, queens, kings, popes, etc.

These were all formed by the same agreement globally, by world agency agreements, and then many other sub-agreements that humanity didn't even know about went along with it. The ownership of your person comes from your birth certificates, everybody talks about bonds, but many don't understand what these mean.

Committing as the guardian of Planet Earth, which Solomon was, all of your souls were given to the dark side and then taking your birth certificates, turned them into bonds, which paid to make jobs for you, which meant that they had control over all the corporations of the world the vast big corporation created jobs for humans.

To have the right to trade your energy, they were taxing you on your energy with your payroll tax ID to collect the money, even before you could work or have a job. But then every person had to pay it back.

Therefore realistically, we were born enslaved people. No human owns anything, and you give all your money and energy right back to them anyway, the world's controllers.

Here is the excellent news for all humanity;

Humanity's birth certificates are no longer their property, and because no one renewed the ownership agreement, HUMANITY across the planet earth went FREE. We were FREE by birthright until that number existed, and of June the 13th, 2022, NO government owns you or your children any longer. It's important to understand that all of the IRS across every single country in the world is in the same process. No One has the write to tell you what mandate is best for you since a mandate is only a tactic to frighten and manipulate anyone.

What's happening now?

The next step is to clean the Planet from toxicity starts at individual bases as the process creates a ripple effect in your house, neighborhood, city, country, and soon enough, the entire Divine Mother Aria, The new Earth. Once again, the purple ray of the Violet fire is anchored into your Planet, and it will shine like a bright beacon all around Mother Earth. Did you know that planets are alive and have souls?

There will also be other areas on this planet that will soon be approaching the middle fourth to Fifth Dimension, which people will gravitate to, leading it to other ways of self-governance, buildings, technology, and healing. To be of service and help one another as a collective will change the way things are done without governments' news and media manipulation. By keeping your attention under fearful circumstances, no one can understand the entire process of what is going on with awakening your consciousness and the ascension of the Planet.

Now, just because the physical body reads the information via smell, taste, hearing, touch, and observation, ONE belief is accepted as accurate. Moreover, this is how the hologram of ONE's reality is created.

Supposedly you let go of your 3D senses and trust your heart's cognition, your 7th sense, called proprioception, a term that describes the ability to sense the orientation of ONE's body in the environment. 6th sense is a psychic ability or a strong feeling that helps you to understand the world. The sixth sense is sometimes described as intuition or the sense of knowing as the intelligence of your body.

If you want to experience the Fifth Dimensional aspects of your beingness, you must believe it. Believe that this is real and already happening. And not wait for the fifth dimension to manifest when you can not entertain the thought that you are a magnificent part of the ONE creator of all. This is an indisputable fact happening to many humans. Therefore, all of your beingness has been controlled to continue to create a 3D based on fear.

Practice letting go of what your senses direct instead; use the bountiful frequency and intelligence of the Omnipotent ONE heart, the God within you are. Wake up! Focus on letting your heart reconnect to all the creations of the Prime director to enter the unlimited life potency of LOVE frequency.

Visualize daily as much as allowing yourself to see your human family free and abundant, including those sleeping because they are a mirror expression of yourself. Instead, LOVE them very much, no matter what. It is only a matter of time before humanity will follow; just by being yourself, you will project them as free and abundant into your 5D quantum reality, not by imposing your beliefs on them, but by learning and respecting others' free will.

Use the self-affirmation

There is no other; I ( alone ) am the reality I am experiencing – I AM the reality.

I AM THE LIGHT; I AM THE DARK.—there is that of me I hold up in the light; there is that of me I push down into the shadows. It is I who have done this and I who must one day undo this.—let what is held low rise up into the light where it can be met, moved with, and made whole again.

Watch your thoughts; they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.

Following is a message from Saint Germain,

Thank you to all the people holding these magnificent rays of light; you are the ones driving all the positive changes coming into your reality. We in the stars acknowledge and salute you all for your continuing service and divine Journey Through the higher dimension.

It is time for the bell of freedom to ring loudly in your ears; may you hear it and rise up to answer the call. Mother Earth is beautiful, unique, and blessed. Please take time to celebrate your home and all the amazing life-forms upon her by remembering that you were all sovereign beings of light and that you are the ones that are propelling the enlightenment of the Planet Foward and to new boundless realities. May you all be blessed with much love.

Saint Germain.


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