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Awaken the memories of your Atlantian Magic,

Everything is created at a subatomic level; the "God Particle" is within each one; this is what One is. The REALITY One is made of is pure unconditional LOVE; this is how the creator's love exists within your heart. We, your star family, want you to forgive yourselves and let go, dear hearts. Hold the golden nuggets of all the experiences to remember that in order to continue through this divine time of ascension. One needs to experience the roller coaster of timelines within the probable realities available to all, and each one is experienced at an individual level.

Within the subatomic particle, all exist; your fantasies, desires, and reality like; money, wellness, love, happiness, and true freedom. It is and existed in you since the day you were born. This subatomic particle also represents the things you DON'T want, scarcity, lack, limitation, feeling stressed, or depending on others for freedom, "The system Matrix."

Your attention is what turns that subatomic particle into everything you experience in your life right now. It is not difficult to manifest your reality; remember you already are manifesting it, moment to moment; instead, One must carefully shift the point of attention to experience a different outcome.

Know why your attention is creating everything you don't want right now. Reality manifests where attention goes; reflect on how one has built one's own life around One's belief systems. Trust in your heart that you are creating a life based on love and compassion for all, not fear.

Abundance is your Natural state!

The subatomic particle of who you are holds everything. You only can get something new from your subconscious mind, the subatomic particle within, if One stops observing or participating in the wrong and re-direct Oneself attention to ONLY visualize and entertain the love for all that is. A new world where we all go interstellar, making contact, interacting with divine beings of higher frequencies of resonance, traveling without taking a plane but teleporting with thy self powers of One's belief, in other words, visualize the world free of toxicity. Remember that One is the key to making the first contact within One's heart before contacting other nationals from the stars.

Understand that many of these divine start beings resonate at a higher frequency of LOVE above the 5+ Dimensions. They are waiting to meet you. First, one has to take control of the DIVINE RESONANCE OF YOUR SUBATOMIC PARTICLE. The God's Particle to interact and guide oneself on how One can reignite the love language through the collective Consciousness.

Learn how to express this Divine proportion Frequency to love yourself first by letting go and remembering that One has agreed to participate in the collective Consciousness for the greatest good of all. Using the Multiversal truth, the language of light LOVE LANGUAGE within one's heart.

Divine star family of the universal LOVE, the ascension of the Divine Mother Aria is real, and it is happening within your hearts. You will see this new reality shine like never before.

Your beliefs are what ground you in life. However, these belief systems point to one truth: love is universal and can overcome anything. When you ground your faith in love and compassion, One will transcend the differences. Let love be your ultimate truth.

Mother Nature provides all living things on Earth the resources needed to thrive; remember the time of Atlantis, the Magic, and the nature of who you are. Getting grounded each day will bring you immense comfort; take off your shoes and socks and walk barefoot to reconnect with the frequency of the divine Mother. It's time to focus on your emotional, physical, and spirit of love rhythms.

Self-love is of the utmost importance right now; divine star family as it makes you feel secure and confident in the direction you want this planet to go. As the loving golden light of the Sun envelopes the Divine mother "Aria" Earth, transmuting and activating every particle of Consciousness within all living and organic intelligence.

Choose to let go of all darkness, confusion, and manipulation of your mind. Listen to the rhythms of your divine subatomic God Particle within, the Universal true of love, joy, peace, and abundance. Hold this reality in your Consciousness until the realization that you are a DIVINE BEING OF LOVE flows and activate every part of your body; the radiance of love will shine through you.

Recognize the desires of the heart to see the new possibilities existing simultaneously within all probable realities of choosing to honor One heart's wisdom by self-govern the actions to feel the joy, feel the rays of love as the photons of the Sun's Golden light are emitting love and light all of the time. Feel the radiance of healing, loving rays as what you experience will naturally graduate your frequency, offering oneself new possibilities.

Our Divine Pleiadian sister Solara An-Ra will guide your hearts to remember in this beautiful meditation. Divine hearts, center and quiet your minds and envelop yourself through the process of traveling time and space to remember your Atlantiam skills. Listen to this divine 5D meditation to re-tuning the frequencies of the crystals within. The pineal gland, eyes, and ears to remember the divine truth in the time of Atlantis. One has to create and believe it before seeing it. The Consciousness of the One you are will shine through; enjoy it.

Love & Blessings,♥


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